Syrian Jihadists Blow Up Abandoned Hospital with Truck Bomb

Syrian Jihadists Blow Up Abandoned Hospital with Truck Bomb

Sunni Jihadists sent a suicide bomber in a truck loaded with explosives to blow up an abandoned hospital in Syria. Apparently, the hospital was being used as barracks by the Arab Syrian Army, although there doesn’t appear to be any sign of life anywhere nearby, nor was the site guarded like you would expect from a military installation.

The truck explosion was massive – they sure go all out with explosives when it comes to suicide missions. It even seems as though the truck’s cabin was modded with sheets of metal as an apparent bulletproof reinforcement for the driver.

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47 thoughts on “Syrian Jihadists Blow Up Abandoned Hospital with Truck Bomb”

  1. Gotta thank Obama and John Kerry for the explosives and the not shit quality video cameras.

    On a side note, I really haven’t seen some Mexican beheadings in a long time. Been checking Mundo Narco and they haven’t posted any new stuff. What’s going on over there? Have they found Jesus Christ?

  2. The media in my country has gone mostly quiet on Syria since Russia put their opponent’s King in check by threatening to back the Assad government against the western democratically favoured Jihadists.

    Russia has no other choice but to fight with Assad if they want to maintain their control over the oil and gas supply routes throughout Europe.

    If those in control of the money control the people then those in control of the energy control the world because without energy the global transportation of goods and people becomes extremely difficult and now that the natural resources are in short supply in the first world the bargaining strength of energy ownership is even more powerful and that is why there is a war going on for ownership of the energy.

    Even though the little people never benefit from any of society’s gains but are always forced to endure the losses I still choose team Russia because I know where our “democratic” societies are heading and I would much rather live in poverty than be a slave for the sick and depraved.

    A lot of times in life you will face choices that may actually not be much of a choice at all and in those circumstances you must choose the lesser of two evils because you stand a much better chance of survival and effecting change from within that way.

    1. Reminds me of that Looney Tunes episode where Daffy wants to out-do Bugs on stage and drinks gasoline, nitro glycerine, gunpowder, etc and swallows a match. The audience goes wild and Bugs says “Daffy they love it! They want more!”

      Daffy (his apparition ascending upward) says “Yeah, yeah, I know… but I can only do it once!”

  3. 80% of that blast was wasted as the truck was facing the wrong way. It should have backed up to the building…But then again, blowing up an abandoned hospital is pretty fuckin retarded to say the least.

  4. My last post opion upon small spectrum , floating along , alone , and dark . Hopeless this to reverse , pointless as curse to try . Sweat no longer drip for mind and matter , in matter seconds i’ll be floating along , alone , and dark .

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