Teen and His Flip Flops Found Floating in Sewer

Teen and His Flip Flops Found Floating in Sewer

This kid was only 16 and already a drug dealer. He was killed on Saturday January 19, 2013 in the Atalaia (Watchtower) street, Manuel Teles area of Arapiraca, state of Alagoas, Brazil. His name was Afonso Dias Silva. He was beaten and shot and dumped in a sewer to float with garbage like the garbage that he had been. If you live in Brazil, wear flip flops, deal drugs and your last name is Silva, you should know better.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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55 thoughts on “Teen and His Flip Flops Found Floating in Sewer”

    1. You know there’s a song called “what its like”. Perhaps take a lesson from it before you pass judgement on some kid. Was he innocent? No, doesn’t mean he deserved to die. Try walking a mile in his shoes and see what decisions you would make. Not saying I would make the same decisions as him, not saying I wouldn’t. But who are you to pass judgement on him?

      1. I agree with you readyfortheend, there is a little saying that goes along the lines of “who are you to judge me?, I know I’m not perfect and i don’t live to be, But before you go pointing your finger at me make sure your own hand is clean”.

  1. I love to see dead brazilian underage criminals. They are the scum, they can kill, rape, torture and deal drugs, because they are protected by the law. The maximum sentence for a brazilian underage criminal is 3 years in a “reeducational facility”. Great to see this one won’t cause any more troubles.

  2. @ito,

    Grasshopper, you have much to learn.

    Wearing flip flops is an invitation to the grim reaper, if you like it’s daring him to fuck with you. The grim reaper is omnipotent, although very occasionaly we see fails. This is most notable in the ‘This had great potential posts’, where clearly the reaper is on a toilet break.

    As you gain knowledge of all things gore you will notice that most deaths, accidents and murders involve the flip flop.

    We have come to equate flip flops with death.

    Learn this lesson well young student of gore.

  3. Is there any proof that these were his flip flops? I am most concerned that these flip flops are associated with a known drug dealer. Many flip flops are respectable and innocent and therefore people should not judge all flip flops to be associated with drugs.

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