Three Gunmen Come on Bicycles to Execute Security Guard in São Paulo, Brazil

Three Gunmen Come on Bicycles to Execute Security Guard in São Paulo, Brazil

At a convenience store of sorts somewhere on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil, a security guard working his shift was gunned down by a trip of assassins who arrived on bicycles from different directions.

The guard was unable to react in time to the gunfire and was killed. One of the assassins was a bit too slow and didn’t get a chance to contribute meaningfully to the murder.

The absolute ace of the video is the guy sitting on his motorcycle outside. There’s an active hit taking place right next to him in real time, yet he gives zero shit and won’t let deadly bullets flying about disturb his day. The grand total of fucks given by that guy is nil.

Also, I just had to keep an eye out for flip flops, cause if hitmen arrive on bicycles, you know they’re gonna wear them flippy floppies. And sure enough, at least one of them did and managed to lose one for a moment during the get away. Gosh I love Brazil.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “Three Gunmen Come on Bicycles to Execute Security Guard in São Paulo, Brazil”

  1. The guy on the bike didn’t flinch because he knows that if you don’t do any wrong, chances are, the bullets aren’t gonna be aimed at your direction. I’ve noticed that with many of these assassination videos; the killers only aim at the intended target, they don’t just spray the area with bullets.

    But I love the way he walks into the crime scene all slow and hunched over, like he’s thinking, “Oh gosh darn it, not AGAIN. I was already a witness last week.”

  2. Brazil still has Dia stores in there? :O All Dia stores were all bought and replaced by the Continente branch of Minipreço in here.

    But what happened to killers these days? First they used cars… then bikes… now bicycles… whats next? Rollerblades? 😆

    1. That made laugh. Nice one. By the looks of it, it could be possible. I mean, come on! You guys are gonna kill someone and you used bicycles?! Those even look like what kids would use. How far would that get you? I guess they wanted to be lowkey. Like who would suspect that dudes using bicycles would be out to kill you?

  3. you live in a 3rd world where crime and murder constantly happening minute by minute.. you know when rivals kill each other for territorial or a narc, you’re just a security guard whom you pissed off someone.. carrying a gun does not scare anyone there..they catch you offguard you’re dead as this… you have that type of job.. you better have your finger on the trigger at all times and your eyes opened, but then again.. you may know it’s coming it’s just a matter of time!

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