Severe Female Genital Mutilation

Severe Female Genital Mutilation

Severe Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation involves cutting of outer sexual organs of a woman, but usually only affects labia minora and/or clitoris. This type of “regular” female genital mutilation is akin to regular male genital mutilation (aka circumcision), but what we see in the picture above is not just your regular FGM. In boys, this type of genital cutting would be akin to mutilation by removal of foreskin and testicules. We can’t really see inside of her, but if the perpetrator also cut out her uterus, then this would be akin to removal of penis and balls.

I only have this one picture. Not sure if there is full set, but should I lay my hands on it, I will definitely be posting it right away. Aside from having her genitals, including labia majora severely mutilated, the woman also seems to have her right arm snapped broken and perhaps even face beat up, but it’s difficult to tell from this angle. Her left thigh took some additional stabs and to add insult to injury, the cut out of her vulva exposed fatty deposits which almost add a creampie impression. One brutal case of severe female genital mutilation.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Severe Female Genital Mutilation”

    1. To me really looks a motorcicle also. Probably head-on collission, where the steering bar (red mark) started shaving everything. The open fracture of left arm suggests the head-on with a bigger object (would say large trailer). Probably she didn’t have time to brake her bike, and we see the results. Back to waiting in line for the next life……

  1. Hm, definitely looks like there’s some pretty bad head trauma there as well, face looks distorted from this angle. Also, whats on the table to the right of her head? It looks like a big chunk of flesh, can anyone confirm? Has the look of an accident to me, like llamma69 says, crushing injuries like the arm and potentially face seem inkeeping?

    Pretty nice knockers though.

  2. <> Wow. Can you say “FAIL”? The male equivalent of female genital mutilation is NOT circumcision. The equivalent would be to be chop off the HEAD of your penis (i.e. everything can feel powerful sexual sensations). In FGM, the clitoris is hacked off/out, by the ROOTS. And sometimes the labia are cut off too, leaving just a little pencil-hole. I can’t deny that circumcision is, to some extent, cruel too, and mutilation, but they’re NOT even in the same ballpark, AT ALL. Victims of FGM completely lose what gives them sexual pleasure, and they’re often left so mutilated that, whether they could feel pleasure or not, they physically can’t have sex anyway because the hole is too small and it’s too painful.

  3. Fail you did, icky. And hard at that. Some of the most sensitive nerve endings a penis has are in the foreskin and once removed, much of penis’ sensitivity is forever lost. Penis can still function, but it will never be the same as with the foreskin. Male genital mutilation is as traumatic as female genital mutilation. It leaves scars both physical and emotional.

    Same with labia minora. These lips contain nerve endings that make responses to sexual stimuli complete. Without it, even though a woman can still have sex and potentially reach orgasm, the experience will never be the same. Removal of penile glans, like your stupid circumcised brain had suggested would render the entire organ unable to enjoy sex, hence it’s not the same.

    Some of you dumb circumcised fucks should have gotten your head (the one on your neck you dull cunt stain) cut off instead to spare us your stupidity.

    Level of icky’s FAIL = EPIC!

    1. Actually, Icky is MUCH closer to the mark than you on this one.

      Clitoral hood is the female equivalent to the foreskin. If you’ve seen a vagina you’ll notice there’s a foreskin-like bit of skin covering most/all of the clitoris.

      Removing the clitoral hood is also sometimes called “female circumcision” and, like male circumcision, has its supporters.

      Removing the clitoris itself WOULD be like removing the penis. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you where to find pictures of that. It’s a tad more extreme than circumcision.

      The skin that protects the external sexual organ’s delicate tip (foreskin/clitoral hood) is important and I’m not disagreeing that removing it is going to change how that person has sex, though in my experience most men with circumcisions are EXTRA sensitive, cumming quickly and/or getting extra-touchy (ticklish) after.

      Foreskin = Clitoral hood
      Penis = Clitoris
      Testicles = Ovaries (gonads start in the same place)
      Prostate = G-spot (Graffenberg spot as I recall)
      Labia = Scrotum (it’s basically the same tissue whichever it’s used for)

      [I know this is lengthy but I’m trying to be clear since you obviously get upset when you can’t understand someone.]

      I wouldn’t support the genital mutilation of babies either way but cutting off the entire outer sexual organ is definitely FAR more extreme than cutting off the protective skin, even though neither are harmless.

      1. This is a more accurate comparison of the male/female genital similarities than the original post.

        I really hate when people think a penis is equivalent to a woman’s uterus.
        The clitoris is essentially a tiny underdeveloped penis, and the uterus is more similar to the testicles than to the penis.

  4. ok well i litterly laughed for an hour at what pink_maggit said congratz i dont normaly laugh for more then 2 minutes but she tryed to masturbate with a bunch of crazy shit she finely got a idea to stick a hand in there and this is what happened

  5. You all see a woman in a car crash, but I see a man pissed off that he got AIDS or Gonnaherpicyphilaids lmao, but seriously, what is the point of keeping people alive with hiv or full blown aids alive, if all they are gonna only spread it n die.. Hiv to me is like ebola

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