Raging Soldier Stabs Corpse in the Skull Like Mad

Raging Soldier Stabs Corpse in the Skull Like Mad

Lunatics in these uniforms may look like Syrian army soldiers, but I have my fair doubts that it’s the. First of all, only Sunnis Allahu Akbar at someone else’s death and then… the raging madman stabbing the corpse in the skull with a bayonet wears flip flops for fucks sake. Add to it the fact that it’s very popular with the FSA to pose as SAA for propaganda, I think my doubts are more than fair. And of course I can’t forget to mention that it’s very Sunni to go overkill on the living and to abuse corpses.

I don’t know why the Jihadists even bother to play these games. Those of us who are sane can pick on their shenanigans easily and the rest will only believe what Hillary the Obtuse tells them even if the proof to the contrary lay right under their noses. The latter are a majority. Why even bother playing games?

Props to Best Gore member @drccoco for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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51 thoughts on “Raging Soldier Stabs Corpse in the Skull Like Mad”

  1. if dude getting stabbed killed my buddy reguardless which side he was one or who the fuck he was i would go over board as well. on another note, why did the video end right when they were all about to get merked buy dudes who watched their buddy getting raped in the face/check with a blade? this had grater potential… just sayin

  2. This disturbed fuck is really set on killing the dead guy. By the intensity of his stabbing of the dead guy you might think he raped the dude’s mother. Go find a live enemy and stab him like that and be sure you record it too, were hungry for some hard core Gore!

  3. I am a compasionate person, and I tend not to hide behind racist and homophobic, and or desensitized comments to pretend like these things don’t bother me on some sort of level. BUT, I laughed REALLY really hard when I was watching this video.

    1. i am the exact same. very compassionate, empathetic, etc. As all these videos i do feel bad for most the victims and disgusted with how, for a lack of a better term, insane humans are and can be. However, I do find myself on this site for hours on most mornings and evenings. Perhaps just fascination, with the smallest pinch of sick?
      I mean, I’d assume most people are whether they admit to themselves or not right? Like this is real. It’s life. The good and bad.

  4. LOL. Army uniform plus flip flops… I also doubt that is the SAA, what would be the point for them to film that and than post it on the internet. It is more than obvious that the guy is doing it for the camera, it wasn’t spontaneous. What would the SAA gain from this other than hatred. This being the SAA just doesn’t make any sense.

  5. Hey all , first time commenting , being secretly watching for a while now. Good job Mr. Mark.
    In relation to this video , I personally think the camel race is all kinds of fucked up , been killing each other for hundreds of years and there´s still a shitload of em. Poor rest of the world.

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