Sister Ends Incestuous Relationship with Brother, He Kills Two Children

Sister Ends Incestuous Relationship with Brother, He Kills Two Children

Those children had no future anyway, growing up in the world’s execution central, but to by killed with an ice pick by their own father and uncle? That’s some serious Luka Magnotta shit.

An Acapulco man killed his own son and nephew after his sister, with whom he had an incestuous relationship left him. The man had threaten that he would kill the children if his sister left him and made do on his promise with an ice pick.

8 year old Manuel Antonio Silva Abundis and 12 year old Ra煤l Silva Abundis both died. 36 year old Adri谩n Silva Abundis then attempted to commit suicide and stabbed himself in the abdomen with the same ice pick but it failed to kill him. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Bernardina Silva Abundis, the subject of his obsession did not believe he would deliver on his threats. She told police that after 10 years of wrapping her labia around her brother’s dick she wanted to leave him because he was becoming abusive. Too bad there is no photo of her. I’d like to see what a woman whom even her own brother would fuck looks like.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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78 thoughts on “Sister Ends Incestuous Relationship with Brother, He Kills Two Children”

          1. im pretty demented but i dont think i would ever say innocent children deserve to die! maybe you deserve to die sir, you obviously need to be put out of your misery. I bet your life sucks and you say awful things about others to make yourself feel good!

          2. You know what mate…although I don’t agree with what you said, I shouldn’t have made you feel bad about saying it…sorry about that. Speak what you feel man.

    1. @Stevejmoss, you are one fucking asshole you know that! No child deserves to die, no matter what country they’re born into. They didn’t ask to be born into a fucked up situation where their own Mother happens to be their Aunt as well. And let me correct you on another thing, the children are not ”probably innocent”….They are innocent you degenerate piece of shit!!! l hope to the fucking Universe you don’t have kids of your own, as l would be ashamed for them that their father is one stupid FUCK!!

  1. They must have been a close-knit family.

    I do have to wonder what the name Silva Abundis means, does it mean an abundance of Da Silva’s because if that’s the case then fucking and impregnating your own sister is one way to go about it.

  2. i remember i use to want to have sex with my cousins lol.and my guy cousins did too. Actually my best friend and neighboor,one time we found his fathers classic vhs french porno,and me him and his cousin would go into the living room and masturbate while watching it,he also had a sister and sometimes she would be there too. She even told me once he asked her to jerk him off in a laughing and fun tone but then claimed she never did,i asked him he said the same thing but i always doubt it.
    Also when her brother wasnt around,and it was just me her and her cousin,she would jerk us all off and we would just on top of her and play sex,it was fun.
    We all know each other from early childhood,this happen around the times we were all about 10,to 13.Today we are all great friends still but we never bring that into conversation 馃檪 hehe

  3. Once again…a loser in life..fucking his sister…breathing MY air….can’t even KILL himself…ughh…and it procreated. And what the hells her problem? Didn’t want to leave until he started “abusing” her? Huh? Sick

  4. Men usually feel angry when the mother of their children leaves them for another man but it must really hurt when the mother of your children is your sister, isn’t that like getting abandoned by your family twice in one day.

  5. if the guy looked at best gore every now and then
    hey would know that 1 stab in the abdomen is not enough to kill yourself
    sorry sack of shit
    real tough to kill to childeren
    if he was a real men he take some zionist with him not 2 childeren

    1. all these mexicans and south americans are huge jesus freaks. and look at them.
      Christians have a loop hole where as long as you accept jesus as lord and savior you go to heaven regardless of what you do. you just have to say “sorry” on your death bed.
      Jeffery dahmer must be chillin in heaven right now, cause i know he turned Christian in prison.
      lol that sound like a song title “Christian in prison”.i’m not even high, wtf is with me today…

      1. Next time you are high I’d like you to put some lyrics together for all of us here on BG! I think it would be a iTunes no.1 hit! Maybe we can all get together and do a heal the world kinda of thing!

  6. I’m so tired of these lame ass people that claim it was intended to be a “murder / suicide” and they get the murder part right, but fail at the suicide Try stabbing yourself in a vital spot, you know, like you did to the two kids.

  7. I can understand incest to some extent, but killing your family is a completely different story.

    On a side note, stabbing yourself with an ice pick… In the stomach to TRY and kill yourself? Come on honestly you need to do your homework. Go look at Luka Magnotta. That should give you a few pointers.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I would never have an incestuous relationship with any of my family members.
        But I could see in some cases people could have sexual feelings towards their siblings or other family members for this matter due to physical traits, personality, etc due to the way they’ve been raised…

  8. I never understood the infatuation with incestuous sex. My sister is pretty, but yuck! It wouldn’t ever happen. I am very against hurting kids, I actually own and operate about 4 almost 5 charities, that benefit children that are hungry and abused. It’s very sad. I never thought I’d be able to kill anyone, but if someone hurt my two year old niece, I’d butcher them! 馃檪

    1. @JDamien, Just wanted to give a round of applause for the work you do.That’s awesome to be involved in what I think is one of the most important worthwhile causes for children. Little ones deserve to grow up without being the victim of the sick & twisted adults of the world and entitled to go to bed every night on full tummies.Again thank you!!!!

  9. As others here who have siblings have already commented I will also say gross, disgusting, vomit, yuck……………That is just fuckin’ nasty.

    I remember when my little sister started going through puberty, my friends started commenting to each other AROUND me about how hot she was getting, and that shit always creeped me out. I’d just be like, “Okay, man… Whatever you say… So, how ’bout them…Raiders?! Bucs?! Bears?! Anything but talking about my sister like this!”

    Pervs… None of them had sisters of their own. If I was gay, I would have started talking about booty sex with their brothers, but alas, I am not a fudge budger.

    1. @FD
      Can’t say I can relate due to me only having four brothers, but that’s quite the uncomfortable picture you painted. I’ve always thought I’m lucky I didn’t have a sister cause I’m sure i’d of been so over protective she’d probably hate me. Plus I’m sure i’d be a dick to any possible suitors once she came of age. No way anyone would be good enough to date the sister I never had 馃檪

      1. My sister used to bring around some real losers. Especially after my parents got divorced, and my mom decided that being my sister’s friend instead of her parent was the right way to go with her.

        I’ll tell you this, though… When she had one of those motherfuckers in MY house, those young bucks knew where The Line was when King Dingaling / Man of the House AKA ME!!! walked into the room. You’ve never seen such manners before. It was fun!

  10. It’s funny you mention Luka Magnotta. I knew him when he was “Eric”. I think his manager knows my manager, he was trying to break into porn, but he would stalk all of the other porn stars. So, no one wanted to work with him. He also tried yo say he was straight and was only “gay for pay”, but no one would cast him in straight scenes, because obviously he doesn’t pass as straight. He used to follow my manager to clubs and stuff and would make a scene like he was somebody, when he was denied access. He got my number and tried to recruit me to do porn, but I was already signed to another company. I didn’t want to do porn though. It’s hard yo get any other jobs in entertainment, with porn on your r?sum?. Plus having sex with strangers for a little cash, didnt and doesn’t appeal to me. Rumours went around toronto and then L.A. that he had herpes because he’d sleep with any casting agent he met! Sick! He was odd to as the least. No hate towards porn stars! Just not my thing.

  11. Something is wrong here, in addition to the incest and murder, How can the kids and the murderer have the same last names? In Mexican/spanish/hispanic tradition, people have two last names; the father’s paternal family name and the mother’s maiden name (paternal family name). So I don’t get how all three males could have the same last names, yet they didn’t have the same parents.

  12. Imagine if these children did get to grow up in a house with sister abd brother as mommy n daddy! How sweet!! Talk about keeping it all in the family!! When this bastard goes to prison, i hope he becomes someones bitch! I hope he feels like he’s been fucked by a train.!.

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