Teen Assassinated at Home by Contract Killers

Teen Assassinated at Home by Contract Killers

This was the second murder in the city of Toritama in one day. Toritama is in the state of Pernambuco, not far from Caruaru, the deadliest city in Brazil.

17 year old Lucinário da Silva Santos was assassinated by contract killed in his home. Two men with hoods over their heads arrived on a motorcycle, stormed the house and fired at the teen from two guns of different calibers.

It looks to me like one of the guns was a shotgun and the victim took a blast from it into his upper arm. The blast broke the bone and left it sticking out of the crater the blast created.

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36 thoughts on “Teen Assassinated at Home by Contract Killers

    • Do you think the people of Brazil get nervous when too many days pass without a da Silva murder or death? All the da Silva’s must look at the other for any sign their number is about to be called.

      • As the days pass by without a da Silva croaking probably just builds tension in the populace until it explodes in a spate of killings, da Silva or not.

        • Yes yes…i can see it. A cloud made visible by fear, lingering above and then someone gets it…cloud disperses…
          Okay everyone, now go about your day the Gods are content…for now

  1. I swear those assassins must either members or lurkers here on best gore! They seriously set this picture up for us! They are fucking with us no doubt! The picture with the blue flip-flop proves it! Lmao

  2. Flip-flop drug dealer, named “da Silva”, killed by two guys in a bike. Thanks for living up to the stereotype, my brazilian friend.

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