Two Armed Robbers Shot by Police, One with Skull Cracked from Gunshot to Head

Strangely Looking Brain Revealed by Crack in the Skull

Two Armed Robbers Shot by Police, One with Skull Cracked from Gunshot to Head

Four armed criminals from the city of Garanhuns in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil robbed a lottery house but were intercepted by police near the town of Salobro during their getaway attempt and during an exchange of fire that followed, two were mortally wounded, the other two had to be taken to a hospital with non life threatening wounds.

One of the killed bandits took a headshot while still inside the vehicle. The headshot cracked his skull open and caused brain matter to spill onto his shoulder and the car seat. Looks like the headshot came from behind. Pretty brutal skull crack for a headshot.

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23 thoughts on “Two Armed Robbers Shot by Police, One with Skull Cracked from Gunshot to Head”

  1. That’s some serious head splatter. Good shot by the policeman. I must admit looking at that photo is making me feel like eating lambs brains crumbed, lightly fried with fresh garlic and lemon yum yum. Dinner tomorrow night organised!
    Thanks mark

  2. When I saw that red Volkswagen I wondered what sort of machinery the police used to catch that speed demon, and of course only a Volkswagen can catch up to a Volkswagen!

  3. So, there where 2 shots. The bullet that penetrated his shoulder gone trough the windshield, the second gone into the head, bounced back on his skull causing this massive braindamage, right?

  4. This looks like way too much brain. Half of it is definitely on the seat next to him, so why does it look like his head is still full of brains. I see the crack in his skull, but I guess I expected to see a hole or empty area where the brain used to be.

    Can a medical person give an explanation as to what this picture is showing exactly? Is the smooth stuff I’m seeing in the main picture the skull? I love the gore, but I need to understand the gore, be one with it… ya know?

    1. Initially, a small piece of brain hit the seat. But since it was a German made car, hence smarter than average people made the car, the brain matter tripled in size. That has to be it.

    1. Finally we see your face F-D, I am sure Juicy will be thrilled. And for that movie, love it, haven’t watched it myself in months. Think I am also due. :)

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