Rohingyas Minority Tortured in Myanmar Prisons

Rohingyas Minority Tortured in Myanmar Prisons

The government of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has long hung around the top spots of the world’s most corrupt governments lists. There are two reasons for that:

  1. Myanmar government is really corrupt
  2. Myanmar government doesn’t kiss western ZOG ass and doesn’t bribe Jew controlled media outlets (as is the case with Bahrain’s dictators bribing CNN, for instance)

There are governments far more corrupt and far more abusive and human rights violating that the government of Myanmar – such as the government of Cambodia – but because Cambodian dictators kiss western ZOG’s ass, they get billions of dollars in aid money from our governments a year (you and me, aka the western tax payers pay for it) to assist with “annual budgetary challenges” which the dictators in turn use to strengthen their hold on power, exploit natural and historical resources and bribe Zionist media with so they’re portrayed as growing economies and emerging off mainstream tourism destinations.

Myanmar does not kiss anyone’s ass so they are for the most part cut off. But that also means that independent journalists are either not welcome, or it’s too dangerous for them to be there. As a result, majority of news from Myanmar are produced by the government controlled outlets, which as you can imagine are about as reliable as the Zionists controlled outlets. Both have a lot of influence over the opinion of the sheep, but can’t entirely prevent the truth from making it out.

One of the inconvenient truths the government of Myanmar wouldn’t want the world to know is that they are conducting systematic ethnic cleansing second only to the widespread genocide by the Zionists in the Middle East. Myanmar’s minorities, including The Rohingyas Muslims are their targets.

Photos below show the aftermath of torture a Rohingyas man was subjected to in Sittwe jail. The man was from Anaung Pyin Village, in Ra Tha Taung Township and died on October 13, 2012 as a result of torture. He was arrested after an anti government protest escalated to violence.

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  1. I have a question for the admin because I’m tired of reading about Zionism propaganda. If you’re not in favor of Zionism, then what do you prefer?

  2. Off topic here but a guy here in toronto got fired from his job for posting a rude comment on Amanda Todd’s Facebook page.
    I’ve said enough, I will go back to hiding under my rock now.

  3. hey hey, wait a sec, that’s the shithole where John Rambo killed a full batallion of gook infantry to rescue a bunch of stupid american jesus freaks right??

  4. Looks like a number of elderly that come out of shit bag medicare/medicade nursing homes. Bruises, decubitus ulcers and rail thin bodies. Do you know where your grandparents are? How often they are NOT being repositioned, how often they are being dropped on the floor, and then hit by some fucktard making minimum wage to change there shitty depends?

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