Swiss Man Dies in a Burning House in Thailand

Swiss Man Dies in a Burning House in Thailand

According to the wife of this Swiss man who died in a burning house in Nong Prue, Banglamung, which is near Pattaya in Chonburi, Thailand, the man tried to call his relatives in Switzerland but could not get through and it made him mad. He started to destroy the house he had bought and set it on fire. Then suffocated to death with smoke the fire produced.

LOL whut? He could not reach somebody on the phone so he started to destroy the house he had bought and renovated and furnished? And because that was not enough, he tried to burn it down but somehow could not get out of there despite fire not being too large and suffocated on smoke?

How fucking convenient! Will any Thai cop bother to investigate when the will of this man was changed and who was made the sole beneficiary? Or will they not bother because she’s waited long enough to get this far and knows she needs to give the cops a cut in order for them to not snoop around and just file the case according to what she says happened?

Needless to say, this Swiss man fell for the oldest scam in the book of Thai scams – the marriage scam. It’s existed since long before ever inventive Thais adopted other scams to separate foreigners from money through any means other than honest work.

Thai whores don’t marry foreigners because they oh so love them long time. They do it for a sole purpose of getting their money. She’ll make the foreigner her sugar daddy for as long as it takes for her to make him to change his will. After that, it’s only a question of time.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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27 thoughts on “Swiss Man Dies in a Burning House in Thailand”

  1. I have often done the same thing myself. Just last week I kept calling the pizza delivery place over and over again but kept getting the busy signal, became enraged, went outside and ran myself over with a bulldozer.

  2. Yep, he’s Swiss all right… Got the same skin color as that block of cheese in my fridge. Except for the black smudges. Wait, the block in my fridge has black smudges, too… Man, I need to throw that shit out. BRB

  3. I wonder if the bitch had an accomplice to help her set fire to the house. It’s for damned sure she wasn’t in the house while it was set on fire. And why wasn’t he able to escape when he realized there was a fire? Mark’s right. Fucking crooked cops won’t do shit about it, just laugh all the way to the bank with their cut of the bitch’s “inheritance.”

  4. My pregnant 24 year old sister and four year old son were killed in a housefire and they had the file closed in two weeks, deemed electrical which they always do if they can’t find the source, the fire happened at one in the afternoon, shortly after her boyfriend left the house, hmmm suspicious or what, although they called him in for questioning twice, he was never charged……I have no faith in cops and their investigations……

  5. how did she keep him in the room whilst she set fire to the house and why didn’t he wake up in time? No doubt it was the wife. Very convenient how most of the house seems fine in the pictures too.

  6. Probably his Thai calculative wife demands so much and when he refuse, she probably drug him and then burn down the house to make it looks like a suicide… whether he change his will or not, the house and the land will goes automatically to his wife after his dead… that’s the Thai law… so she has nothing to lose…

  7. Those useless ass Thai “police” most likely looks around the crime scene and just blurts out the first scenario they *think* happened… but in cartoon form. They wouldn’t even cut it to be security guards and you cops at McDonalds if they were in my neck of the woods.

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