Two Bodied Completely Torn Up Inside a Bombed Car

Two Bodied Completely Torn Up Inside a Bombed Car

This was filmed in Damascus, Syria by the Fake Syrian Army movie production faction. It shows the insides of a car with two completely torn up bodies. I think it’s pretty clear that they died in an explosion, but unfortunately I do not know for sure what caused it.

It’s quite possible that they were suicide car bombers as this type of activity is very common among the terrorists and various sites in and around Damascus are their primary targets. However these could also be civilians killed for shits and giggles since FSA have such a massive supply of weapons.

You can see some of the weapons seized in Homs in the second video. These ere provided to the terrorists by their primary sponsors – Israel and NATO. The Israeli supplied weapons included mortars, anti-armor missiles and hand grenades. NATO supplied weapons included anti-tank mines, US sniper rifles, Belgian FN FAL machine guns and RPG rockets.

Video of weapons seized after an armed faction of FSA terrorists was exterminated in Homs:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Oohoo fucking great ! Now that’s what I mean, that’s what a decent exploded guy looks like. What a fine thing to see right before I go to sleep!

    Yeah. I’m pitifully immature and morbidly perverted. And I don’t give a fuck. I m gonna watch the video again. My very best greetings to you all.

  2. Ok, the fsa overthrows the syarin gov wth help from zog, grabs govt stockpile of chem weppons, fsa uses them somewhere. We have targets on our backs, in the crosshairs of both zog and muzzies.

  3. I don’t believe Hillary the obtuse. It’s a clusterfuck of information from over there whenever I watch the news and see weapons stockpiled on film I assume they are always in the wrong hands. They should film them being destroyed . Especially in Syria for this example.

  4. Israel is the world’s #1 state sponsor of terror.

    I do not believe in the Zionist usurping entity’s right to exist because they are a threat to the HUMAN RACE.

    Fuck off Zionist supremacist warmongering psycho arse holes.

    The sooner the world wakes up to your shit and flushes you down the toilet of history the better.

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