Selena Quintanilla Perez Death and Autopsy Photos

Selena Quintanilla Perez Death and Autopsy Photos

Drccoco sent me these pics saying that they are the hard to find autopsy photos of Selena. And I’m like… who? Selena who? Who the fuck is Selena? I had to do some digging and asking around to find out that Selena Quintanilla Perez was a famous Latina singer that was shot and killed by a responsible gun owner. If like me you’ve asked yourself who the fuck Selena was, that basically tells you how relevant her music must have been.

The responsible gun owner who shot Selena Quintanilla to death was a manager of Selena’s fan club – that’s right, Selena had her own fan club. She was able to fool enough people into liking her music to have a fan club, but unable to get someone who’s stable enough to not be a gun snackbarist to manage it.

Selena Quintanilla allegedly discovered that Yolanda Saldívar, the manager of said fan club was extorting money from the club and fired her ass. Three weeks after the boot, Selena met with Yolanda Saldívar in a Days Inn hotel in Corpus Christi, Texas to get the club’s financial records from her. Yolanda Saldívar pulled the oh so popular “I was raped” sob story at Selena to make herself look like she’s a victim of some reptilian force so the whole world would bend over and feel sorry for her.

After a few shenanigans with going to a hospital and then to a motel, Selena remained adamant about Yolanda handing over the papers to which Yolanda, being the responsible gun owner, responded by shooting Selena in the back, severing her artery. The singer died from blood loss in the hospital.

Two things we learned from this – one which we already know is that responsible gun owners are people who would get over themselves if they didn’t have a gun but because they do, they turn to the steel when someone steps on their big toe. Secondly – bitches who brag about rape are full of shit. I know real rape victims and also know a bunch of fake rape victims. Fake rape victims bring their rape up each time the opportunity presents itself. Real rape victims take a very long time to get comfortable enough with you to start talking about it and it unravels bit by bit. Never trust a spoilt bitch who brings up rape to get her way.

Thanks drccoco:

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144 thoughts on “Selena Quintanilla Perez Death and Autopsy Photos

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen these before, great find, drccoco!

    She was extremely popular in the 90’s.. I’m sure if she were alive today, she would be one of the biggest stars in the world. Killed right as she was recording or releasing? an English album. Even though I don’t care for Jennifer Lopez, I think she did a good job portraying Selena in the movie. What a shame! Yolanda should have killed herself during the standoff with police..Worthless cunt.

    • @kels O.o not really remember Michael Jackson and his whole child melds ration case he was famous then his fame started to go down when shit started flying around because of what he might of might not have done he became more famouse when he died everyone was talking about him everywhere they didn’t when he was alive but know he’s a legend if she was still alive no one would care about her music only her true fans O.O do you get what I’m saying ..?O.o music is going to shit now adays I know who Selena was my moms a hard core bean she always listens to her songs and when the movie of her comes on she’s always there yeah her music is great but you have to realize that is she was still alive her music would have gotten overrated just like the music is today music producers do not give a shit about how good the song is they only care about one thing *money*. -.- *capitalist* baby that’s the word I want money !! :O that’s all these do called rappers sing about how much money they make how many do called bitches they have and how many cars and big houses they own they are nothing but a bunch of materialist attention whores

      • misfit – Music was different in the 90’s. She was transitioning her music to English just before she died. How do you know that she wouldn’t have become a huge star after that? Especially if she became big during the 90’s.. She could have changed her music with the times, as some stars tend to do, like Madonna. I prefer Madonna’s 80’s cheese music than the shit she does now, but if she died today, you don’t think it would directly effect fans from all over the world? Even though she’s kind of washed up?

        Could the same be said for Kurt Cobain? He has fans who weren’t even born when he died! Yet if he were making music today, would he still have such a fan base? Is grunge music still as big as it was in the 90’s?

        Yeah, music is definitely not like it was back in the day. Which is why a lot of people hate the new artists that come out, call them posers, wack, etc.

  2. My mom used to watch the movie “Selena” all the time. That’s how I know about her. I was never into her music, but from what I’ve heard of it I can see why so many people liked her. Just straight-forward fun music without lame schtick. Like sex appeal with Madonna, or wannabe eccentricities like Lady Gaga.

  3. Fiend awhile back we got into a discussion about conspiracies and I called names sorry, not that I think you care just want a clear conscious sorry to athomas also and whoever else I pissed off haha.

  4. D: look at her! What a fuckin’ waste for that body to have been put in the ground! Why do the worms get all the damn fun?! I bet that bullet wound would’ve been warm and moist :) I would’ve stuck my pinky in it while twisting it slowly as I whisper sweet nothings into her pale cold ear.

  5. The backstabbing fan club manager had a tantrum and probably felt small because she was working for someone who had a better singing voice than her, Selena should have run a better background check on her. I heard there was a movie about her, never really got to seeing it but her music was at least better than all the mainstream pop music that’s out there.

    • Me too growing up in Houston I listened to Tejano in the 90’s I like it. Selena was very pretty. I saw her in concert at astroworld, she had a beautiful voice!

      Como la flor is my fav. Or the English “I could fall in love” was nice….

  6. Worst manager ever.
    A Latrina scumbag shot and killed a successful singer over money.
    Nothing to do with Guns Mark nothing!

    Blaming Guns here is like a fat person saying “Spoon made me Fat”

  7. Just wanna throw this out there. I was forced to watch that movie about selena. And the amazing “actor” that played her was none other than the amazing jennifer lopez. I fucking HATE that bitch. Am i the only one who hates her cholo ass voice? She tries to talk extra mexican like it gives her some street cred. Id NEVER fuck around with that not so attractive big bootied bitch.

    • Forced? Mhmm… suree .. ;)

      Which is worse JLo’s voice or her laugh? I think the only reason they gave her the part was because she sort of resembled Selena and they both have a big ass.

      Favorite JLO movie? -Enough- where she’s getting her ass beat by her husband.

      • @kels
        Yeah:( forced:/ either that, or there was nothing else to watch. Haha.
        Oh damn. Thats a hard choice. Her laugh and her voice both make me want to end up in the suicide collection of BG. But what’s even more annoying is how she thinks she is attractive. A big juicy ass=a sexy woman?? Ha i think not.
        Ive seen that one too. Hahaha she kills him with a cutting board or some shit in the end?

        Damn straight. That ho is a ho! I wouldnt get none of her lovins.

        • Is it a cutting board? Fuck If I can remember..!!

          I can say JLO is pretty fit for her age, isn’t she pushing 60? ;) .. but she has a rep for being a stuck up bitch and uses animal fur in the clothing line, fuck her.

          • I was forced to watch that movie. But i wouldnt have to be forced to kiss you right on the face;)
            (Please call me killaj. Hehe.)
            Yeah i have a memory of her holding a granite cutting board over his head. I could be wrong.
            I guess she is pretty fit. But then again, id look damn good if i had enough money to hire personal trainers and diet planners.
            Ive heard the same! I heard she’s stuck up.
            I dont have much against using fur. But i do think that killing animals for vanity is silly. Hunting doesnt upset me unless its poaching or just for the fur without utilizing the rest of the animal. I also think all hunters should strive to kill humanely. (Usually they do. It seems to be a code among sportsmen. Haha.)
            Yes all that to say, fuck jizzLo.

        • killaaaaaaaaaj! Exactly, that’s why it’s ridiculous when companies have celebs endorse their product for weight-loss, because the celebs don’t work 9-5 jobs and live a ‘normal’ life. They have personal traniers, private chefs, etc. Assholes!

          I’m totally against hunting as a sport.. I agree that if people want to eat meat then the animal should be put down in a humane way, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic. At least we agree, fuck that ho JLO :D

          • @kels
            Oooo I just love when you call me dat girlll! ;)
            Sorry for the late response. I’ve been busy with my street level pharmaceutical(however the fuck you spell it) business and drive by’s(to maintain street cred).
            I saw a thing about 50 cent once. He has a PT that works with him TWICE a day. No fair. No wonder he gots that sixpack.

  8. I’m Mexican-American, and I had never heard of Selena until the movie was released starring Jennifer Lopez and Edward James Olmos. She was a beautiful young woman. Her husband, Chris Perez, to this day mourns her death. RIP Selena.

      • Tulio, you’re entitled to your opinion, but she was not a cheesy singer. She was very much loved in the Mexican-American community and the movie was very popular. Like I said, I had never heard of her until her death and when the movie was released, and I find her music to be entertaining. Her murderer, Yolanda, is the cheesy one.

  9. Yolanda was a cold hearted jealous bitch just like the rest of the latina bitches in the world. And that shooting was sheer jealousy. Fuck Yolanda! RIP Selena. No homo but “and there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather beeee, than here in my room, dreaming about you and meeeee”

  10. Yeah, her music was popular with the cholos, the type of people who buy third hand Escalades and paint them with flames. Scum, basically.

    But since they are like 90% of the country, she sold well for several years. At any rate, I’m glad she’s dead.

    • Jealous that people can afford shizz you probably only dream of buying?

      She was a Tejana, I dont think that 90% of the US liked her music. She was more of a regional star.

    • haha second hand escalades sounds right, fuckin retard scumbags for sure, they’re just doing anything they can to appear relevant with their overly materialistic shit soaked drug culture that they’re oh so proud of. Glad this ugly cunt is dead and if your a fan, you can suck my nuts spicklers!! The day this world becomes 90% mejican fuckheads is the day I become an especially responsible gun owner! Slaughter Spain and all of its foul offspring south of America.

  11. j-lo-fer lopez can demand huge sums of money just for flapping her gums, because Selena indirectly made her a star.

    Her music is still very much relevant. I sing along out loud whenever i hear her songs, i just change a few words (‘”La” chica del apartamento…’).

  12. look it on the bright side: at least LOS ZETAS weren’t operating back then. They could have MEJICANED her up in a far more gruesome way for refusing to perform in El Lazco’s little girl birthday party…..

  13. Oh Selena… It’s kind of creepy seeing the autopsy on a day I was blasting the Selena station on Pandora. Love her music! Shame that it was one bullet that did her in.

  14. Hola, este es mi primer post de este sitio web. He estado visitando desde hace un año, y realmente se interesó cuando la mierda Luka sucedido. La única razón por la que me anuncio de hoy es por el mensaje Selena. He vivido en Corpus Christi toda mi vida, así que siento que este mensaje llega a casa un poco. No es que a alguien le importa, pero personalmente, no veo por qué se convirtió en una figura más grande que la vida. Ella incluso tiene su propia tarjeta de débito ahora aquí en el sur de Texas. Yo era un estudiante de primer año cuando fue asesinada y se enteró de que había muerto en no menos de un lugar de mi clase de español. Huelga decir que el resto del semestre se dedicó a ver todos los videos de música que había producido. Yo, por otra parte, nunca había oído hablar de ella en absoluto. Debí ser de Corpus, quiero decir que incluso fuimos a los mercadillos con mis amigos los fines de semana y escuchó a horrible música tejana y bebió Bud Light y comer nachos. Ni siquiera era lo suficientemente popular como para ser escuchado en las radios locales, y me refiero a los españoles. Esperé tablas por muchos años mientras iba a la universidad, y al menos en 4 ocasiones diferentes esperé a Chris Pérez, y he colgado con la familia Quintanilla vida bajo debido a los conocidos de música y tener que usar su estudio de grabación. Sinceramente, creo que la única razón por la que llegó a ser tan popular es porque ella murió. Sólo mis pensamientos.

  15. I spent my entire childhood hearing her shit blasted through the streets and even inside my own cave, I despised it so much. In my feeble little child mind I thought it was britany spears singing in spanish. By 2002 I found out she died years ago, way before I remember hearing her. Anyway my phallus erected and I masturbated furiously to a J.C penny magazine, I was caught by my grandfather and I blame selena…..My grandfather who now lives in luxembourg hasn’t spoken to me since…Even in death she manages to ruin my life…

  16. DAMNN thought these pictures didn’t even exist!!! I use to listen to her music back when I was a lil kid in elementary school! Selena Gomez is named after her and J-Lo got famous after playing Selena in her movie. IMY Selena may you RIP <3

  17. As far as ‘responsible gun ownership’, in TX, USA you can purchase a firearm and ammo with just a state issued ID if at least 18…with no waiting period.
    Therefore, you don’t even need the ability to operate a motor vehicle or have the emotional/psychological capabilities of a soft boiled egg to own a firearm. But wait…you do not need to register your firearm. You may have a loaded firearm concealed in your vehicle AND even carry one on your person if you don’t have a felony charge in TEXAS. (these two aforesaid allowances DO require rites of passage, but still not enough.)
    One mental patient + one loaded gun = shennanigans
    UK gun laws need to be looked at and applied in the US…including ‘law enforcement’.

  18. BEFORE US Laws became so dam strict!
    On March 13, 1995, the day after Saldívar was banned from Q-Productions, she went to A Place To Shoot, a gun shop and range house in south San Antonio, and bought a Taurus 45 snub-nosed .38-caliber revolver.

  19. Her family fought to keep these pics off the net. Props to Best Gore for posting these. I’ve been looking for them forever. They aren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be though. I thought they would be really gory considering how hard her dad fought to get rid of them.

  20. Oh man, I remember these photos had come out in print in the National Enquirer in 1995. They were removed right away from shelves as the family had just freshly buried her and filed suit against the paper. Selena is my all time favorite person (aside from my own my mom, family, and AlbertEinstein). I actually had saved these photos to my computer after I had found them online many years back because back then they were hard to come by, and at that time they would eventually get taken down per the Quintanilla family’s request. This still makes me cry cause as a very small child I looked up to Selena for being a musician, an entrepreneur, and an all around warm and wonderful human being. Jennifer Lopez was rather annoying in the movie as she sounded ghetto and you could still hear her stupid Ny accent when she was supposed to be portraying a Texan. But I still love the movie (I was an extra) because Jennifer Lopez did dance the part well and they used Selena’s actual singing voice for all of the uaical performances and scenes, and because it tells Selena’s story and her family had so much involvement in the film. :”( Selena taught me that life is too short to waste and that no matter your gender, ethnicity, or economical restraints, you can achieve what you set out to achieve. Even watching tonight’s democratic Convention, I could care less about the presidents election, but Julian Castro is another inspirational person, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, that came from very little and has achieved so much at a young age. Even though these Selena’s death photos, I am glad they are up because it makes more people curious about who she was that may not have cared before.

  21. If there was no Selena there wouldn’t be no Jennifer Lopez, so basically that’s how she got discovered playing a movie based off Selena’s life, but Jennifer still sucks.

  22. Who was SELENA? Your kidding, right? I’m a 55 year old white guy and know about Selena. Her story launched the career of Jennifer Lopez and Selena herself had just won a Grammy and was on the brink of crossing over to mainstream music. She had two recognizable hits in America. Her assaliant was not a responsible gun owner. She bought the gun fraudulently and was a real mental moron. The fact that she worked for Selena tells of Selena’s good nature. The woman was uglier than the actress that portrayed her and had only one friend in the entire world, Selena. She stole from Selena and “lost it,” when Selena confronted her. She was a much better singer than J-Lo, which is what we’re left with. A real tragic loss, so have a little respect.

  23. All of you guys talking crap are stupid. Why don’t you try doing a little research first? Selena was an amazing singer she had something that todays singers lack. She was extremely humble and down to earth I never got the pleasure of meeting her but I am a huge fan. And I am 100% sure that if she were alive the whole world would know her. The doctors did give her blood (before her family even got there) but it was too late so no it is not her family’s fault. And it doesn’t matter how “gory or ungory” these pictures are…Would you want a picture of one of your dead loved ones floating around the internet for anyone to see? Selena has young nieces and nephews who should be able to google their aunts name without having to see her dead body and even today people will post these pictures on Chris’ (her husband) facebook.

    I have her autograph tattooed on my arm and FYI I am white and never lived in Texas and I don’t know Spanish. Take a little bit of time out of your busy life to watch the movie, listen to one of her CD’s or read the book her husband wrote (To Selena with love by Chris Perez).

    Have a little respect and maybe only talk s*** about people who are here to defend themselves. Selena was a wonderful person on and off stage I hope someday you will all take the time to get to know her through her music or whatever.

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