First Stoned to Death Then Burned to a Crisp

Burned Down to a Bone, Plus the Skull Is Cracked

First Stoned to Death Then Burned to a Crisp

A totally charred corpse was found in a thicket on the afternoon of Wednesday January 30, 2013. The uninhabited area behind Posto Ipiranga in the city of São Caetano, state of São Paulo in Brazil is frequently used by drug users but in this case, the connection with drugs could not be made. Even though burned to a crisp, the skull was visible cracked and next to it was a stone with dried blood on it which lead the police to assume that the victim had been stoned to death before being set on fire and left to burn.

Sex of the victim was also impossible to determine on site. The only identifier found was the victim’s pierced tongue. I guess that’s one part of the body the flames don’t easily get to.

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27 thoughts on “First Stoned to Death Then Burned to a Crisp”

  1. Obviously a case of spontaneous human combustion. That person was probably taking a stroll through the thicket, suddenly burst into flames, then fell on that bloody rock with enough force to fracture his/her skull.

    The Brazilian cops will be chasing a phantom…assuming they actually try to do their job.

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