Syrian Army Helicopter Blown Up in Flight by FSA Rebels

Syrian Army Helicopter Blown Up in Flight by FSA Rebels

We have recently had a video of FSA rebels hitting a Syrian army helicopter in flight posted on Best Gore, and here’s another one. This one is better. The helicopter appears to have been hit cause it leaves a smoke trail and can’t sustain straight flight and then it blows up with a spectacular, fiery explosion while up in the sky. And as before, the terrorists go ape shit with Allahu Akbar when it blows up, although it’s nowhere near as orgasmic as in the other video.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “Syrian Army Helicopter Blown Up in Flight by FSA Rebels”

  1. For real, did anyone else see what looked like a skull or the front of a skull with teeth like open mouth come from the smoke at the very end? Like just below the roundish large explosion, underneath faced like it was looking up slightly. For real, it couldn’t have just been me seeing this shit…

  2. It’s unfortunate that the Syrian rebels are to ignorant to realise that they’re being played by the Israeli’s and the West. Instead of fighting fellow Syrians, they should band with fellow Arabs, and deal a death blow to the fucking Jews once and for all.

  3. That was an mi-8. That is a very large helicopter comparable in size to a chinook. If you look when the explosion happens the helo starts to go nose up. Thats when the rotors hit the tail of the craft and tons of equipment spinning at thousands of rpm loose any resemblance of functionality and rip them selves apart… boom. There are plenty of videos like this. ..makes me wonder if there is more to western helos having a mantra of low altitude and high speed. Helicopters are not particularly safe to start with

  4. i think i figured these guys out, that’s not a helicopter. Its the death star, and they are not snackbarring, they are praising the name Admiral Ackbar. But what i don’t get is Lando is the one who blew up the death star. Mabe because Admiral Ackbar lead the attack.

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  6. If it was an army heli, wow! I’ve seen helis get hit by rpgs and flying away. wouldnt be surprised if it came down by malfunctiong for poor maintenance, cause those guys where fart away, even with snipers would be hard to hit it

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