Syria Combat Footage – FSA Equipped with Heat Seeking Infrared Detectors

Syria Combat Footage - FSA Equipped with Heat Seeking Infrared Detectors

It must rock to be a Jihadist. You get paid from external sources, no laws apply to you, the rich and powerful equip you with the latest weapons and technology and will continue to provide it for as long as you continue to kill people they tell you to.

This combat footage from Syria shows the jihadists sporting a heat seeking infrared detector for effective fighting at night (and under whatever other condition it proves effective). I don’t think anyone needs to think too hard to guess who provides them with this technology. And then you hear all this false doublespeak from the Israelis that they’d rather see Bashar al Assad in the president’s chair than the jihadists, like we don’t already know that the twofaced Zios always play on both sides and use media to express their disdain with the side they support more in order to drive suspicion that they could have their hand in it away.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Syria Combat Footage – FSA Equipped with Heat Seeking Infrared Detectors”

  1. FLIR cameras (infared) are not as expensive as they use to be. In fact alot of the older surplus military models like the one we see in the beginning of the video can be had for around $500 to $1000 dollars. Of course there are also newer more compact civilian models which can easily be acquired for a couple thousand dollars. Either way its obvious members of the FSA don’t have to fork out that cash since they get all their goodies for free…compliments of our hard earned “tax dollars” which are pulled out of every single paycheck we’ve earned or will earn. We work to get robbed and with our stolen money they get paid to kill.

  2. Again, this is for mark.

    I know your views on Syria, and i agree one hundred percent. We are funding evil men.

    Strange thing is, as we fund them publicly, and believe me i tell everyone i know about the videos i see of the fsa killing brutally and with no remorse or criteria but with untold brutality, we also run guns to them in the shadow. That’s what happened at Benghazi. Im surprised you haven’t made a huge post about it. We were running guns through our embassy in Libya to the Syrian rebels. The attack on 9/11 had nothing to do with that as far as i know…but that’s why Obama ordered our elite forces and air support to stand down….they would not risk troops having access to raw information and concrete proof strong enough to topple the entire political structure here in America……

    And as an American i want to goddamn vomit. That is not who we are as a people. That being said, its what we do as a country. I would actually enjoy very much reading an article on your take of this situation, and im surprised you haven’t already done a nice post on it.

    Between the president distancing him self as far and fast as he could, to Hillary actually saying “what does it matter”, it needs as many voices to scream it as loud as fucking possible! I am. Will you join me?

    Also, beyond the mostly burried scandals of Obama and the ap wire taps involving Holder, the IRS targeting groups opposed to Obama, there is a lesser known nugget that makes my blood boil….Obama ran on largely a platform of transparent government. He promised unrivaled access. Not only has his admin brought charges of six people for leaking info, which is more than all other presidents COMBINED, the ACLU….which is an organization that can suck my fat white dick…..asked for a foia (freedom of information act) about the governments collecting of all digital info from Americans….text, cell calls, email….everything. They got back a stack of pages with every single fucking word except the letterhead redacted….yes, pages of huge black rectangles.

    If you want links, i will provide them….but this president needs taken o task anywhere possible. Benghazi happened. It is blood on my hands through no fault of my own. I dont post this out of pity for Americans that died there, i just want everyone to be aware that we are up to our dicks in every dead man woman or child posted on here. I want an enormous post exposing these things to be as much obama s children as his own two girls. I want a person beyond the bounds of American authority….maybe a Canadian?… make this float.

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