South Korean Woman Thrown to Her Death in Pattaya, Thailand

South Korean Woman Thrown to Her Death in Pattaya, Thailand

59 year old South Korean woman by the name of Kim Sung Nam flew all the way to Thailand to spend vacation there, but fell to her death from a window of her hotel on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, Chonburi. The police call it an accident – apparently the woman somehow got depressed, climbed onto the window sill and fell, breaking her neck on impact.

Really? 59 year old woman on vacation got depressed? Or fell accidentally after climbing through her window? Has anyone ever heard of any other country in which foreigners would repeatedly fall to their deaths? Has anyone ever heard of a country to which people would go on vacation by undertaking a long flight, only to commit “suicide” once they are there? Or of people spending money for plane tickets, checking into a hotel and then climbing over the window ledge to nose dive head first into the ground snapping their necks? Does this really not look suspicious that in this one country, vacationers keep dying in the same way all the time that we would arbitrarily accept the official version of the story that it was a suicide or an accident? Where do the leftist sheep get the nerve from to tell us that it’s not that bad and that Thailand is safe?

I got to call a spade a spade here, mates. I mean – enough bullshit is enough. Xenophobia is beat into the brain of every Thai since they can comprehend what they’re told so there is no question that they inherently hate all foreigners and wish for them to die. Clearly, this inherent hatred is not limited to Caucasian men, although they are targeted more than any other demographic. To a Thai, foreigner is a foreigner, I guess. A killed South Korean woman is as good to brag about as a killed British man.

Don’t you find it laughable that leftists would still insist that Thailand is a safe travel destination? Do they really have no shame in life playing their part in attracting unaware people into a death trap? I’m not just fantasizing here. I’m publishing undisputed evidence.

Which of the two is the right question to ask:

  1. Are Thais really so stupid they think we’ll believe them?
  2. Are we really so stupid we’ll believe the Thais?

Accident in these photos happened on February 18, 2013:

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36 thoughts on “South Korean Woman Thrown to Her Death in Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. Thai ‘pointers’ are becoming very irritating….”Korean Woman Broke Her Neck Falling from Hotel Window, Got a Pointer”….as if the stupid pointer in the photo is saying…”see,she died because her neck was broken..”….uuuugggghhh..shhiiitttt…..

    1. @NOTDASILVA- That’s what i want to know. I get that they don’t like anyone other than their own peeps, but do they just walk in your hotel room and off you?! I mean, is there some sort of incentive? I believe it all, just kinda wonder why…

  2. so she was killed and thai police always cover up the crime by saying “suicide” or “accident” ?

    well for one thing, tourism plays a major role in thai economy, so it really would be in their best interest to provide a safe environment for tourists

  3. I’m waiting for pics of the British couple who were riding there bikes around Thailand and were hit and killed by a Thai truck driver, who was so badly injured he couldn’t go for help or hit and run. It was awhile before they were found.

  4. @Mark- Thanks to you i now know this!!! I’m never ever visiting that place, but i do know a few people that I’d like to buy a one-way ticket for! As a matter of fact, i think I’ll start telling them how wonderful that place is- TOMORROW! 🙂

  5. People the world over go to Thailand to commit suicide, at least according to the travel brochure. You’re think other countries would build tall buildings from which their countrymen can jump so they don’t gotta go all the way to Thailand to kill themselves.

  6. “Really? 59 year old woman on a vacation got depressed?”

    I think I can relate. Whenever I watch game shows I often find myself feeling sorry for the contestants when they win a trip to somewhere. I’ll be sitting there thinking, “Who the Hell would want to go *there*?” Everyone’s tastes are different, so I’ll just name one of the places that would make me want to commit suicide: Disney World. With all of its disgusting family atmosphere, and kids… No thanks.

  7. They don’t hate foreigners, they LOVE foreigners.

    Foreigner comes loaded with cash. Foreigner has his hotel room invaded by local thugs who pay the police off to look the other way. Foreigner “commits suicide” or “accidentally falls out window” while local thugs walk off with his money.

    Foreigners are WONDERFUL!

  8. Well on the bright side if for some reason I get married with a real bitch of a woman that does me really dirty I know where I’m taking her for a vacation. Wait on second thought any woman that does me really dirty I’m keeping. But if she does me wrong then its two tickets to Pattaya please…my ticket will be a round trip and hers will be a one way. (evil laugh)

  9. Haha, the pointer is trying to have a glimpse of her boobs. I am from Philippines, somehow i knew it’s not safe to live with thai’s. Even they are an expatriate or a host to a foreigners. Maybe, it is their pride historically that they are the only southeast asian country never had been colonized. In territories, they are treating other people as they are superior over them. There is no suicide in thailand by foreigners, it is part of the corrupt police power protecting their citizens.

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