Travis Alexander Autopsy Photos

Travis Alexander Autopsy Photos

On May 8, 2013 almost 5 years after she had brutally killed her boyfriend Travis Victor Alexander, Jodi Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder. The mad woman cut Travis Alexander’s throat, stabbed him multiple times and shot him in the head. Best Gore previously featured earlier leaked crime scene photos of Travis Alexander’s killing, now I have a whole lot more photos for you, including some new crime scene photos, a whole whack of autopsy photos as well as explicit photos of both Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias naked which were recovered from a memory card Jodi Arias erased to get rid of the evidence.

Medical Examiner Kevin Horn who testified in the Jodi Arias trial said that according to the autopsy report, Travis Alexander’s jugular vein, common carotid artery, and windpipe had been slashed, his hands had defensive wounds and that by the time the victim was shot in the head, he was probably already dead. Number of stab wounds found on his body were in the neighborhood of 29 (confirmed number has not been produced).

The Jodi Arias trial began on January 2, 2013 in Maricopa County Superior Court. Prosecutor Juan Martinez sought the death penalty, Jodi Arias’ appointed counsel L. Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott argued that Travis Alexander’s death was a justifiable homicide committed in self-defense. Jodi Arias was found guilty of first degree murder and is facing execution. At the time of this post, jury is still deliberating whether to sentence 32 year old former waitress to death or give in to the pleas by the defence that she would make positive contributions is she was kept alive and send her to prison for life. As of March 29, 2013 public defence for Jodi Arias cost the US taxpayers $1.4 million.

Gallery of many photos, including autopsy photos, new crime scene photos and naked photos of both the killer and her victim which the killer deleted, but didn’t realize that deleted files still stay on the storage drive until overwritten, therefore allowing the prosecution to use them in the trial against her is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. i got a chance to see over 200 or so of the photos from this trial – she really did a number on this dude. Talk about psycho women…guys seriously, watch yourselves, there are some really nutty girls out there, i have known many – and here is a little hint…they are generally the ones seeking attention 24/7 – best advice…turn slowly around and run like mad..never look back! lol

          1. @broke
            very cool broke! my brother used to have a spyder – nice! what colour? i have mad respect for you now 🙂 my fav car is a 67 shelby…love them! would love to rebuild one..but i havent a clue what i would be doing nor would i have the dosh either

          2. @ali, my Eclipse is a grey purple color, it is sweet. It’s a 97 but looks new. The car came from Florida so there’s not a spot of rust anywhere. I get compliments all the time. I love it!

  2. She will fit in nicely with all the other female prisoners..
    In no time flat she will have major skills in ass and pussy pleasuring honed sharp as a razor…
    Give her variety too….all shapes and colors…lol

      1. they had been broken up for a bit…they just had occasional hook up sex – he had trouble getting rid of her…she wanted to go with him on a trip but he was taking a good church girl so her plan was to do everything to him sexually to try to win him over and if he still didnt change his mind she would off him..she had brought along a gun just in case…rented a car that wouldnt and dyed her hair before she arrived so she wouldnt be recognized by the neighbours…brought her camera under the premise of taking naughty pics (part of the sex thing)..even brought a comforter to have sex on (DNA) ..she definately had this planned…there was no rape crapola

          1. @itwasme
            oooooh yeeeah

            one of those looking for her soul mate then once she found him no one else is going to have him….nevermind he didnt really have the same idea..its kinda sad actually

    1. @sunray65…you should read up on the trial, she’s fucked up but not as fucked up as the reality of thousands of women senselessly defending this narcissistic sociopath…some of the fems on best gore i recalled did as well.

        1. That psycho deserves to be put to death in the same manner she subjected her poor victim and more.I agree that I think she had a frame of mind that if “I can’t have him no one will”!!! She needs to be put where she can’t get out to hurt another man ever again!

  3. Why were all the nude photographs taken in the dark and without the use of a flash, were they prudes by chance?, and why did she use a Paring Knife to kill him, which works well for peeling and coring foods but not so well for slicing and dicing fat boys, instead of a ceramic knife or a chef’s knife?.

    An odd woman indeed, well, like I always say, never trust a woman who owns a set of kitchen knifes but cannot tell the difference between them or there various uses and never trust a woman who likes to have sex in the dark.

    If your girlfriend is guilty of both these offences then run a fucking mile, get the hell out of there before its too late.

  4. THIS ^^^^^ is what happens when you get involved with psycho pussy. that’s why my left hand is my best friend. when the need arises with the aid of some lube and internet porn i can ……..well you know. no need to paint you a picture.

  5. Ah yes, the good old poison they call women…. watched this trial and can smell the fried pussy coming soon…no jail time deary…sorry. Glad it was a famous case as well, let’s see the fems reaction now. What about the sites and facebook and youtube pages created by young women boasting of this bitches justice in brutally killing Travis…what a complete utter disgrace to his family. Some legal action should be taken now to those attention seeking Psycho bitches now.

      1. @bannoura- not always the case! I’d rather be with a good hearted poor man than a cold hearted emotionless- rich man, ANY day!!! Money seriously isn’t the answer to everything and I’m the girl who would eat the oriental flavored top-ramens if that’s what it takes!

  6. Bat shit crazy much?? I could be talking out of my ass here but if it was just good old self defense why does it look like the head was pulled back to slice the neck apart, stabs front and back and wasted effort of tracking down your gun to shoot him one last time. That sounds more like pure anger than someone scared shitless for there life. Maybe he asked her for anal.

  7. oh thanks for the post! i’ve seen about 200 photos from the “evidence” file on hln whos been covering this the whole time, and i haven’t seen these so thanks. it’s the first court trial that i’ve ever followed through the whole thing, and she is honestly fucking CRAZY, and the thing is, she doesn’t even know she is. the jury is coming out with the verdict today of whether or not she’s getting death or not. she got a chance to explain why she should be able to live, and she said she would give her hair to locks of love, start a book club, and teach english and spanish to other inmates, and THEN she had the fucking balls to pull out a shirt that said survivor on it, and she explained that she wanted to give them to people who suffer from domestic abuse, and that infuriated me and the news outlets. even though she said all of this, shes lied so much throughout the whole trial that i think there is a strong chance that she will actually get the death penalty, which should be good for her

  8. Jodi claimed that she was abused by travis, but she was only his girlfriend, they were not married and didn’t have any kids – so she wasn’t tied to him in any way. She could have easily walked away, but instead she killed him and she deserves everything she gets.

  9. There are alot of crazy bitches out there..Alicat is correct…when you find a needy woman watch out because you can regret it…my son had a gf and omg she.was a psycho…this girl was 4 ft and maybe 100 pounds and my son is 6’8 almost 300 pounds…this girl would get mad if he would not answer phone and show up and start beating my son..he would just put his hands up to his face…one day he got mad and pushed her across the room..I stopped my son and grabbed her and told her to leave and not come back…My son felt bad and he apologuzed to me but he said he could not put up with it anymore. Can you say CRAZY??? They come in all shapes carefull.

  10. Interesting to note that he’s Morman… Not much pussy that you can get, so that’s kind of a downfall. On the other hand, the victim did manage to lay a sexy sadistic psychopathic bitch.

    My conclusion is to answer not why Jodi Arias killed the victim, but to answer why the victim chose to sleep with a psycho serial killer.

    Don’t you just love sheep psychology?

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