Random Mexigore Photos and Video of Marines Engaging Los Zetas

Random Mexigore Photos and Video of Marines Engaging Los Zetas

Best Gore member nericollins sent me two photos he says are from Mexico but didn’t have any backstory to go with them so I’m posting them here with a video of a 2011 shootout between Mexican Marines and Los Zetas. The video is a 14 minutes long raw footage of the engagement with two pretty intense fire exchanges but given the video’s length, I don’t recommend anyone to view it, unless you’re really into live combat footage videos. Once again, it’s a raw footage, not edited to appear exciting, but rather to provide a realistic, raw look at an actual engagement that involved live rounds flying about:

And two Mexigore pics from nericollins:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. thanks @J & FD! I read on a post somewhere that J was trying to get people to post actual face pics, so I swapped back to my old avatar. And FD, its supposed to be rebel K, but whatever makes ya happy, lol!

  1. I couldn’t watch it because I don’t understand stuff like that, just sounded like a bunch of firecrackers going of in the first fifteen seconds. The pic is cool though, the guy in the middle looks more like a cinema zombie than a cinema zombie does.

  2. I always hear about war zones thousands of miles away, like in the Middle East, and I hear about them so much that I forget that there’s one so close to home. There should be more media attention put on Mexico considering they’re our neighbor.

  3. Sad how Mexicans invented the worlds first automatic rifle, and created many other guns (xiuhcoatl rifle, Saint Chamond-Mondrag?n canon, etc… ), yet their government doesn’t allow them to keep inventing/tinkering/producing their own guns. You have to jump through many flaming hoops that are a hundred feet in the air, just to place an application for a gun permit. And meanwhile the bastard Texans are supplying the cartels with guns. I love guns and appreciate our freedom to own them, but im against those bastard border gun shop owners knowingly supplying the cartels.

  4. did anyone ever take their time to notice that the zetas you usually see in the beheading videos seemed to be better equipped and armed compared to the simple rifles that the Mexican Marines had? Wow at least their giving up their lives for a right cause unless they get corrupted in the future but for now it seems like they are out gunned when comparing them to the groups of zetas we see in the beheading vids

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