Two Cousins Tortured and Suffocated to Death with Plastic Bags

Embalmed in Plastic with Narcomensaje

Two Cousins Tortured and Suffocated to Death with Plastic Bags

Corpses of two cousins, one of whom worked as a taxi driver, were found tortured and suffocated to death with plastic bags in the village of San Miguel Chichimequillas, belonging to the municipality of Zitácuaro in Michoacán, Mexico. The killers left a narcomensaje with the bodies, signifying that their deaths were drug cartels related.

The victims were identified as 43 year old Ricardo Dávila Rueda who lived on #10 General Pueblita Sur Street, colony of Poetas, and his cousin – 40 year old Eliseo Colín Méndez who worked for Radio Taxi Colibrí, Grupo Zitácuaro and lived on #54 Plan de Ayala Street, colony of La Joya.

Ricardo Dávila was covered from head to waist with a large clear plastic bag, while Eliseo Colín had his head wrapped in black plastic bag and secured with a duct tape. Both had their hands tied behind their backs with a rope. Go Mexico!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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20 thoughts on “Two Cousins Tortured and Suffocated to Death with Plastic Bags”

  1. It’s fucked up that these guys are killing there own kind in brutal ways Mexican need to grow some balls and fight for there lives instead of lay down so the next pinche puto to kill you Fight For Your lives Homes

  2. It’s not that bad in Michoacan as people would have you believe. I was born in Michoacan n have lots of family there and although I haven’t been there since late 90’s I ask my peoples how is it over there with La familia Michoacana and The Knights Templar (Los caballeros Templarios) and they say that as long as you don’t fuck with them they won’t fuck with you.
    But even so I don’t feel I’ll be going back anytime soon.

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