Tibetans on a Pilgrimage to See Dalai Lama Shot by Chinese Soldiers

Tibetans on a Pilgrimage to See Dalai Lama Shot by Chinese Soldiers

Tibetans on a Pilgrimage to See Dalai Lama Shot by Chinese Soldiers

Video filmed by foreigners in the mountains of Nepal alleges to show Tibetan pilgrims being shot to death by Chinese soldiers. The Tibetans are said to have been on a pilgrimage to see the Dalai Lama in India.

How much truth there is to the statements made by the eye witnesses in the video is anyone’s guess. If these were indeed escaping Tibetans, they were probably seeking refuge in Nepal or India, not intending to return back to the occupied territory.

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25 thoughts on “Tibetans on a Pilgrimage to See Dalai Lama Shot by Chinese Soldiers”

  1. I don’t believe lie witness statements. People are fucking monkeys, and what happens when you give a monkey a banana? That monkey will fucking dance.

      1. Defiantly pretty fucked up, going to see the most peaceful man on earth and getting a bullet to the head for your troubles is some rank shit.

        Good shot though

  2. In India and Nepal I’ve spoken with many Tibetan refugees, they had been through terrible things. Houses and monasteries destroyed, cattle killed, people fleeing, people killed. For what? Because Tibet is rich and the Chinese want to have the minerals in its soil? The refugees spoke about the killings and about how they fled through the snow , only living on flour, for weeks , until those who survived made it into Nepal. It is heartbreaking to hear what has happened to them. The Chinese are carrying out genocide and brutally destroy natives, animals and culture of Tibet .

      1. Where are their bullet ridden corpses? Surely the Tibetan that took refuge with the Russian had to have been spotted by a Chinese Soldier? He didn’t really look like a man who was fearful for his life. He looked like he was confused and was doing some bad acting.
        Also if you seen people being shot dead I am sure you would take A LOT more caution if you come into contact with the people that are being shot. I know if a Tibetan came to me for refuge I would personally tell the Chinese soldier where he was hiding. Self preservation is a bitch but fuck you, you die before me.

  3. Yea its a shame all the genocide in the world. The Dalai Lama preaches peach. But as the Late Great George Carlin once put it, look what happens to all those preaching peace, and trying to bring mankind up. John Lenin, Martin Luther King, John and Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X. Apparently the world in not wanting peace.

  4. Lol you see the guy in front of you get his head blown off and you just casually walk by like damn rough day for him and then bang you catch the next one in the skull. Kinda makes me laugh.

  5. Hi, I’m new here, but longtime lurker. I must say, I most definitely believe this happened. It can be pretty rough over there for the people of Tibet. Also, knowing that the Chinese don’t give a shit about human rights, I would still most likely do the same thing the guy in this video did, helping the poor dude out with a little bit of food and warmth of clothes. That took heart and balls. This world is fucked up, but I still believe in karma, I still do what I can for others, you should try it.

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