Tied Up and Left to Choke Himself to Death

Tied Up and Left to Choke Himself to Death

You know how they say in movies: “You’ll pray you were never born”? Well, this guy prayed just that as he was dying an agonizing, slow death. His executioners tortured him and tied him up in an extremely uncomfortable position. Then they left him to suffer until he could not bear being compacted anymore and attempted to stretch his legs. With each stretch, he was tightening the rope around his neck which was slowly choking him to death. Brutal way to prolong one’s death and make it as tormenting as can be.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Tied Up and Left to Choke Himself to Death”

  1. That is a brutal way to go! I learnt a similar way to tie someone up like that in ju-jitsu but my version has the person on thier front with their legs tied up their back, in turn they choke themselves if they try to get out of it.
    This looks like there is no skill in the tying.

  2. If this was anything like the ho-jitsu I know then just relaxing his legs would have caused strangulation. There’s only so long someone can hold their legs up without using their arms. He would have taken a while to die me thinks, a long time trying not to let his legs relax and then a long time choking, trying to lift his legs, legs relaxing and choking until finally he could hold his legs up no longer.

  3. I know this looks like the worst way to go but I can say that if you just let yourself choke, its a lot quicker. It doesn’t take that long…just a couple of minutes til you’re out and the reason I know is because of my step dad’s hanging suicide. I was into forensic stuff even when I was little, but after finding his body, it sent me on a real study quest. I am now in my senior year psychology and criminal justice double major and want to take it into forensic psychology. I’ve also always been a ‘natural sicko’ 🙂

    1. I don’t wish this on my worst enemy, but this is what should have happen to the lady who push her car down the lake with her 3 kids slowly drowning in it. That bitch basically got off scott free. this would be the perfect way to let her feel what her kids felt. evil bitch!!

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