Suicide Bomber Blows Up Outpost in Idleb, Syria

Suicide Bomber Blows Up Outpost in Idleb, Syria

I watched this video and thought to myself – you know… I think I may have found out what tore this tank to pieces.

Jihadists in Syria put together this video to brag about their successful suicide bombing of an outpost in Idleb, Syria. The video starts with a footage of a human construction site, but it appears completely deserted so who knows – maybe the suicide bomber blew himself up, but nobody else. The video shows corpses of some men but they don’t look like they were killed by a massive explosion the van full of explosives produced. If the mercenaries wanted me to believe that these are the people they’d killed with their suicide bombing mission, then they failed cause I’m not buying it.

The explosion itself, however is pretty sick. They sure loaded the van up good. I don’t think that if there were any soldiers in that outpost, that after two years of war against the jihadists, they wouldn’t already know that a lone van with pretty colored ice cream themes on the surface is to be treated as something very suspicious. Fucking jihadists.

Also notice how the dead man’s wounded hand is doing pointers…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Suicide Bomber Blows Up Outpost in Idleb, Syria”

  1. I have a ? Mark how does the average “sheep” like me who by the way is shedding the sheepish shit of the modern dogma. The ? is how does someone like me with no education go about research to find the truth. How do I get a quick rundown of at least 100 years of history. what do I do I have studied Best Gore for a month now. I get that multicultrule does not work, thats easy. But honestly. I still am strugling with Zionism.

      1. Fuckin iPhone this pos, sorry. The iOS 7 update didn’t make it any better either. Anyways, I do believe these guys are actually dead but it’s obvious gunfire was the cause of death. Yet there are red flags going up in my mind. 1. Their bodies def do not show trauma by the blast nor are their bodies covered in any debris.
        2. What would of been the point in recovering the bodies if you expected them to be blown apart from the blast , unless the intended plan was to ditch the jihadists version of Mr. Frosty before impact.
        3. Again, what’s the point of retrieving the bodies only to find resistance in doing so?
        4. Digging a grave of that size isn’t an easy task what so ever, especially for what, 10 seconds of video? So yea I believe they’re dead but the video is sketch.

  2. The video picture of the explosion is from VBIED in a Iraq sometime back in 06 i believe however i could be wrong. These groups, swords of Allah, arms of Allah, swing joes of Allah tend to reuse old footage then stage scenes. If something really did happen they will parade around a body to different areas. Its amazing how many twins a some people have.

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