Sunni Cleric Gives FSA a Command to Shoot Down Aircraft Identified as Civilian

Sunni Cleric Gives FSA a Command to Shoot Down Aircraft Identified as Civilian

Sunni Cleric Gives FSA a Command to Shoot Down Aircraft Identified as Civilian

A group of FSA terrorists armed with anti aircraft cannon spotted a plane flying up in the sky. They wondered for a while what kind of a plane it may have been and reached a conclusion that it wasn’t a military aircraft but rather a civilian plane used for transportation of travellers. But as it goes with brainwashed Islamic Sunni Extremists, they were commanded by a cleric, identified in the video as Sheikh Ahmad to hit it – civilian or not – and so they did.

The terrorists Snackbared and the terrorists fired. What do they care that the plane is full of civilians. They’ve got the weapon, they’ve got ammo, and they’ve been killing civilians ever since their aggression started. Why would the damned Sunni cleric care about civilians?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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60 thoughts on “Sunni Cleric Gives FSA a Command to Shoot Down Aircraft Identified as Civilian”

  1. The Islamist virus is running amok in Syria, we are witnessing some of the worst atrocities committed by these cavemen. Because now they have modern weaponry.

    I really hope the Syrian government squashes these vermin. Because now they trained, united and far are more dangerous than before.

  2. to aim those things at planes would be insane one wheel for turning left and right, another for fine adjustments, and i think another for up and down its just alot of turning of wheels, what type of rounds do they shoot i cant remember ??

      1. It appears to be some type of old 40mm AA gun possibly a Swedish Bofors which are some of the most widely used and best AA guns you can get…at first I thought it was some type of howitzer gun but after watching the video I noticed that they didn’t eject the spent shell manually and as soon as the first shot rang out it was ready to fire another, also the chair mounted on it and the sights aren’t featured on most howitzer but are very typical of Bofors AA guns so that kinda told it wasn’t a howitzer and most likely an old Bofors…we definitely have to buy it now.

  3. Before I watched this I was thinking “well, they could think it’s a military transport”. But no way, if the captions are right they knew they had civilian and shot anyway. No surprises, also no surprises they missed with that dilapidated machine.

  4. It appears the gunner is firing without actually sighting the airplane, so it is for the entertainment of the other blood thirsty dickheads that he fire’s on the plane. It take’s some effort to find your sight and calculate movement, trajectory and distance in order to make an accurate shot especially considering the weapon in use. They would have to get lucky to shoot a plane out the air with that antique.

    1. Shooting at a small civilian plane is hard to do but not impossible with an AA gun even if it is an old AA gun although it would take many shots to correct for wind, elevation, and trajectory but nevertheless it is possibly after all that’s what those guns were designed for but even if they had stinger missiles (heat seeking) I doubt they would be able to shoot down a plane since they look like a bunch dumbfucks.

      1. Probably shoot the fucking thing backwards. Looking through the tracking plate with the vent system pointing towards the aircraft. I’m surprised that AAA trailer didn’t tip back, as far as I could see its recoil jacks weren’t down. Would’ve been great to watch the whole trailer flop over.

    2. You don’t need heatseeking to hit an aircraft; in fact with current ECM and SCM systems its often easier to hit an aircraft with AAA rather then SAM units.
      Typically those AAA trailers above work in units of 5-10; increasing the chances of actually hitting something. Though in the Soviet/Afghan war, there’s plenty of footage of AAA (which, for the record, is anti-air artillery) cannons which fire large bore shells that explode into flak and still scoring direct hits on aircraft. There’s a film called Charlie Wilson’s War; the American’s supplying the Afghans with the same weapons they’d be using to fight them with two decades later, but there’s two minutes of footage of such shots. But you can find it all over the place, they’ve just compiled a couple of great shots on there.

  5. The first two times they aimed, the trajectories understandably only seemed to deviate only a few degrees. The third time, however, they spun the gun around almost all the way around. Either the plane went into warp drive, or those dumbfucks just don’t know what they’re doing.

  6. Can these people now officially be compared to a bunch of drunk rednecks having an inbred family squirrel BBQ?

    I actually think the human race was better off before technology. At least back then we were limited to only being able to kill each other within a few hundred yards

  7. Very annoying to post these videos and not have the info on them. I wish bestgore would either not post these videos or file them under a new catetgory labeled AGGRAVATING VIDEOS WITHOUT INFO OR BACK STORIES. Definetly videos/pictures I wouldn’t waste time viewing.

    1. @ stacym….You’re right this is serious…..first take 10 deep breaths and relax …..this morning Mark took a flight to Syria to get the special information that was needed to satisfy your curiosity……the word is, the data will be filed under a new category called “exclusively for stacym”…
      The last thing Best Gore wants is to lose a fine member like you.

      1. Yeah @Stacym, you can wait until Mark gets back to get the exclusive details you are so badly in need of OR I’m sure with some help from a couple of best gore members (which I’m sure we could drum up a couple of eager volunteers) and they could assist you with ripping your head off and gladly shitting down the stump!!!


  8. The Cleric probably figures that if they are civilians, then odds are they aren’t the kind of civilians who agree with his particular view of things, so killing them doesn’t matter. In a world full of “infidels”, how could he be wrong?!

  9. What a bunch of fucking assholes man…..its beyond me why the free world even puts up with this shit, i mean honestly isn,t enough enough?!……just look the other and pretend they’re not all completely psychotic…

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