Syria – Bloodied Man Chokes on His Own Blood

Syria - Bloodied Man Chokes on His Own Blood

Yep, that bloody mass is a person. Or used to be a person, cause I don’t know how long he’s gonna stick around. His Allahu Snackbaring buddies do fuck all to help him out, other than use his suffering to earn themselves a paycheck producing propaganda videos.

I wonder how he managed to rip himself up like that. Maybe he was setting up an IED and it blew up into his face. The terrorists have been pretty active with IEDs ever since Al Qaeda operatives with lots of experience in this area joined them. Freakish video is below.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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160 thoughts on “Syria – Bloodied Man Chokes on His Own Blood”

          1. HA HA In the shops 2 days ago I chucked a packet of ‘Depends for Men’ at my 15 yr old son, well he instinctively caught them, fuck it was funny, the look on his face!

        1. Hey, i can handle being crazy, but the thought of being diseased, would probably drive me over the edge within a month.

          Plus, ive waited years to qualify for blood donations!! I think i may even be eligible now.
          Don’t wanna fuck that up over 5 bucks.
          a million, forsure, then i could set up a cabin in the middle of butt-fuck-nowhere and have a BUNCH of cats.. but im already miserable: don’t need HIV to do that. >__<

      1. preeeeetty sure you don’t get HIV or anything like that from kissing a bloodied face. Only if it gets into your blood stream or your coochie or some shit. Hell I’d do that shit for free. Just to say I’ve experienced kissing a mutilated face.

  1. Brazilians take note from your Sand brothers! If they can monetize their gore so can you! Give tours around the country. There’s already plenty of dead bodies laying around; you just supply the buses. People will pay top dollar to see disgusting shit like this in person.

      1. Um.. like those “Hollywood’ celebrity tours, but instead a ‘gore tour’ (in a bullet-proof Limo of course!), drive around looking for/at dead bodies. Actually I think there is a tour like this in California that takes you past where the Manson murders were (10050 Cielo Drive) and other ‘infamous’ murders?

        1. Yes tiger I believe there are tours like that…The address where OJ slaughtered Nicole Simpson was relatively close by there….Ive passed by there many times before and after those murders…I think its been torn down now though.

      2. Welcome to Brazilian Park!
        1.) If you look to the Right you can see a herd of Da Silva killing each other for Mates. These are common to the Region.

        2.) On ladys and gentlemens if you look to your left you can see a mulatto stabbing a whore to death. The mulattoe species are the unholy creation of the crossing of the Coalburner and the Jigabooo.

        1. ha haa COALBURNER! a white woman who shags a black man! In Australia a white man who roots a black woman is sometimes called a ‘gin jockey’! (a ‘gin’ being slang for an aboriginal woman).

          1. Tiger are you serious , are you sayin white men want to have sex ( is sex the correct word ) with abo women ???? Another crime against nature

          2. @odgoso only the ‘bushies’ that live up North or lazy white blokes who just want to free-load on all the benefits the ‘Abo’s’ get!

          1. @odgoso I take it you’ve seen pics of our ‘native ladies’? maybe you’ve been lucky enough to visit Australia? There are a few good looking indigenous people, Samantha Harris comes to mind (Aboriginal model) most red-blooded men wouldn’t ‘kick her out of bed for farting!’

    1. Hey, i like beady eyes: I hung out with a water-rat at the park near my appartment for 3 hours yesterday going “zomg, you’re sofuckingcute with your little feet! :3”
      I had a squirrel when i was 15, he thought i was its mother v____V
      And i have a good relationship gong with the skunks and Mr. Raccoon. I share my apple cores with him. I eat some but leave alot on the core for sharing purposes and i toss it infront of his hole in the rocks.
      He pops out with his ADORABLE little gropey feet and grabs the core and retreats.
      <3 beady eyes and little feet.
      Hell, i have a fucking crayfish (mini lobster) in a tank in my kitchen; his name is Phil and he has the BEADIEST eyes ever and 8 PINCHY FEET ^_______^

        1. I live in Montreal, in Lasalle; There’s a large park, Angrignon (Ann-green-yon) Forest. I have a smoking spot where i spend most of my summer, reading, painting, taking pictures, feeding the wildlife.. Last year i faceplanted the lake saving a bumblebee with a stick. I got the bee, but then we had to chill in the sun to dry off. It buzzed and cleaned it’s antenna with his LITTLE FUZZY FEET <3

          But montreal is a great place to live, completely surrounded by water, beautiful views all-round.

          1. I hope you take your ‘butts’ with you? those things don’t break down (filters!) you are real lucky, I like all those animals you described.I’m gonna ‘google’ the area where you live. Did you see the sting-rays I said to have a look at? Also I leave a towel over the side of the bath-tub if I see a spider stuck in the bottom! πŸ™‚

  2. Thats his LEFT EYE you can kinda see GLIMMER right ?? but he cant be CONSCIOUS thru this can he ?? hes LABORED BREATHING SNORING like what happens when your KNOCKED OUT COLD … his HOMEY should do him a FAVOR & put one in his DOME to FINISH him wether hes CONSCIOUS or UN-CONSCIOUS

    1. i’ve been in allot of fights (im a drunk) and i assume being in a chokehold is the same as choking on large amounts of blood, you feel this “gargle” deep in your throat, when talking it sounds like snoring, its a HORRIBLE feeling.
      you might not care about what i just said, but i have a need to type dumb shit into my computer, have a nice day.

  3. That was a good example of blast damage. It seems to have been a relatively small charge. It’s interesting to note that the majority of the damage is head to mid chest, almost like he was bent over it ( placing the device ) or maybe it was up on a raised surface and he was working on it. I do have some experience with things that go boom and this guy was likely a “victim” of his own device.

        1. you haven’t! I saw the man crossed out with a black marker pen the other day (my family stickers) I’ve also seen the family, but the man on the other side of the window by himself! lastly I saw an elderly lady sticker by itself! πŸ™

  4. He reminds me of those mercury mutated Bear cubs from the movie “The Prophecy.”

    He also looks like a gore hand puppet when he’s death rattling a bit there. lol I was half expecting a arm to be sticking out from the bottom of his neck. lol

  5. Lol Allahu Snackbar Man I should’ve thought of that one lol….Man that’s a goner for sure Die you piece of shit go sleep with your many wifes Yeah right….The devil is waiting for you motherfucker Fuck Arabs…..

  6. And once again they stand over the guy no one doing anything at all except video recording him struggling to breath. They could have rolled him to his side so the blood would drain out of his mouth and he could breath.

    1. Well they probably figured he was gonna die anyways(I know I would rather of died!)so they thought, why not make him a bit famous before his untimely end? πŸ˜‰ Sure, he was exploited for that fame, but eh, I’m sure he’s dead now and we at Best Gore are entertained, which in the long run, is much more important than some idiot’s last comforts!

  7. Oh cruel world is there no end… Fuck, that is a rare instance where I would choose death over death rattles and immense pain..fuck and to make it worse the fuck alls didn’t do shit coulda took him outta his misery , brought him a snack, fucked his wife…. Something geez, damn snackbars…

    1. No koko, it actually sounds like sleep apnea, which is bad for the person that has it, but maybe worse for the person who sleeps next to it…. and btw ,that is a hot pic ,but take another one without that eye like that, luscious lips!!!!!!!

  8. Strictly from a linguistic point of view, one man is repeating the same thing over and over, and another man is telling him to shut up. Whatever happened, his comrades did not expect it – and do not know what to do.

          1. i fucked up. this is what the handsome dude would say to you @little sicko if HE were to reply to you. almost got caught on that one. forgot what computer i was using. these things are so much fun.

      1. Pugs suck! Worthless and so fucking stupid.
        I have been around a few of them, against my will for months, and have not seen one single good quality.
        Well, they are not humans, so I guess that could be one, but the are as smart as the average mexican…….-2 points. so yha, no redeeming good points with pugs, in my opinion.

    1. Nah, I’ve seen an accident where somebody’s face was pretty much unrecognizable because of the damage when I came with a friend to a hospital. A girl who had had the front of her face sliced off and burnt with the force of whatever cut through her.

      ASSUMING this was caused by an accident with an IED, the face would be burnt off with the explosion, as well as the obvious facial mutilation. The face would look somewhat like the face of the girl I saw in the hospital. This is real.

  9. I’m going to agree with the post up further and place my bets on some kind of explosive. But terrorists don’t usually hang around so, maybe the residents found him snoring on their doorstep.

    The terror of realization he’d be going through if he were at all concious….

      1. HEY!! ive been on this site for three min. and i got you “mr.mouse” or is it “sir mr Hollywood good looks” .. fool me once shame on you fool me twice… cant fool a fool. schizophrenia is fake..a way to drain the Americans of the tax dollars we need for war!

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