Three Inmates and One Woman Massacred in Honduras

Three Inmates and One Woman Massacred in Honduras

Three inmates from the National Penitentiary in Tamara, Central District in Honduras plus a wife of one of them were found massacred just outside of the country’s capital city in what police believe was an act of reckoning. 25 year old Elvis Geovanny Herrera Rodríguez, also known as Geovanny Girón, his 34 year old wife Erica Yamileth Montalván Pavón, 32 year old Wilmer Javier Herrera Sierra and 37 year old Luis Enrique Almendares Baca were gunned down by a group of men armed with AK-47s. I wonder if they called the rifles Goat Horns in Honduras too.

Geovanny Girón is believed to have been the primary target, but others were killed as well because they were with him. He is an inmate who’s allowed to leave prison for the weekend to spend it with his wife and returns back on Monday mornings.

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    • It is a great weapon probably the best of it’s kind. Too bad Mikhail didn’t get much more than a medal for it and the accolades of terrorists and communists all over the world. I think they look kind of tacky in the gold finish, but otherwise a splendid killing machine and work of art.

      • There’s s cool documentary made about the man and the legendary weapon, my favourite bit was one of Russia’s vodka makers sold an AK47 shaped bottle in his honor, he came across as very humble and very patriotic and wasn’t concerned about not making any money for the worlds best selling weapon.

          • Who wants to think like a communist ? Not me, I like bring a capitalist Buddhist with a burning desire to consume everything in my path.

  2. Three free meals a day and conjugal visits every weekend? Sounds better than my life as a free man. Some people just know how to get ahead.

  3. So he was killed because of the crime he originally committed? Or was someone jealous of his preferential treatment? OR did someone see the advantage to him getting out on the weekends thinking maybe he could smuggle something back in and the guy wouldn’t comply…who knows…crazy.

  4. I’ll never get over how much better the reporting in other countries is. In the U.S., the images of the dead would have been edited out. Because we’re a bunch of wimps over here. Despite how many violent movies we watch every day.

    • naw fuck that 3 world shit,i said this the other day on another post,this is reality and all but its also about some respect.You dont want to turn the tv on one day and seeing someone you know or of your family being taken dead out of a car or laying in a pool of blood

  5. Ithink they forget a four person who miss in the pic the woman of the other me i think that was the chiva ,who knows but goot camera man good closeups and shoots xdd.

  6. If central-americans are causing caos and importing more central-americans into Mexico, to extort, torture and kill Mexicans, then they might know what the word “cuerno de chivo” means.

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