Travis Alexander Crime Scene Photos – Murdered by Ex Girlfriend Jodi Arias

Travis Alexander Crime Scene Photos - Murdered by Ex Girlfriend Jodi Arias

Travis Alexander was a 30 year old Mormon and motivational speaker from Arizona, USA who made a fatal mistake of getting involved with a psycho woman. He is believed to have been stabbed 27 times by his jealous ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias who also slashed his throat from ear to ear and shot him in the head. Her murder trial began in earlier this year in Arizona.

Jodi Arias was reportedly so obsessed with Travis Alexander, that after he had broken up with her to date another woman, crazy bitch turned to stalking. Then on June 9, 2008 body of Travis Alexander was found brutally murdered in his apartment in Mesa, Arizona. At first Jodi Arias denied any involvement with his death claiming she had not seen the victim on the day of his murder but changed her story to admit that she had seen him, but other two individuals she did not recognize killed him. This version of her story was also changed and now she admits she killed him, but insists that she did it out of self defense, accusing Travis Alexander of having been violent and possessive. She’s facing first degree murder charges to which she pleaded not guilty. If convicted, Jodi Arias could become the 4th woman on Arizona’s death row.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez has images recovered from Travis Alexander’s water-logged camera which show the couple having sex together and the victim posing naked in the shower on the day of his murder. The camera also captured images of Travis Alexander after the murder and a seemingly accidentally snapped photo of Jodi Arias dragging his body.

Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander dated for less than 5 months in 2007. Travis’ corpse was found by his friends who went to check up on him after he’d not been seen for a few days. They made a 911 call in which they described the grizzly scene they found themselves upon.

Self defense my ass. I’m surprised Jodi Arias had not accused someone of rape yet. She’s the type of woman who tries to score every male at a party and then cries that she was raped. Perfect candidate for a role of a single mother.

Props to Best Gore member polkadot for the lead:

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  1. It’s about time our females took the initiative and murdered someone. I’m surprised that the victim dumped such a pretty women, judging by the photographs he was hardly an hunk, a pot belly and a small cock was all he had.

    I therefore say who gives a fuck, some arsehole died by the hand of a somewhat attractive lady, she shouldn’t have done it but then the man was obviously a wimp in that he was killed by a women.

    I say lets move on. death is an every day occurrence and I simply have not got enough tears to cry for everyone so fuck it, lets see the next untimely death.

    1. By the way, what you perceive as a ‘pot belly’ is actually post-mortem bloat. Also, he wasn’t what you say a ‘wimp’. He was stabbed in the heart by surprise attack. Then stabbed in the back 29 times when he got out of the shower & stood over the sink. The ME believes the next wound was the near decapitation throat slit and finally the gunshot to the head.
      Presently the trial is being aired in real time on TruTv’s InSession and online.
      Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace are covering the trial which is supposed to continue through April.
      Don’t know if anyone was interested.

      1. ha did you just say Nancy Grace? that bitch has a pot belly too, and no that is not post mortem bloat that is his gut, testimony said he was trying to lose weight before his trip to mexico,

      2. You are right about all aspects.The man never had a chance.Ariasis claiming she shot him first…which is a complete lie.I don’t know why they are wasting time on her with this trial.She did it…lied about it..more thsn once.Give her the death penalty.I wish they would bring back the eletric chair just for her! And I am usually against the death penalty!

    2. Actually it is post Mortim bloat , obviously you and the other smart one that said it isn’t, did’nt look at the photos Jodi took of Travis on the bed and couch just hours before she killed him , he’s naked and not fat at all , god only knows why he wanted to lose weight!
      Also when he’s sitting “alive” in the shower…..
      No bloated belly. Only people as crazy as Jodi would say he deserved it or give her props

    1. All the blood drained from your body will make it shrivel , after all its blood that makes it bigger! Right? Duh come on people , he’s dead ! Who cares about his penis size, but it does sound like envy when that’s what guys focus on.

        1. Oh behave, Wicked Mama. Calm your loins.

          We’ve been over this – I’m white, ergo not your type and you’re a white woman who race-mixes, ergo completely not my type.

          It’s not going to happen.

          Any inaccuracies contained in any posts by me were unintentional. I’m human and humans make mistakes, it’s only wrong when said human know’s it’s a mistake and goes forward with it anyway.


          1. Hahahaha you go baby. That sick bitch needs to be loocked up , then gassed, fried, or hung maybe shot too. Oh, and lets not forget stabbed. What a sick bitch to do that. I wouldn’t want to be her. Now she’s probably thinking, shit……I could.of had a V8 instead!!!!

          2. I know it’s hard – but the choices you’ve made in your life prevent me from seeing you that way.

            Tainted women are disgusting to me.

            Sorry 🙁

          3. @silenced,
            hold on, who the fuck are you calling tainted? You don’t know fuck about me, don’t you dare call me disgusting.
            That old joke about de-nile not be a river in Egypt, well if it was you would be living in houseboat permanently moored on it. The fact that you have only had relationships with low

          4. quality white women proves your of low quality yourself. You don’t want to admit you prefer dark meat so you constantly snipe at us white women to excuse your race mixing.
            You would shit yourself it you met a quality strong tall Anglo-Saxon women, who incidently would chew you up and spit you out again.
            You constantly drone on about liking ‘traditional’ asian women, you just want a tiny little women who nods her head and agrees with all your bollocks.

          5. Well, I see I hit a nerve.

            The only reason you should have taken offence to that is if you knew what I meant by tainted, and it was correct. Ergo, the outrage. Probably been said to you before outside the internet, I take it?

            The ‘dark meat’ comment cinched it. Only one type of woman I know who would say something gross like that. It took awhile, but I feel I got a good grasp on you now.

            See you saying I like Asians because they are subservient shows how ignorant you are. I think you are equating males who buy brides from Thailand with guys who date Asian women. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

            East Asian women (Generally from China, Korea and Japan. Avoid the Thais, Filipinas etc.) just happen to be the most moral, self-respecting, intelligent women now.

            Don’t blame me for that, blame our Society and culture that have bred Western women (Ergo, White) to have and display none of those attributes on average.

            I happen to like Asian women because they are the closet to White women (IMO), just with more morals, dignity, self-respect and pride :).

            You are right in that I have dated low-quality White women though (2 in fact) and it was a horrible experience that won’t happen again. The rest were normal women, who from afar looked like they had self-respect, dignity and morals. Not so up close 🙂

            This was interesting.

          6. I took offense because you were being offensive. You think telling someone they are tainted and disgusting to you isn’t going to ‘hit a nerve’? That just shows what an odious little twerp you are. You have no ‘handle’ on me whatsoever your life experience is far too limited. Your biggest fla

          7. Oh, and as for race mixing? I like my English men, my white Anglo-Saxon men. They may not all be perfect but unlike what you’ve done with white women I’m not prepared to sell them down the river.

          8. Everyone of your replies to me that are personal, generally involve tons of assumptions about me (And insults).

            You calling me an ‘odious little twerp’ or saying I’m low-quality, only like subservient Asian women, or am gay for African men are all highly offensive, but doesn’t bother me. Why? Because those things are not true, ergo I regard them as little more than bluster.

            I don’t begrudge you – I hold two very controversial views (That of Immigrants/Multiculturalism and it’s effect on Western civilization/Countries; And the harsh reality of the modern White Woman)

            Both views you seem to heavily disagree with me on, and thus it tends to upset you. It’s understandable.

            I cannot talk about one without the other, as I view them as linked.

            The end result is that some people get upset. I abhor being politically correct, though..

            Perhaps I could be more delicate.

            Regarding personal comments – What I do is poke and prod. See what sticks. It allows me to paint a picture of the person I am corresponding with.

            I agree that sometimes that involves making an assumption about a person – but this allows me access to their response, from their response, I can pretty accurately get a read on the person. Sometimes it takes a view exchanges.

            I feel this exchange was very educational.

          9. You continually insult us white women on here. Anyway,
            I’m bored now, no doubt you will have to do your usual and make sure you get the last word.
            Be my guest.

          10. Haha good job @Mama!! You pointed out exactly what I’ve seen from all his posts. He clearly has never been to a place with class and culture but only trash.
            @Silenced I don’t like the things you say but that doesn’t matter. All I’d like to say is don’t be Seth and only shout the same damn things on every post. If a post is about a child scraping his thumb on the floor don’t rant about how white women are below Asians. Save that for when it matters please (just my opinion).

          11. All the blood drained from your body will make it shrivel , after all its blood that makes it bigger! Right? Duh come on people , he’s dead ! Who cares about his penis size, but it does sound like envy when that’s what guys focus on.

    1. Wow a dead man and your talking about his dick you probably don’t get no dick that’s why your here trying to get a peek at a dead mans dick I feel more sorry for you that your missing out on dick if you want send me your number so I could send you a picture of a live dick so you could at least say you saw one that was alive desperate hoe

    1. Glad you said it and not me…that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw pics of both parties involved. It always trips me out when I see some gorgeous chick with a dorky, ugly dude…and it always comes as no big surprise when I then find out that said dude is rolling in dough. Not sure how much this guy made from his motivational speaking and whatnot, but, judging from the hotness of the psycho-bitch (and the fact that she was willing to go to such an extreme at the prospect of losing him…and access to his money), I’m thinking’ he brought in at least six figures a year. It doesn’t matter how tall, intelligent, or good-looking a guy may be…as far as 99% of women in the world are concerned, his bank account trumps all else.

      1. This guy is just making himself look like an ass ! My brother , who is 100% Gay and hates women , talks just like him! He also uses big words like this guy does to try and make himself look smarter than you. He is rambling about things that have nothing to do with your convo- Just ignore him, he’s not worth it! You are better than that ,and him!

  2. In J.A.’s words…”No jury will ever convict me!”…the last woman that I know of to say those words is rotting in a prison cell….and she was a beautiful college/professor and dance instructor…some women just don’t know what…no, we are over, please go away,…etc…means…Damn that ego!

  3. First sign of any mental glitches over a break up or argument I would’ve broken up, bought new locks and keep a desert eagle handy at all times. Women are unpredictable at times, and such a shame, she was very pretty.

  4. This is my first comment since joining up and I must say, I would take my chances with her. Not sure what it is about bat shit crazy that I like so much. Sadly, I will be featured in pics like these someday if I don’t refine my tastes.

  5. I’m surprised we didn’t get the coroners photo of the slit throat. We got to kinda see it on tru tv but can’t on best gore? What has this world come too???

    Btw… I’m back! Fell of the deep end and almost went postal. Got my life back in order and ain’t living in an alley anymore! I love having internet back!

  6. Little Mormon guy should have stuck to little Mormon girls. He’s close to being a 30 year old virgin and he should leave the experienced sicko bitches to use experienced guys. Sorry ya got killed little boy but you were one dumb shit Mormon…

  7. If you look the trial photos, travis had a BIG dick.
    Anyway, that poor man. He didn’t deserve that. Yeah, he used her for sex, but she had nothing else to offer him.
    he said she was the worst thing that ever happened him and he was right. I don’t think there was anything he could have done. She wasn’t going to let him live.

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