Two Brothers Lynched to Death in Sialkot, Pakistan (video)

Two Brothers Lynched to Death in Sialkot, Pakistan (video)

Two Brothers Lynched to Death in Sialkot, Pakistan (video)

Pakistan doesn’t have a reputation of a safe country and there’s a very good reason for that. To make matters worse, a video has surfaced showcasing one less seen, but true face of Pakistan – brutal lynching followed by murder are common occurrences throughout the country, but don’t get much media attention. A case of two brothers who were lynched to death in Pakistani town of Sialkot, eastern Punjab province on August 15, 2010 casts the light on the face of this Islamic nation that’s less known to the world outside.

The teenage brothers who faced mob justice in Sialkot were accused of robbery that resulted in two deaths. 15 year old Hafiz Mughees and his 19 year old brother Hafiz Muneeb were caught by the villagers and without trial, the mob justice took charge. The brothers were tortured, brutally beaten with iron rods and wooden sticks, dragged feet first through the dirt before being loaded half dead on a truck and taken to the town square where the parade ended with them being hung head down.

From the video it also appears as though local policemen and children were involved in the lynching. The reports from Pakistan state that as many as 14 policemen facilitated the lynching by keeping the crowds away so the mobsters can do their deed.

The involvement of brothers in a deadly robbery was later disputed by some villagers who stated that the real reason why the boys were lynched was an old grudge someone held against them for using the cricket ground and all it took was to point a finger, accuse them of being friends with the robbers who killed two people and uncontrolled lynching took place. Which part of the story is true is at present time difficult to ascertain.

Extended version of the video can be found HERE.

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30 thoughts on “Two Brothers Lynched to Death in Sialkot, Pakistan (video)”

    1. you idiot!!! im pure english and ive lived in pakistan for over a year now so before you go passing on your judgement why don’t you gain a little knowledge first u twat! there is nothing wrong in this country and dont get you started on islam? why? have you actually read the Quran… i doubt it! why dont you read it before going off on one about islam unless you’re a fucking jewish cunt then naturally i wouldnt expect anything different from you!!! oh and by the way im christian so im not defending my own religion…

  1. I wish my country is like this…

    Poverty can’t be an excuse for one person to use force and strip its fellow human being of his rightful properties!! this should happen to those starving bitches who pick-pocketed my nice cell phone last week too!!


  2. Talk about your fucking barbarians. These jackasses harbor terrorists knowingly but want the free world to treat them with respect and as a complete democratic society. What a joke. Cut off all their funding and let them live in the stone age in which they so much deserve too.

    1. actually the media tells you that they are funding pakistan but all britain and america do is buy weapons from them! im english and i have been living in pakistan for ages… im white english 22 blonde slim and ive always been treated with respect if they were ‘barbarians’ dont you think something would have happened to me or many of the other nationalities living here? its america who are the barbarians but you wouldnt believe it anyway you’re just another fool who believes the fucking media

  3. The language they are speaking in this video is my native tongue. The language is Punjabi. I can’t make out all the words because of the muffled voices but I can understand most of it. They said in the vid that they killed two people 11 months ago and they wanted revenge for it. The rest is just cursing and people begging not to kill them. I bet the reason why the police didn’t step in was because they probably bribed the cops which is really easy to do there (knowing this because I am from there).

  4. its not about the religion (islam)its the people. they are extremist muslim. very strict in every signel way. i don understand these ppl. im lucky living in singapore and malaysia. theres no way i wanna live in other islamic nation country..

  5. After watching this video, I am soooooooooooo blessed that I live in a country that doesn’t do this stuff. I mean, HELL YA stealing/robbing, murdering etc. is horrible, and I do understand that their are different punishments for it and I respect that. But omg…sometimes you just have to take a second and look at your surroundings and realize how blessed you are. Even if you did do something like that here in the U.S, you don’t get punished like that. (Who knows) But ty for the vid, it did make me sick though…..and I have upmost respect for everyone.

  6. I wouldn’t mind having this kind of street justice with some of these punks that think they’re bad shit here in the good ole U.S.of A. They call themselves gangs. They just think they are.. I am old school and we were gangs. No knives, guns, etc. Just old fashioned asswhippings with fists. I would definitely participate in beating the living shit out of a punk or two..

  7. Sadly, they made ‘Death’ to be the ONLY reason for them to stop that kind of crime…

    So we do what we can…
    There is a region here in our country where the mayor secretly and illegally organized a so called “death squad” for those kinds of people. Today, that region is the most peaceful region in our country…

    1. Fair point there! Northern Ireland had that stuff going on in the 70’s. This sort of thing doesn’t lower the crime rate, it just changes the type of crime.

      Obvious course of action for those who agree with this kind of behaviour is for them to go and live there. I think that no crime deserves this kind of punishment. We’re speculating here on whether or not those youths were criminals. What if they were innocent?

  8. I love street justice. I don’t care how young they were. I read the little on was only fourteen, boo hoo. The little bitch shouldn’t do crime, now he won’t anymore, I love the little kid trying to get in the punishment, hitting the criminals with his stick. He will be a leader some day. Two dead criminals, and if they were not guilty, too bad, but just bad luck. It is still a good lesson for other boys to see that think about crime. Do it and die.

  9. what pisses me off in england gangs of chavs are free to do has they please on the streets just underclass scum who make other peoples lives hell ,yet these 2 probably did some petty theft.. to soft in U.K.

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