Two Guards Killed, One Seriously Wounded by Gunmen in Acapulco

Two Guards Killed, One Seriously Wounded by Gunmen in Acapulco

Two security guards were killed and one seriously wounded after a group of gunmen riddled them with gunfire while patrolling a gated community known as Las Gaviotas in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico.

The guards were surprised by the gunmen who arrived in a luxury vehicle and quickly opened fire, giving the guards little time to respond or run for safety. One of the guards, the youngest one did make a dash for it but was briefly pursued and quickly gunned down.

All three guards on duty were shot, but after the arrival of Red Cross, one was found with vital signs and was transported to a hospital where he’s listed in serious condition. He was 32 year old Manuel Galeana Gutiérrez. 55 year old Gabino León Martínez and 25 year old Juan Carlos Alonso Helguera died on the spot. The guards were from a company called Segurimax.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Two Guards Killed, One Seriously Wounded by Gunmen in Acapulco”

  1. The reasons behind this could be anything from it being a warning to someone (or everyone) living in the gated area, that the narcos can get them anytime they want. So the next step would be to phone a few families and politely request that they pay a new “security company”.
    Or maybe the guards were earning extra income selling green and white candy, and had made an accounting error.
    If the survivor makes it, he may be able to shed some light on the incident. But I bet he doesn’t name any names.

    1. Bet they’ll make sure he doesn’t make it out of the hospital once they find out he survived, hope these guys didn’t leave a family behind, but probably so, they usually do. Sorry daddy’s not bringing home dinner tonight kiddies.

  2. I usually associate gated communities with spoiled snobby white suburbanites, but that’s just here in the States. In Mexico, it makes perfect sense. Every community should be gated WITH security!

    1. And security for the security as well, so When they kill and or mutilate the first set, they have a back up pair, or maybe next time have a weapon, pay attention, don’t nap, after all it’s your job. Well, not anymore, and that’s why. Lazy fuckbags. They look lazy even in death.

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