Syrian Child Soldiers and Youth Shot in the Neck Videos

Syrian Child Soldiers and Youth Shot in the Neck Videos

I suck at estimating ages of people in videos, but boy in first video looks very young to me. The video was released as part of the terrorist propaganda so there is no knowing for certain whether his death grasps are for real or faked. A few months ago FSA released fake video of an impersonator attempting to pull off the dying goldfish act so who knows…

The youth appears to have been shot in the neck. If the shot is real, he’s really in deep shit, especially since all Sunnis care for are cheques from Hillary the Obtuse so nobody bothers to help him. As long as these Salafis have propaganda videos, they could care less about anything else.

That brings me to the Syrian Child Soldiers. If the youth was shot for real, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that it happened in battle. Zionists have been hiring mercenaries left and right to fight in Syria and you can count on it that there is no line they would draw, not even when it comes to hiring child soldiers. By putting those kids in front lines, they will never run out of videos of dead children they need to keep up with the systematic brainwash of the sheep.

First the video of youth dying after a shot to the neck:

And a video of Syrian child soldiers, armed with military grade rifles, calling out for jihad and snackbaring like they really mean it. These are the boys of Hillary the Obtuse. These are the boys who fight the dirty war so she can rub her shrivelled clit over the videos of their mutilated bodies when they’re killed:

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40 thoughts on “Syrian Child Soldiers and Youth Shot in the Neck Videos”

  1. I have been a big fan of bestgore but this video is sad. How can you enjoy watching a poor innocent child get killed i gotta say that its just sick. If you enjoy this you must have some issues.

    1. Papi1, this is not for enjoyment. It’s to be aware of what the world really is. Not what is “said” to have happened with the sugar coating that comes with it that the news shows us. To be glad to live in a country that may be politically fucked up, but our children are much more safer and that is something to be grateful for. What the hell are you watching it for?

  2. awe look it’s the obama youth! and what the fuck!! i didn’t know tampons could hold ak47’s??? I’d like to see that kid shoulder that G3 rifle thats on the table there lol then again rag head’s never really shoulder there weapon’s anyway….

  3. Very sad first video. Second video demonstrates why young boys make good soldiers, they are idealistic and don’t full understand death and their own morality.
    If only our boys were not fed a steady diet of Football and MTV.

      1. I’m right there w/you, d. These videos all look so staged. Even the vocal commentary always seems like it was scripted or rehearsed. I see shit like this as no different than the shit the mainstream media produces as so-called “news”. Fake-ass propaganda.

  4. And why…aren’t the political feminist organizations fending for these kids? Isn’t the definition of “feminism” about equality? Anyway, the lovely nude pic of the day – Jana K. is quiet lovely.

  5. The boy played a man’s game, and paid a man’s price. At least he got a little fame in death agony. Many, perhaps nearly half, of the soldiers in the American Revolution were under 18, many as young as 12. If a kid wants to risk death for glory and gore, it’s life to risk, more power to them and kudos to those who get lucky and hit one in the neck

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