Thai Girl Found Dead on Bed in Her Room

Thai Girl Found Dead on Bed in Her Room

This young Thai girl rented a room #322 in a multi room house in the Ekkamai area of Bangkok, Thailand. She was found dead lying face down on a bed in her room. Not sure about the cause of death but it doesn’t look like any violence contributed to it. Thai prostitutes like to overdose on pills and chug dozens of them every day. Plus they drink alcohol every day too. I wonder if that could have anything to do with her death.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Thai Girl Found Dead on Bed in Her Room”

    1. That freeky lookin dude in the first pic probably titty-twisted her before telling his photographer phuy-hyan to quickly snap a pic for mom before her rigor-errection went away.

  1. In the next few days I will be leaving for the Great Lakes for training. After that I will enter 4-5 years of specialist training for my military career. This to me is just a job/ career. I hate it when people say “thank you for serving our country”, may as well thank the cashier at subway for serving his country. Although I’ m committed and will serve with distinction and honor, in the end it’s just a job. I have made my choice, in this day and age I see few other.

    This is my last post on Bestgore, and I have throughly enjoyed my time on Bestgore experiencing reality at it’s goriest, learning the cold hard truth, and laughing with all of youse.

    So I just wanted to say to all you SOB, good bye and farewell.

    1. @HAWK although i barely got to know ya , i always enjoyed reading your thought provoking, intelligent comments and will miss them. Keep safe out there B-G BROTHER, i will be praying that MS. KARMA will look after you in your times of need. farewell my friend :):):)

    2. You don’t say what your specialising your training in,,,,wondering,,,,but anyways, its a big commitment , and life changing decision to make. .Are you combat,,air force ,,technical..??I don’t know how old you are but if you are getting top training in one of the fields I have mentioned,,what a great tool to have when you graduate or leave the service,,to take with you for future employment in the field you have been trained in..and at no cost to you,,,,good luck and may God be with you..( if you happen to be deployed to enemy territory)

    3. I realize that this comment will most likely be shit upon because I have rarely commented and Hawk is a regular, but does no one else see the hypocrisy behind the fact that you guys hate on anyone that kills and/or supports in the killing of others solely because their government tells them “those are the bad guys” yet y’all seem to be very supportive of Hawk’s decision to join the military? Just throwing that out there.

  2. @Hawk,

    Well, you know the score by now, you understand the reality of war and what is required to survive war.

    Good luck and try not to go on too many killing sprees, you and your humorous comments will be missed, thanks for the shared Best Gore moments.

      1. Of course they did. That creepy dude in the pic had to take her temperature somehow, lol. You know. For the….pathology report. Yeah, that. Very strange death, you see. This one wasn’t wearing flip flops, and didn’t jump out of a fifth story window.

    1. I hadn’t noticed until you pointed ๐Ÿ˜‰ that out! I’m just surprised that he’s smiling like that. Pretty cold and messed up. Then there’s the fact that her shirt was down and then up when she was moved. I guess you can’t really violate a dead person but still, that’s just wrong on a few levels in my eyes..

  3. What the fuck! Her shirt was down on the first picture…. And up on the second one. Did they need to know for sure they had a cold dead body right in front of them… Hmmm if she has a T. H. O ?…. Yup she’s dead. -.-

  4. Shit I own a condo at Ekamai, Its a nice area (for Bangkok) And just a few skytrain stops away from NaNa plaza where the whores really are. IMO this girl isn’t a hooker…. Looks like a rape scene to me.

    Stay out of Thailand if you value your money/life!

    Stay safe Hawk.

  5. If I had to fuck all those fat creepy ass tourist for money, I’d kill myself too! Be safe hawk and take care. I have just starting writing my thoughts but have read yours for a while. You will be missed by BG members x

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