Syrian Woman with Severe Head and Leg Trauma

Syrian Woman with Severe Head and Leg Trauma

The most obviously ridiculous part of this video is how naked titties were blurred out. The woman is shown with bullet hole in her head and her right foot ripped off, but naked titties are too un-Islamic to show on video. Nevermind the guy who sees her naked, dead body. Despite blurs, she looks like she had pretty decent body. I don’t know what Syrian women look like, but she must have attracted a lot of attention to herself when she was alive.

There is no excess of Allahu Akbar in this video meaning it’s clearly not a propaganda footage by the Sunni terrorists. May have been a Christian woman killed by the extremists, but who knows.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Yeah the stupid censorship is so Hypocritical it’s ridicules. I bet you they would rather kill 50 christens then show their wife’s tits in a magazine. To them sex is the most perverted thing ..but they do it all the time . I bet you most of these so called religious soldiers fuck boys in the ass for fun. I wish religion would just Evaporate . Unfortunately that would not get rid of all the violence in the world but it might get rid of Allot of the stupidity and absurdity of life.

    1. Well said! All religion is is an excuse for people to do nasty things to each other. It’s also an excuse to make money from others as well. If there so call GOD dictates there lives and they are his children, why is there so much violence, child molesters, rapist, hunger ect. He can grant you life but allows these horific acts to happen.wake up people and dictate your own life instead of depending on someone you have never seen or heard.

      1. This “God” you are saying does not let these horrible things to happen. It is the act of the person who committed those and therefore, it is their whole responsibility (their decision and choice). So don’t blame this “God” for all those atrocities. You’re like saying “My adult son murdered someone, oh it is also my fault as I’m his father”. This “God” does not control or dictate your life and that “God” gives you freedom to do whatever you want because God gave you a brain and personal life so it is also your choice if you want to follow that “God” e.g. through lectures from the Bible as it is just the way that God calls on you. There is only one religion that tells the truth about God, the problem is, that many people have their own beliefs, views, opinions, criticisms and interpretations. Also, don’t say to people that you must not believe to “someone you have never seen or heard”. If that’s so, you also don’t believe that the air exists because you can’t see them. Even scientists especially astronomers are not so ignorant like that as they believe water might have existed outside our planet although they haven’t seen them physically.

        We can?t prove if there is an existent God by way of physicality and we also can’t prove that there’s no God and creator because it’s like not believing that there’s someone created your chair that you’re sitting on. There must always be a CREATOR as there are CREATURES that we call and acknowledge.

  2. I too am upset at the lack of boobage here. Although, even through the blurring it looks as though she’s got some pepperonis. Isn’t she kinda white for her neck of the woods?
    Looks to me like she stepped on a land mine. Those things are never forgiving.

    1. A quick insight to guy-brain.

      Guys will always look at a pair of boobs. Not because they are nice, or real, or attractive, or alive, or still even attatched to the body.
      But because they are boobs and there is a bullseye (the boob, areola, and nipple, which is usally up-turned and looking right at you)

      Now if they are a NICE set of boobs, brain turns off, and we do stupid things for sometime years on end becasue of it..

      The More You Know….

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