Stolen Kosovo – Documentary About Massacre of Serbs by KLA and NATO

Stolen Kosovo - Documentary About Massacre of Serbs by KLA and NATO

Considering that Czech Republic is a major Zionism asskisser, I’m rather surprised that of all the countries, it was them who produced the documentary that tells the truth about the Serbian genocide. So… before I say anything else, I want to give major props to the Czechs for doing the right thing and filming a documentary that says it like it is, despite the tribal leaders wishing for the public to remain brainwashed about what really happened in former Yugoslavia in the last years of the 20th century.

The Jews, as you surly know have a long history of killing white Christians by the Millions in the Balkans, Ukraine and present day Russia. It was easy for them to do during communism because the Iron Curtain protected them from the international outrage so widespread executions, forceful deaths in extermination camps called the Gulags and other Jew orchestrated mass killings such as the Holodomor (Russian Famine) were widely and effectively utilized.

Between the October Revolution in 1917 and the end of Communism in Eastern Europe in 1989, the death toll among Slavic Christians killed by the Jews reached 100 Million and remains the greatest mass murder in all of human history. It is therefore not surprising that after such good run at wiping out the whites, the Zionists felt the itch to continue in spite of the lack of cover up previously provided by communism.

If you’ve been properly indoctrinated into becoming an obedient, zombified sheeple, you may find yourself doubting that the greatest mass murder in human history happened as reported above. If that’s the case, let me direct you to an article titled “Stalin’s Jews” published by popular Israeli publication called YnetNews on December 21, 2006.

Keep in mind that YnetNews is a Jewish publications and as such exists for the sole purpose of spreading propaganda, therefore crimes of the Jews are heavily downplayed whereas if but one Jew died from Typhus, there would be no end to them plastering the 6 Million number all over their front pages. I firmly believe that the only reason why this article was published is because the Jews realize that general populace is becoming more and more aware and they will soon be unable to stop the spread of the truth. Therefore the best step for them to take is to make themselves look as though they themselves have taken the initiative to recognize the truth and to be able to prove that it’s really so, an article was published. They also needed to be among the first to recognize the crimes of the Jews in a mainstream publication, because then they could steer the independent research off the right path and into where realistic numbers are skewed. They don’t want anyone to learn how many people the Jews really killed during communism.

But let me return to why of all former Eastern Bloc, it was the Serbs whom the Jewish minions attacked. It was because a significant number of Muslims settled among them during the raids by the Ottoman Empire. Jews knew that if enough Muslims are shoved into white Christians’ faces, tensions will become inevitable. And to ensure the tensions remain high, the Jews would also train and finance Muslim extremists to carry out terrorist attacks and acts of provocation by targeting non Muslims of all ranks. Why do you think so many of the hard core Islamists, including such recognizable figures as Usama bin Laden have been on the Jewish payroll for decades?

Another former communist area with significant Muslim population in which the Jews fuel unrest by having their American servants finance and arm the extremists is the Caucasus in present day Russia. But unlike in Serbia, the Jews can’t as easily send their minions to readily bomb Russia after the country sent in their troops to protect civilians from attacks by the Muslims on the Jewish payroll, as they can’t do it with any Western European country, but the plan to destroy the whites remains unchanged, only in Western Europe it is carried out in a little more subtle way – by mass importing Muslims by the Millions.

Needless to say – all the NATO war criminals that participated in the ethnic cleansing of the Serbs and contributed to the destruction of Christian Balkans will fry in hell, laughed at by the original hell’s inhabitants in whose name they carried the genocide out. And so will everyone who supported them in any capacity.

Watch the video and let it be a warning to you. Let the video serve as a warning so you know what’s coming. Serbia was flooded with Muslims who were armed and financed to carry out the attacks on the indigenous population until the Serbs could no longer just stand idly while their children and grandparents were being massacred. The same flooding with Muslims is being done in other white countries. Watch the video so you know what’s coming. This mass immigration from incompatible countries is not a coincidence. Serbia was the first, but will not be the last. We must ensure that what happened to Serbia is never repeated again. We must stand behind out Serbian brothers and bond together against him who’s the enemy and threat to us all.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “Stolen Kosovo – Documentary About Massacre of Serbs by KLA and NATO”

  1. Problem is, who are the Zionists? Israel? If so, what does importing millions upon millions of Africans and Muslims in Western Europe, Canada, Australia etc. achieve but weakening the Nations supporting them? Also – Israel itself is suffering from this same problem with Africans and Muslims. Heck, one of their cities (Jerusalem) will be majority Muslim sometime in the near future.

    Plus, Obama in the US seems pretty anti-Jew/Israel, hiring people with hardline stances against Israel (Latest being Samantha Power) which has Jews on the Internet running a bit wild. I observed on another site where Jews were saying this was a plan of the Bah?’? Faith (which made me chuckle a bit, since if any Religion is behind it, it’s Judaism. No other Religion has the kind of power of globalization as Judaism)

    Seems to me, this kind of thing (massive immigration, hatred for Whites etc.) comes from Leftism. I suppose Leftism could simply be a philosophy used to brainwash in the name of Judaism without being transparent. Much easier to get people to believe in a non-Religious philosophy than convert to a different Religion with a different God and so on.

    Either way – it’s easier to fight what you can see (Leftism) vs what you can’t (Zionism). So – target Leftist politicians, centers of brainwashing (Universities) centers of propaganda (Mainstream News like CNN, MSNBC etc.) should have the same effect as attacking Zionists interests.

    If you look at any anti-Immigration group – they’ll be Right-wing on the ‘political scale’. Left-Wingers seem to thirst for massive immigration, the destruction of Whites, race-mixing, and so on. Anything that weakens White people and our Countries is what they wish.

    And unfortunately, in Europe, even their ‘right-wing’ Politicians are weak. Subservient to their Left-Wing masters. People who aren’t like that, get called racist.

    1. “Weakening the nations supporting them”? They DOMINATE those nations. They want to silently destroy them with multiculturalism. Just look at the rape statistics and riots in Sweden and Norway in the last five years. They used to be peaceful countries until the Zionists dumped a bunch of filthy scum on them. Even some Best Gore members, after being given the truth on a silver platter, choose to deny it. People who support what Zionists are doing after reading articles on this site about them aren’t even worth arguing with. Also, about Israel suffering the same problem, they will exterminate them before they take over their precious little pseudo-nation, just like they exterminate defenseless Palestinian children with white phosphorus.

      1. Aye, I know what Africans and Muslims are doing in the Scandinavia world (Or Western Europe in particular). I’m in Canada, it’s much the same here but a little less overt. Well, at least for Muslims right now. I’m sure as their numbers rise, their behaviour will turn increasingly violent and incompatible.

        Africans are Africans. Everywhere they go they bring with them crime, rape, murder and destroy the security and beauty of wherever they settle.

        But again – the ones supporting the massive immigration of these incompatible people are Leftists. The current leader of Sweden is the most despicable piece of Leftist filth I have ever heard of.

        The question is – Is Leftism philosophy a brainchild and tool of Zionism? If so – why do so many Leftists dislike Israel, and support the Palestinians?

        I’ve read more than my share of things with Jews in high places in our Societies calling for the destruction of Whites.

        My question again is – Are they calling for that destruction because they are Jews, or because they believe in a philosophy (Leftism) which is entirely Anti-White? Or is it simply both?

      2. Also, regarding the weakening of the Nations and them dominating them – It doesn’t matter. For example, the White demographic in the USA is slated to fall to around 20% within 20 years. Do people really think nothing will change? The Country will collapse.

        That’s a major power, supporting Israel, that is slated to basically erode to nothing. This same situation is happening in Western Europe, Canada, Australia etc. because of Leftist policies.

        Ergo, the destruction of these Nations weakens Israel.

        1. When it comes to what the world will be like a century from now, I don’t think it will be as hopeless as we think. When you really think about it, no matter how much they want to, the Zionists can’t completely destroy the white race. It’s illogical. Even in 2050, when the white race is predicted to be a minority in the US alone (which was the first country to fall prey to multiculturalism), there will be over 200 million pure whites. This means that there will be even more in Europe since they only recently were victimized by Zionists. And, by that time, my guess is that people will have woken up, and multiculturalism will not be a rampant problem (while it would still exist, it wouldn’t be used as a weapon by Zionists).

          1. Well, Whites will also be a minority in certain Provinces in my Country (Canada) as well.

            And I’d say by 2050, the White demographic within places like England, Sweden, France etc. will be hovering around 60% of their lucky.

            We already can see what problems and damage Muslim and African (The main Immigrant groups) cause at a low demographic, so imagine them at over 20%.

            Add in the White females susceptibility to race-mixing with Africans, and birth-rates, and it’s a scary, scary future indeed.

          2. White females who reproduce with Africans claim that interracial relationships “end racism”. Talk about Zionist propaganda. They also have animosity towards women that reproduce with their own race. Not only are these women racist, they’re hypocrites.

          3. Yeah, I’ve heard that nonsense myself.

            White women who breed with Africans, or who adopt them don’t bother me. That’s their scarlet letter, so-to speak.

            Though, obviously it’s an issue when it comes down to numbers, given that the African birth-rate is so much higher than our own, so that’s a major slap in the face.

          4. I?m always amazed to see WHITES, of all people still parroting the old 75% figure. Some simple math, as you show, suffices to correct this false belief, but like all rumors it dies extremely hard even in the face overwhelming empirical proof, i.e. seeing darkies and half-castes just about everywhere we look except northern Arizona, Utah, and rural Washington.

            I don?t have the exact notebook to hand, but a while ago I arrived at a slightly higher sum than . 160,000,000 non-whites and growing. I reckoned every subgroup departing from white: blacks, mixed race, Jewish, Asian of any sort, Middle Eastern, Hispanic (including Cubans), Pacific Islanders, and whatever else. In a parallel column I added some other figures for Russians / Eastern Europeans and Germans (who aren?t our people either, after all). Raised the initial sum somewhat.

            Point is that I believe white Americans are now slightly less than 50%. as the old populations of Florida and Maine, especially, continue to check out. As far as the numbers go, there is absolutely no reason for optimism. Voters count but already we?re nearing 50%, and it isn?t as though some force will intervene and preserve whites from becoming a true statistical minority. There will still be more total whites than any one subgroup except latrinos, but that won?t matter, for social proximity ? half-caste grandchildren, best friend?s black boyfriend, friendly black/gay/Arab neighbors, etc. ? will have resigned everyone to peak kwa, as indeed they more or less are already.

            At that point we will begin to see some more shootings, more attempts at expatriation (puzzled that Greg cops a whiter-than-thou attitude about that below), more miscegenation, still more desperate accusations of privilege and racism, etc. Eventually, racialist or HBD ideas will make their way into the heads of Jewish female bloggers at Slate and the like, and thus become slightly fashionable ? for some broads who can afford to isolate themselves from the morass

        2. Dude, your pro Zionism stance is frightening. Zionists have always desired domination over other nations, races and religions and know very well that other than the whites, everybody else is used to being dominated and will therefore surrender naturally. Afterall, who are the people who understand the real threat – it’s almost exclusively a white man’s club. Too bad you don’t belong to it. Not because you’re not white, but because you have your head so far up the Zio ass, you can’t see what’s really going on.

          What does it matter that the destruction of white nations weakens Israel, when all that is left are nations that’s never been able to conjure anything Zionists could lose sleep over. The only people who understand the threat of Zionism are whites, therefore the only people who represent any real threat to Zionism are whites. Zionists have you exactly where they want you. There really is little difference between liberal sheep and yourself. You both unconditionally fall for the same tricks and embrace them as universal, self evident, overruling-all-else aphorisms.

          1. I’m simply conversing. and searching for knowledge. This is how I go about it – starting a conversation about a subject.

            I never denied Zionism I’m simply asking a question:

            Is it Zionism, or is it something else?

            Is Liberal Leftism at fault, or is Liberal Leftism a tool used by Zionists to wreck havoc on us?

            Is it a ‘religion’ (Judaism) that pushes Zionists, or is it a philosophy (Leftism).

            Calling my a Zionist or a supporter of that is laughable.

            I know there are Jews who hate Whites. I’ve read enough on this site and others to see that. But what these Jews all have in common, is again, Liberal Leftism. So, do they hate Whites and wish to destroy us because they are Jews, or because they are Liberal Leftist?

            Which is pushing the agenda – a Religion (Judaism), or a Philosophy (Liberal Leftism) or both one in the same?

          2. Zionists want to dominate simply because they’re Khazar Jews. It’s in their blood. Liberalism/leftism is just a tool. If they used concentration camps, people would know what they’re doing. Multiculturalism, on the other hand, sounds peaceful and anti-racist to the sheep.

          3. @Silenced
            That contradicts your previous very strong pro Zionisms stands.

            True, that’s why they had extermination camps in the Soviet Union (Gulags). In communism, they could get away with it thanks to the Iron Curtain protection. Now they can’t, but multiculturalism does just ass good a job, although the delivery is slower.

        1. The Muslims are just another problem. Zionists are the root cause of it all. Hopefully, people will pull their heads out of their asses and realize that multiculturalism is bad. Even after the riots, rape, and Islamic protesting, most people think, “Oh, we can’t insult their culture. They’re welcome here. If raping, murdering, and pillaging us is part of their culture, who are we to stop them?”

          1. @Christiansen

            …?Oh, we can?t insult their culture. They?re welcome here. If raping, murdering, and pillaging us is part of their culture, who are we to stop them??

            Those statements personify the ‘pussified’ mindset seen amongst most Western Europeans these days?typical bleeding-heart liberals. Despicable, to say the least.

        2. The jews cause more damage than any other group of people. They are the ones allowing the muslims to emigrate to western countries. They are the ones who degenerated our societies with the promotion of feminism, liberalism, and many other isms. They control our educational systems whilst at the same time they have exclusive jewish schools so that our children grow up to be productive labourers and theirs grow up to be the leaders of our societies. The muslims are a problem yes but before they can be dealt with zionism needs to be exposed and dismantled.

    2. lol, sad but very very true story.
      specially the last part of you sir, being called a racist. you know? I’m called a racist for voting Geert Wilders (Dutch right-wing anti-immigration and anti-multiculturism politician) sadly he totaly screwd it.. he lost many votes, tho NOT me.
      The Netherlands used to be a rich culture we had our own culture most likely christian religion and a few peacefull muslims living between us. now that the mass-immigration has happened we see the build-up of Mosks instead of more aid and support towards eldery whom are not capable of living on their own. It’s horrible to see this and a forsaken disgrace to our elders whom most of them resisted the nazi invasion and some of them trying to fight the germans in EVERY possible way, destroying bridges, blowing up railroads which were used for the german mobility. This was done with a extreme high risk of being shot. Even the youth in those years helped the resistance as just going with a bicycle and trying to spot any enemy highouts to warn anything. ofcourse my people shaved and beaten moffenhoeren( in other words jerrywhore; a women sleeping with a german soldier).
      and now due the capitalism and multiculturism growing these VERY same man whom offered their lifes to a liberated country are being threated as SHIT and the islam is being threated as kings, as i said build-up of mosk’s, build-up of islamic schools. and YET im a racist for voting Geert Wilders, well if that’s what a racist is called then hell im a proud one. we got a huge issue here, a HUGE one and without change of politcians this will end up ugly. and Geert Wilders is the only one to dare stand up and be a politician about this! tho he’s quite known in the rest of europe and USA most likely known as a racist but also a hero to others. In other words without a man like Geert Wilders, this country is doomed.

      On-topic: good documentary, i knew there was a reason why serbs killed muslims. tho shamed by the fact my own country opposed them and seen them as a enemy.

  2. the human race is doomed anyway the universe is too volatile a place just to let us go by idly decade after decade unscathed ,something is out there with our name on it and we are going to be fucked big time ,imagine if we knew a meteor was heading for us and there was a week before we got smashed into bits and the earth life perishes ,what would you do in that last week ? mass rape and murder would break out across the globe ,with no chance of being arrested and knowing you had nothing to lose the human race would show its true self and go apeshit

  3. Mark thank you for showing truth to the world,Albanians was aggressors,Albanians killed thousands of Serbian civilians and yet Bill Clinton called that terrorist ” freedom fighters ” and bombed us,deliberately targeting civilians and in the end occupying our land,building military bases,stealing resources and giving ” independence ” to terrorist stolen land of Kosovo .

    1. I am from ex-Yugoslavia (now independent Slovenia) and i was a sargent in yugoslav army at last years of it”s existance. I must admit that i never really liked Albanians and i never trusted them. I had many good friends among the Serbs,so i feel their pain and problems regarding Kosovo. But,you know the truth is never black and white and you must know that bombing Serbia came after four years of killing and ethnical cleansing that Serbs were doing in Croatia and Bosnia. So,i guess NATO and the entire world was fed up with Serbs and they wouldn”t belive them anymore. Anyway i always prefer Serb and i will never trust Albanian. But i must admit,Serbs are very crazy nation and fighting is in their blood. Almost like a national sport.

  4. if there is a nation where there is more Zionist and sheep per square meter this is Holland.

    ? Dutch are extremely naive and complacent as their own genocide.

    after World War II to replace the population plus incetivo miscegenation became the rule in the Netherlands.

    the Dutch are being extinct as most Dutch women only open their legs for Turks, blacks, Moroccans, Indonesians and mestizos.

    but these losers ignore the destruction of their nation and say that 69 years ago were liberated by the Allies.

    if there is a people that deserves to disappear from the earth this is the dutch people.

    these mestizos should not be considered European

    1. If we take that stance, then White people would go extinct.

      The unfortunate reality is – Whites have become passive, weak, unintelligent, self-hateful, fat, pathetic and zealots when it comes to doing anything that is anti-White.

      Those of us not like that have to suffer living with those who are, and unfortunately, because our Governments (Both National and Local) cater to these pathetic Whites (as part of the system) we have to live with the repercussions of their disgusting choices.

      If the Dutch deserve to disappear because of the things you describe, so too do the Swedes, English, Danes, French etc.

      Maybe I’m not the one to say that – I wouldn’t go near a White woman who was with an African or Muslim, for example.

    1. And every White Man and Woman who stood by and let it happen whether they be in Europe, in the Americas, in Australia, should be ashamed of themselves.

      We let our people down then, just like we are letting them down now. Only now it’s effecting NATO Countries.

  5. It’s just sick to see things like this happened not all too long ago. Almost like a swarm of locusts, the Albanians devoured everything the serbs owned.

    And I’m just so angry that our governments just turned a blind eye and did nothing to support the people who really needed it, but only those Albanians.

  6. Being a Serb myself, I just wanna say, I really don’t like saying who’s bad or who’s good (in any circumstance), nor do I believe in such things as good/bad. I’m a cynical atheist, not that I just look out for my own interests but I do think most people are motivated by self-interest (knowingly or unknowingly). I never thought misanthropy had a good reason for being what it stands for, but then again to each his/her own. After watching things like this, I sometimes fear that the majority of humanity mistakes abstractivity for reality and acts on it. Makes you wish that no one cared about where they come from, just who they were. I wish I could just end this reply with a “c’est la vie” but that would make me seem really ignorant…

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