Two Guys from Uruguay Beat a Dog to Death with 2×4

Two Guys from Uruguay Beat a Dog to Death with 2x4

I hate animal cruelty more than anything which is why I’m sharing this video with you all. This is easily the most despicable act of violence against an innocent animal since Kenny Glenn, except that unlike Dusty, the dog in this video didn’t make it. Be warned, the video is extremely difficult to watch, especially if you have a dog or share general compassion for animals.

The video starts with a recording of a couple of guys trying to stuff a black dog whose mouth is tied with duct tape into a sack. The dog manages to avoid being stuffed inside, so the couple proceeds to beat it with a 2×4. That’s when it gets truly heart wrenching. After first painful blow, the dog is clearly immobilized and starts weeping in pain. Still, brave puppy keeps his head up as the attackers continue beating him with ever increasing intensity. The crying gets more agonizing until eventually a blow is delivered that silences the dog. Several more powerful hits are delivered, sealing the dogs fate for good.

The incident allegedly happened in Uruguay – does anybody recognize the language and accent to confirm? The two culprits are assisted by one more guy who records it all on camera and has himself a good laugh as the dog writhes in pain and squeals in agony.

Beating a dog with a stick until it’s dead and have a laugh at it is one of the most deplorable acts a man can commit. There is no measure of justice that should befall on all three participants in this murder. So I’m sharing this video, even though I don’t post animal cruelty content, to help bring these men down. We have done it with Kelly Glenn, let’s see it done once more. These filthy humans deserve everything that’s coming to them.

This is allegedly a Facebook page of one of the attacker’s mothers:

I’m publishing the video from two sources, in case one gets removed, hopefully the other one will still work:

LiveLeak Video:

YouTube Video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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242 thoughts on “Two Guys from Uruguay Beat a Dog to Death with 2×4”

  1. Honestly, this dosent disturb me. not even the least. the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs video made me sick though. dog is a dog, could careless, but when people do stuff to someone that has a life and you can relate to what is going through his or her mind it makes me sick.

    As for the people doing this, i do hope they are captured before we get another Dnepropetrovsk Maniac scenario.

    we need to save our own species before the others.

  2. Call me a tree-hugging, furry-fucking cunt, but I can’t and won’t watch the videos with animals.
    Give me a human decapitation, mutilation, castration any day over seeing anything like this.

  3. I have been so pissed about this video, but on facebook, I found a group against them, their profiles, and their cell phones etc. The group basically states that legal action is being taken against them, and if convicted they will suffer consequences. I feel terrible for that poor dog, RIP Baby, you are in a better place now, no more terrible people to hurt you.

      1. Alright, well I was on facebook alot looking up these scum bags, and this page has alot of information on them, just type this in on your search bar on facebook “Magali Aguirre, Kevin Patron, José Herrera & Nahuel Álvarez ¬¬¬” and the profile picture will be 4 different people, click on the picture to see all the information. I will let you know, the person who killed the dog (the kid in the red) is Nahuel Alvarez, the kid who hit him first is Jose Herrera. You will be pleased at how easy it is to find them. Plus I think they got caught.

        1. Thanks for the info. After i found the pages you listed i found some additional info. They did get caught but because of Uragauy’s laws they were released and sent back home with no punishment. However they did not get a very warm welcome back by their neighbors who demanded their heads. Their government has hidden them away for their own safety. Pure bullshit if you ask me. The town renamed the dog “Brave” and have put up a permanent memorial for him. The kids claimed that the dog was dead before they duct taped his mouth, pure bullshit!!

          1. Thats bullshit! They should have recieved something!! But at least hey are hated in there own country, and they said it was already dead…….thats the biggest sack of shit ive ever heard you can see the poor thing in the video is still alive and is in horrible pain.

  4. This is an unforgivable act of pure evil and any punishment that these nutless bitches recieve, if any is not enough. If these little fucks were anywhere around me, I do not think I would be able to restrain myself. I know that there is someone who has seen this who knows them and I really hope that they change these pindick assholes life forever. I believe that is was Hemingway who said “The more I learn of man, the more I love my dog.”

  5. II stumbled upon this site and looked at all the interesting pics and videos all day. But when I saw this video (I had to turn it off after the first crippling blow, as I am at work and had tears in my eyes), I had to go back to the home page and register just to leave a comment. I agree with mikedps3. I can’t describe what I would do to these fucksticks if I were to come in contact with them. Most likely disarm them and use that very stick to beat ten shades of shit out of them. I own a dog that looks very much like the one in the video, and I would take a bullet for him. I would probably be more pissed at someone harming my dog than I would if they were to harm my wife.

  6. Look I’ve watched every video, seen every picture on this website alright? But nothing makes me want to just ignite a person in flames and watch them smolder than this video. I just want to slowly and moderately cut these people forever and not stop and then bust their knee caps in. I want to completely obliterate these demented fucks.

    1. I think for taking this dog’s life these fucks should have to live like a dog for the rest of their lives. A tight collar around their necks, chained on a short leash, stripped naked in the middle of their town, begging for scraps, after being neutered.

    That’s Kevin’s Facebook, one of them
    That’s Jose’s Facebook.again one of the
    That’s Nahuels facebook. Another one of them.

    Have fun. You can only message Nahuel, the other two you have to add on Facebook in order to contact them. Interesting to know Nahuel actually managed to get into university. And get an education. -_-

  8. The way the dog wagged it’s tail at the beginning is what kills me the most… I would have loved to have met these kids in real life, even though I’d probably be in prison for a long time considering what I’d do to them. (not rape)

  9. It may be a dog however that is still a very cynical way to kill one or any animal for that matter. Animals do not deserve to die for the amusement of human beings. As a personal note i wish i could be stuck in a room with the little bastard that did this so i could teach him what it feels like to be defenseless in the face of a superior and much stronger force than himself much like what the dog went through.

  10. The same goes to you elterasco ignorant human adoring fucks like you make this planet heartless and corrupt, which is sadly the majority. I do hope 2012 happens on december 21 i really do. To spare our universe from ignorant idiots like u and salo and to also get rid of heartless scum like the boys and girls who killed that poor baby girl (female dog). I hope u burn slowly

  11. given i hate poodles.i hate the yipping they do daily.this was indeed a sick and cowardly act of a man with no dick.and his friend didn’t have one either.typical bullshit of mankind,nice word huh? fuck mankind or fuck the animal?

  12. OMG, I seething too. I want to grab my gun and shoot my computer screen because I’m so pissed off. I wish I was there because I would blown each of their brains out and smeared it on the walls.

  13. Cowardly little bastards wouldn’t attempt that on a pit bull or a human that would fight back. Only cowards do things like this and are in gangs. What has happened to the little bastards. Hope they get ass-fucked in jail.

  14. What happened to the link to the fucker’s mother bitch?? I guess she got all chicken shit scared. Can someone find out the link and put it up? I’d like to choke the life out of these skinny motherfuckers and see their eyes bulge.

  15. If the bitch has her facebook up, she knows that that would lead to her bastard inbred offspring. One scared little fuck wears a hood so he can’t be seen. Everyone that does a deed like this is always hiding behind a hood. Show your faces cowards. Their also too chicken shit to put it on YouTube, because their chances of being found are more likely because this site is not well-known. There are many ways to find people……

  16. Too bad domestic animals are too trusting. They’re such pitiful cowards that they have to duct tape the dog’s mouth. Can’t stand to get a bite little fuckers huh? Why don’t you catch a coyote and try this. They’re about the same size. Their pencil dicks (can tell by their build), are about as small as their brains and their bravery.

  17. Found the ugly mother’s Facebook. Chicken shit is wearing sunglasses. She looks like a used up bitch. Hispanics are all ugly and breed pieces of shit like these morons. They’re pretty stupid people too. Mother’s name is Andrea Rivas. Never visited Uruguay before. May take a vacation.

  18. I think the mother fucked one of the sons and ended with an inbred like this. Like fucking your mom, boy? You’re obviously not going to get a woman by the way you are, so just stick to fucking your momma.

  19. How can people do such horrible things to innocent animals and for what just to get a fucking laugh out of it words can not describe how I felt when I watched this video and its sad to know that other people actually find this video funny.

  20. (I apologize in advance for my grammar im french canadian)
    Ok. I just discovered bestgore about 24hour ago, nedless to say all i’ve been doing in those last 24 hours was watching videos…. yeah. I know efukt and when I was younger I used to check those stuff alot, so many videos I just watched, i had already seen them. There’s not alot of stuff I can watch that really gives me the chill or like makes me feel sick and stuff. Those guys in russia who climbs really high structure with no safety or anything ( are among the only stuff who really makes me sick, cuz im scared of heights (yea thats weird)

    Even 1 hammer 3 guys, i was like aight, what’s next.
    But after i just watched this video, i felt so sick right away I had to stop it, take a break, then open an account only to share how I feel about those kids. I wish so much that those guys get what they deserve. And i mean i saw the cat cruality video, and its like, aight. But this one is horrible. I have a dog and it broke my heart to see it. Anyway just thought i’d share how I felt. Fuck animal crualty

  21. THESE MOTHER FUCKERS HAVE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!, There is no if, and, or butts, talk is cheap people and mark my fucking words, Carma is a bitch! These fucking souless pricks will get there’s!!!!!!

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