Shootout in Watertown That Left Alleged Boston Marathon Bomber Dead

Shootout in Watertown That Left Alleged Boston Marathon Bomber Dead

All I have to say about that is… how convenient?

Above is the FBI released photo of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokar Tsarnaev aka Suspect #1 and Suspect #2 as seen at the Boston Marathon finish line. The two brothers, we are being told, were behind the Boston Marathon Bombings on April 15, 2013. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was conveniently killed during a shootout in Watertown, Massachusetts and soon enough, I’m pretty sure we’ll hear the news of Dzhokar Tsarnaev having been somehow silenced too, every American will accept that the Boston Bombers are dead and will once again, feel safe knowing the police have taken care of the bad guys.

I can’t help but ponder, though…

You know the official press photo of a mangled pressure cooker the media tells us was the explosive device that killed and maimed the people in Boston? We are told that the pressure cooker was packed with nails and ball bearings yet… there are no holes in the pressure cooker. Surely the explosion, propelling all those ball bearings and nails flying through the cooker and out in every direction would have created holes, no? But there are no such holes nor shrapnel adhered to the walls of the cooker in the official press photo.

Why are Boston police stonewalling the reports that a drill was taking place, which was overheard by many people, such as a college track coach Alastair Stevenson? Why is there no follow up on the tweet by the Boston Globe that the bomb squad was about to detonate a device in a controlled explosion near the JFK Library a mile away from the Marathon? Why are they now saying that there was no bomb at the library, that it was just a small fire?

Why did Abdul Rhaman Ali Alharbi – a Saudi national first declared a suspect, then downgraded to a “person of interest” have his travel visa revoked and was deported back to Saudi Arabia on the heels of an unscheduled meeting between Obama and the Saudi foreign minister at the White House?

Why is the FBI attempting to blacklist photos which show contractors of a private military organization called Craft wearing heavy backpacks and appearing to take part in the drill at the Boston Marathon? At least one of them was carrying a radiation detector. What for? Also – these pros don’t work for free. Who hired them? Why were they there? And why major media aren’t discussing any of it?

One of the alleged Boston bombing suspects is dead and the other one is on the loose and said to be “armed and dangerous”. FBI warned residents of Watertown with a message that:

There is a terrorist on the loose who wants to kill people – do not open your door!

The suspects are Chechens, which itself raises further questions – why would Chechens want to carry out acts of terrorism against America, their primary sponsor and benefactor in war against Russia? Chechens got nothing but shit loads of money and weapons from the USA and even now their mercenaries fighting alongside the FSA are receiving the same. Like they do now with Syria, mainstream media told us Chechens were freedom fighters looking for peace from oppressive Russian regime. Why would they go through lengths fighting the hand that feeds them?

Video below alleges to have captured the shootout between police and alleged Boston Bombers in Watertown:

Few pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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71 thoughts on “Shootout in Watertown That Left Alleged Boston Marathon Bomber Dead”

    1. your thinking to hard. this happened right outside my house last night while I was on porch drinking a beer and having a smoke.. total buzz kill when grenades get through around you .

      but they always said it was a fire

      pressure cooking isn’t a great bomb cause the lid will fold and pop off release most pressure and debri wouldn’t of pierced it as it broke apart so the range of the shrapnel was minimal luckily. if the cooker was sealed somehow like aweld it would of been a much bigger explosion with shrapnel hitting people further away so it was all in the design.

      the theories about seals etc bing involved.. yeah since 9/11 at big events spec ops has been operating in US at these places as added security. now I think they had some credible info about a threat but might not of mentioned it, but then again you woul dbe surprised to know how often this happens and nothing goes down. so far to me its all normal .

    2. Israel website claims that
      ‘the Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who decoyed US into terror trap’

      read this pls

      Israel website claims

      Do not believe anything at all at the moment. Perhaps Saudi Arabia is involved. Those 2 brothers were Salauist followers. Like the most FSA rebel-terrorists. Salauist are the most fanatic muslims. They try to establish control centers south of Russia to begin a ‘revolution’ very soon. Thats why Putin ordered 1 of the 3 west armys (from the borders with Europe) to redeploy on south Rusia and into Kazakstan. One more army will go there next year.
      All new weapons equiped those armys last 2 years. New artillery, S400 anti aircraft missiles, new missiles Iscander (480km range, +-7m acc), new tanks.
      WE are talking about 300.000 soldiers. Is Putin crazy to do that?
      It’s like a chessboard game. At 26th of February a Tu-22M Backfire Russian Plain Locked and made 3 false strikes against an AEGIS warship out of Japan. No reaction from USA about this. Next day Russian plain did the same against a X Band Radar in the Passific. No reaction from USA. The game is for strong players now….

    1. The FBI has been know to prompt people into becoming “terrorists” and by “prompt” i mean sending agents into a mosk and convincing the impressionable youth who pray their to become radicals; providing them all the tools and propaganda that they never would have encountered had the FBI not been involved. My guess is they tried to set some up and then peg them but the plan went wrong and they created a legitimate threat.

    2. O.k.,,if this bombing was actually pre-meditated and planned by Government agencies,,what is the motive this time..?? Why does the U.S. want to start a war with Chechen people or maybe Russia its-self..??

  1. Why would Chechens be involved with an attack on America? They were very involved with Al Qaeda in Iraq during the Battle of Falluja. They have taken a large part in the Islamic Jihad taking fighting taking place in the Middle East. As we have seen in videos, they have earned their reputation as savage, ruthless, fighters. They will be silenced, but then again, they tend to fight to the death. Not going to lose any sleep seeing these clowns gunned down.

    1. I would be losing sleep over what kind of “measures” the US government will put in place to “enhance” public safety. Maybe they will ban people from owning pressure cookers, and fuck that don’t let them take away pressure cookers from responsible owners.

    2. That is the biggest load of nonfactual nonsense that I’ve heard in a long time.

      1, the Chechens nationalists are at war with Russia because they want their state to be independent from Russia.

      They’re not at war with u.s. It doesn’t matter where these people are from, mainly because the agenda of the u.s is to invade every country for corporate profit. Your oil-sucking government couldn’t care less about your welfare. They probably wished for a hell of a lot mroe dead.

      2. the Chechen nationals’ fight against the Russians is supported by extremists, worldwide. Meaning if there were Islamic warriors in Chechnya, and they went to Falluja.. Have you ever thought that maybe they were helping out the oppressed arabs?

      u.s occupation of the arab peninsula is solely for oil. They’ve stolen most wells from the rightful owners. The people. To add insult to injury, they’ve killed too many civilians, taken their country to siege. Impose sanctions and checkpoints on arabs to dictate their lives. The u.s can starve Iraqis and Afghanis if they wanted to.

      Do you remember when the u,s imposed import sanctions on Iraq? 500,000 children died because the medicine was banned through the sanctions.

      You’re a dumb cunt, living in la la land.

  2. I heard that the older brother was run over by his brother after he fell out of the car during a chase. So many reports coming through now, it’s hard to believe they did’nt plan their escape very well. You’d think they would have planned it through a little better.

  3. I’ve been up all night watching this. I’ve been waiting for my favorite news site to post something about it, so thank you! Very interesting questions you pose, but we all know, the lame stream media will never provide the answers.

      1. @Justiney, that what I thought also… till I’ve read this post and without become paranoiac a lot of questions will surely stay unanswered. Mark is right, the next news will be the death of the younger brother.
        It’s the same in my country when such “terrorist” acts happen. The designed suspects end even dead.
        There is even a video of the death of Khaled Khelkal, a designed suspect of bombings in Paris years ago, he was lying on the floor, shot already, already inconscious but death was not proven, and whe clearly hear one of the cop saying: he must be killed, kill him !
        So don’t do the sheep and do what you’re programmed to do by the true perpetrators of the bombing.
        The question which should be asked is: who benefits from this ?
        I have no idea for now.

        1. same thing happened with another one recently… He was catched, but dead of course…
          A lot of people in here think that they have been used by the french secret services. It is quite obvious.
          In the US they just do the same, the ones used by the secret services have to be killed so they will never tell the truth.

  4. This is just a theory, not the absolute truth just in case anyone angered wants to stick their dick in my ass, but, in a lot of these drills, and these drills happen a lot, they tend to always pay young people, usually students who need the money, to play the role of the terrorist, you know, to carry bags around and move from one point to another so that the government agencies can get better at it for the real thing.

    Now theoretically, these guys could have been paid and told it was a drill, maybe they had done it before, they went about the game as usual but this time it was real and real bombs were detonated, they, the students would have gotten the fuck out of there and hidden because now they would know that they would never be allowed to live for they knew the truth.

    A perfect false flag operation.

    I shouldn’t have to but I will repeat just in case I get the tin foil hat hunters on my back, this is only a theory, not the absolute truth and one of many possible theories.

    1. I agree with you and as much as i DO NOT know about this crap- just because i rather fill my head with other things, i wonder about all these “drills”. Just like the ” FEMA drill” that was going on in Newtown when that Sandy Hook mess went down. Don’t quote me on exacts here but its BS all the way around! Like Daddy said up above- blame someone, kill their asses and everyone is happy and feeling safe again!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Pull the wool over everyone’s eyes- once again! It’s all the loopholes that get me and the fact your average person will just overlook them! Lol. It’s always seemed to me that here in my country- and maybe in other ones as well, i just don’t know, that as long as you have someones head on a skewer, people are fine with it! Nevermind the actual agenda! Well, until next time… Lol

      1. Mossad teamed up with Muslim extremists to carry out 9/11 (among other acts of terrorism). Authorities may be telling us tales about these kids shooting a school cop and then getting killed, but none of us was there when it happened so all we know are tales we’re told. For all we know, killing of these kids could be as fake as killing of Osama Bin Laden. After the show is over, they will be flown to some ranch in a rural area to live comfortably for the rest of their lives, while people think they had been killed.

  5. Hi from across the pond!

    I have to say, after watching all this and looking into it… The whole thing stinks! Now, before anyone says ‘STFO’… I’ve had my doubts about so many minor things which a lot of sheeple would consider to be insignificant, but, and I’m sure I’m not alone… They must think we’re fucking stupid. Surely there can’t be that many idiots who would buy everything they’re told? Or am I being a bit of an optimistic chunt? Keep up the good work with the site, geezer!

  6. I find it odd that anytime something happens there has to be a conspiracy behind it. Because Muslims would never act in a way to harm civilians. I mean “the relgion of peace” would never advocate the murder of non “peaceful Muslims”. I have blown up pipe bombs with shrapnel added and there is never holes in the pipe. It bursts and the bbs fly out. Don’t know if that’s the same or not tho.

  7. This does smell pretty fishy, but you never know. Could be just a couple of psychopaths. I however am leaning towards a false flag attack. I am actually watching the news now and there is so much bullshit spewing from their mouth contradiction themselves sometimes within the same sentence, but hey I’m just a paranoid fool.

  8. The fact that this was done in a place where there were lots of people, lots of camras/videos and lots of trash cans etc tells me that the bombers didn’t care about the investigation athere there would be lots of red flags before anyone was even a suspect, let alone caught/killed.

  9. you ask why the Chechens would bite the hands that feed them? Well thats just what muslims do. They come to our country, claim asylum, grab all the benefits and welfare they can get their hands on and as soon as they get settled. They then go off and protest that we need to be more tolerant of their aggressive religion and told we need to adhere to their rules.

    Not to mention that audim Chaudrey or whatever his name is, who is a muslim extremist living in london who was in the news a lot the last few weeks urging muslims to claim jobseekers allowence (UK Welfare) to fund their holy war. So that is basically biting the hand that feeds them. They dont give a shit who supports them or funds them, if they are an infidel they will kill you with your own weapons funded by you.

  10. Imagine if I was to go through the checkout with just a pressure cooker, ball bearings and nails…I’d be in handcuffs before leaving the store. Maybe I should add a box of microwave popcorn as a cover up.

  11. Been monitoring the discussion boards over on CNN. It is actually quite entertaining. The fucking sheep are out in force. Both the right wingers and lefties. They are assembled into their respective herds and are bleating the same shit back and forward to each other.

    Once in a while someone interjects a sane (or at least well thought out) comment and both sides pounce. Only they tacitly agree upon is not letting the facts or avoiding jumping to conclusions get in the way.

    It must really suck to be a dark brown haired, medium height & build white male walking alone on the streets over there right now. From what I have seen, those cops are wound up TIGHT. Wouldn’t be in the least surprised to hear that somebody innocent gets popped by a jumpy cop.

  12. I want to know where all the pictures and videos are of them arriving at the marathon with these extra bags or backpacks that aren’t seen in anywhere. I mean there’s plenty of footage of them leaving the scene nonchalantly with small backpacks not nearly large enough to carry a IED efficiently without alarming people as to why these guys are cooking on the sidewalk.

  13. Oh, and it might be worth to ask why the hell two guys wanted by the mighty USA would risk their asses robbing a 7/11 convenience store… That’s how I heard the manhunt started.

    Unless they were completely insane and wanted to get caught and go rambo, those damn terrorists did some really stupid move.

    I also think it smells like false flag… Not sure why russian citizens, but they are muslim anyway, so…

  14. Anyone else see these two alleged murderers Mommy on the news saying it couldn’t have been HER baby boys who committed this heinous act. Oh no! They were most certainly “set up” by the government of this evil country. The same country that extended them asylum from their war torn shit hole of a country, The same country that gave one of these mutants his U.S. citizenship, and the other a green card so he could attend one of the finest universities in the country. Not to mention all the other freebies these “immigrants” snag from the government by being here, medical care, free education, housing etc.

    I also saw a mechanic being interviewed who had just worked on the older brother’s car. This was the day after the bombing and he said he seemed very nervous, biting his nails etc. The interesting thing was, he said he noticed he was wearing a very nice pair of shoes. He complimented him on them and asked how much he paid for them. He told him they were Louis Vuitton and they cost him $900.00 dollars. Anyone know how this guy was supporting himself?

  15. Ultimately, it’s the pressure cooker that explodes, not its contents. Pressure builds inside until the walls of the cooker can no longer contain it, and it ruptures. The nails were apparently glued to the inside wall of the cooker, and at the point of explosion all the pieces would be traveling at the same speed. So, basically the nails would never catch up to pierce the cooker.

    I think…

  16. Why is everyone always so quick to believe what the media/government feeds them. The government r runs the media the government has people working in the media(Anderson cooper works for CIA). It really gets to me that everyone buys this bullshit. Just like sandy hook elem. That was done for one purpose, gun control.. when they take the last little bit of your so called freedom and frame your kids for shooting,bombing or anything else they can think to make up. Maybe you’ll believe then. But probably not some people are fools

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