Smolensk TU-154 Plane Crash That Killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski

Smolensk TU-154 Plane Crash That Killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski

In April of 1940, thousands of Polish leaders, intellectuals, officers and business owners were killed by the secret police of Jewish Bolsheviks from the Soviet Union in what became known as the Katyn Forest Massacre. Katyn Forest is only a few miles away from Russian town of Smolensk.

Fast forward to 2010 and viola – 96 Polish leaders, including Polish president Lech Kaczyński, his wife Maria Kaczyński, former Polish president Ryszard Kaczorowski, senior Polish military officers, top members of Polish clergy, the president of the National Bank of Poland, chief of the Polish General Staff and other top government officials died in a plane crash in Smolensk.

Funny how Poland lost all of its top ranking figures twice in the same place. What’s even more ironic is that this second tragedy had the leaders on their way to Smolensk to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Forest Massacre. And yet more ironic thing is that the trip was intended to mend the 70 year long feud between Poland and Russia with Russia finally declassifying the Katyn Massacre documents and officially admitting that they lied by blaming the massacre on the Nazis. Instead of having the 70 year old scar mended, the Poles got a whole new big wound open.

According to the official version of the events, the Polish Air Force aircraft Tupolev Tu-154 which carried the officials intended to land at Smolensk North Airport but thick fog reduced visibility and as a result, the aircraft struck trees approaching the runway. After flipping and braking apart, the plane landed 200 meters from the runway killing each passenger inside.

Russian investigators came to a conclusion that the crash was the fault of the pilots, Polish investigators likewise concluded the same, but also blamed Smolensk’s Air Traffic Controllers for not providing accurate data and timely warning calls. The Poles also blamed the airport for not having proper illumination.

Smolensk Crash Conspiracies

Because of how auspicious the timing and place of Smolensk crash were, speculations about possible conspiracy are rampant. Many poles believe that Smolensk crash was no accident, but a political assassination. It would be a slap in the face for the Russians if Polish leaders attended the Katyn ceremony which gave rise to conspiracies that Russians deliberately served misleading information to the pilots or even went as far as blurring the airport with artificial fog.

Lech Kaczyński’s daughter Marta Kaczynska told in an interview with Focus magazine (Germany’s publication) that:

I am not a conspiracy theorist. But the many inconsistencies and puzzles surrounding the case mean that it is not possible to rule out an assassination attempt. Why was the airport in Smolensk not closed during such bad weather conditions? Why were the maps the Polish pilots were given old? Where did that sort of sudden fog come from?

More hard core conspiracy theories speculate that the plane landed safely in the mud but was disintegrated with a bomb. Those who did not die in the blast were executed with gunshots. There is a video filmed by a nearby resident immediately after the crash which proves this theory.

Fact of a matter is – as was the case with Katyn Forest Massacre, the Smolensk Plane Crash situation has been shrouded with lies. Since the accident occurred, the Poles were served one lie after another. As truth about lies is uncovered, speculation about conspiracy theories grow stronger and may very well be valid. Afterall, all one needs to do is look at the previous tragedy from that very area – they lied about who did it for 70 years, until they could no longer counter the weight of independently acquired evidence.

Smolensk Crash Photos

Gallery of photos below contains recently leaked images, including images of dead president Lech Kaczyński. They were not supposed to make it out but they did after a Russian blogger posted them on Live Journal. Polish authorities banned publication of images in Poland but their request to enforce the same rule outside of Poland failed.

Anti conspiracy sheep claim that they were leaked to shut the conspiracies down. The photos allegedly prove that the plane was not blown up. I’m not entirely clear how that can be assumed from these pics, but that’s what they say.

Props to several Best Gore members for the pics, including piksel169, gooey, trevorek7 and HomoErectus:

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37 thoughts on “Smolensk TU-154 Plane Crash That Killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski”

      Now srsly, this tragedy isn’t over yet. Kaczynski has a twin brother who still turns this case into a freaking circus. Whenever he has an opportunity to talk about Smolensk conspiracy theory in Polish parliament, he always brings the most idiotic one. Well that’s not a big secret that He hates our prime minister (who is a fuc*ing di*kbag btw.)
      Kaczynski is accusing Prime Minister Tusk that he is responsible for all this. He’s quite sure that Tusk planed it with Vladimir Putin. Watching they argue on the TV is effing hilarious. Oh btw, our government is in 100% filled with morons and the whole European Union laughs asses off… Welcome to Poland – the country of absurd…

      1. That’s about to be right. But why it all doesn’t make sense with bomb inside the plane is actually a value of TIME. Now, by time I mean is the idiots supporting such exaggerated theory on bombs, should ask themselves how on earth can someone plant the bomb in presidential plane when it’s being supervised and monitored 24/7days at the local airpot in Poland by soldiers? And they dare to say that Putin was involved… Jeeez, I personally don’t like Russians, but I’m faraway from accusing them to have anything to do with that cathastrophy and more precisely, to admit they did anything on purpose. Second of all, I mentioned the value of time. So tell me, if the bombs were planted inside, how much efforts it would take to come on place and shoot people dead when there were already villagers on the spot? And finally, what fu*** reason would someone have to kill 96 people, when all eyes of the world are focused on that day on Katyn? My conclusion is that those who look for conspiracy theories are fu*** noobs, and they LIE to us! Please do not ever allow yourselves to be lied in this case and think smart!

        1. Okay. Maybe you’re right, maybe not. I guess we’ll never know the true. It’s not like it bugs me that much, that I can’t sleep at night. For me it’s simple – Shit happens. And I do not say that I believe in the conspiracy or I don’t believe. I just hate the fact that because of this Smolensk thing all media are focused on the fucking circus made by Jaroslaw Kaczynski (twin brother). I mean, meanwhile Polish parliament is destroying our country piece by piece using Smolensk case as a smokescreen for the Sheep. This is the worst thing ever. And it’s getting worse. Now the mass media are just showing us the next affair. It turns out that the bodies of Smolensk tragedy have been swapped and they have to do exhumations, while our retarded president signed a law witch gives NFZ the right to inject us against our will in case of epidemic. If we don’t obey they have a right to use force… any force – police, soldiers, municipal police. They can come to your house, drag you out and inject you some kind of shit that they even don’t have to tell you what it is. We are the ONLY country in EU that signed this shit. And All we get on the news is a fucking bodies swap. Not even a word about decision made by our president. Funny thing is that most Citizens don’t even know that he signed it, and if it wouldn’t linked out via Internet I wouldn’t know about it either.
          So if you ask me witch version do I believe: in none. I don’t give a fuck about it and I’m sick and tired about this subject. As they say in my country: if it fucking fell, it fucking fell, so why the fuck drill the subject? 😉
          But don’t worry I’m not a sheep and I do own my own brain. And I don’t believe lies they try to feed us 🙂

          1. I’m pleasantly surprised to finally see these pics. We went with friends to polish white house for the shallow eye feast, but the line was long as a motherfucker, so we got drunk in bar opposite” Przekaski zakaski”. But the sad part is that now Poland does not memorize Katyn massacre, but celebrate ” SMOLENSK KURWA !!!11one1!” Oh and Storm_Rider thx for info on that forced vaccination shit. That’s… pretty disturbing. And what do You guys think about recent convention of haunted supporters of Radio Maryja and TV Trwam ? There were over hundred fuckin’ thousand fanatics ready to slice you up for our prominent religious figures’ businesses. Thats a bloody army and it scares the shit out of me.

    1. Hmm. This didn’t make big news when it happened… reminds me of flight TWA 800. Kind of scary to think the plane lands, then a bunch of 11 foot tall tuxedo wearing reptilians enter and beat the shit outta everyone with their tails. I’m almost certain that the trees in the images are really reptilians that shapeshift.

  1. I do remember that the air traffic controllers advised against that flight because of weather but the president chose to go anyway. The visibility was very poor along with other conditions. Not that I don’t blame conspiracies but this is a variable I’d like to see examined. Yeah, it made the news here but I don’t believe everything I see.

  2. What crappy undertakers they have in Poland. They threw the president in the coffin without preparing him for viewing. My ex mother-in-law passed away in Mexico while she was visiting her sisters. The Mexican morticians did a hellava good job on her. The sad part was going to the airport with the family’s American mortician to retrieve her body (her sisters accompanied the coffin on the same flight).

      1. lol nice try, but you know that crappy undertakers were from Russia, right? Oh, and one more thing: Russians don’t really give a fuck abut the dead people. Those pics linked out from them and the body’s were delivered in this state to Poland.

  3. Quote: There is a video filmed by a nearby resident immediately after the crash which proves this theory.

    Does someone has a link to this video? Or maybe the video could be added to this post?

  4. Ahh. . . So the BIG question is (drum roll): WHERE were all the bodies and plane wreckage at the Pentagon (“Flight 77”) on 9/11? And WHERE were all the bodies and plane wreckage at the Shanksville, Pennsylvania (“Flight 93”) crash site on 9/11?

    Any takers???

  5. Anyone who has seen the difference between an actual plane crash and a plane exploded by a bomb will know the total devestation caused to the plane and occupants could not have been caused by explosives.

    The only way explosives could have caused that kind of uniform destruction would be if they were what brought the aircraft down.

    There is no way the plane ‘landed’ in a bog and was thenblown up afterwards

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