4 thoughts on “Prosecutor Said Someone Tried to Wipe Blood Off the Sink After Murder

    • She wanted to plead guilty to second degree murder but mr.martinez said no and she couldn’t plea insanity because she tried to cover it up that mean she knew what she did was wrong cant get insanity plea when you no what you did was wrong mr.martinez wants her to die for what she did the family wants her to die for what she did so they are taking a chance by trying to convict her of first degree murder will it back fire

    • She also couldn’t go with insanity because she’s not legally insane. She’s just fucking crazy! Oh & she staged a burglary of her grandparents house (where she was living) just days before BUT the only thing stolen was…. Wait for it…. A 25mm gun (I think that’s the gun)!! Anyways & Oddly enough it’s the exact same caliber that shot TA. Oh & most of the trip was premeditated including her rental car, removal of license plates, loss of cell service so not to be tracked. Then she came to my state… My neighborhood actually… CREEPY!
      But she was a stalker! She climbed in his doggy door… Who does that!?! BItches be crazy! Haha jk

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