Teenager Shot in the Head, Skull Blossoms Open

That Looks Like Defensive Wound on His Hand

Teenager Shot in the Head, Skull Blossoms Open

17 year old Edmílson Viana dos Santos nicknamed “De Menor” (The Minor) was apparently shot in the head with a 12 gauge shotgun. The blast opened up his skull into a richly red, flowery blossom.

The body was found on October 19, 2013 within a eucalyptus plantation in Monte Pascoal, in Itabela, rural Bahia, Brazil. Police suspect that the young man was taken to the plantation by his killer(s) to be executed there. The victim had previous brushes with the law for theft, drug use and drug trafficking.

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53 thoughts on “Teenager Shot in the Head, Skull Blossoms Open”

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  3. If either of his parents are still alive, I’m sure at least one of them expected him to end up this way. I just wonder if they were ready for the news when it arrived.

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