Two Kidnappers Killed by Police in Davao, Kidnapped Woman Rescued

Two Kidnappers Killed by Police in Davao, Kidnapped Woman Rescued

Two Kidnappers Killed by Police in Davao, Kidnapped Woman Rescued

Did you know that the Philippines is the kidnapping capital of the world? If you were to speak with an insurance broker specializing in travel insurance, they would have kidnapping insurance plans available for travel to the Philippines although no such thing exists for any other country. Normally, countries like Colombia would be one’s first guess when talking about chances of being kidnapped, but no – nobody touches the Philippines when it comes to kidnappings.

Recently, someone told me that movie Schindler’s List was banned in the Philippines. This instantly boosted the country’s ranking on my list of world’s coolest countries and sky rocketed it to the top, but when I went to read up on it I found out that the film was only banned because it contained nudity, and not because it was a hate filled propaganda vilifying an identifiable group. Eventually, the ban was overruled by Philippine president so the ranking dropped way back down again.

Anyway – only recently we had a video of Philippine police killing two extortionists in Davao posted on Best Gore. And now here’s another similar video – this time the Philippine police, with blessings from Davao mayor Rodrigo Duterte, got two kidnappers, likewise in Davao. I think both of these events push country up the list again. Fuck lowlife criminals who turn lives of working class people into hell cause they can’t be bothered to bend their backs to earn their own living with actual work. I’m in full favor of not showing any mercy to such criminals. Two pieces of shit shown dead in this video participated in a kidnapping of a woman. There should be no negotiating with someone who does shit like that.

The victim was a businesswoman name Sally Chua from Quezon City, which is all the way up north in Luzon. She was abducted by 14 kidnappers in in her city and taken to Davao which is all the way down south. Once in Davao, the kidnappers took her to a local branch of Allied Bank where they forced her to withdraw 15 Million Pesos. They were intercepted by police while leaving the bank. Two kidnappers were shot dead, one was captured alive. The rest unfortunately got away and remains at large. The woman was rescued without being harmed, although mental trauma she’d experienced will burden her for the rest of her life, I’m sure.

Props to Best Gore member @ryankun for the video. One nice headshot there:

Two Kidnappers Killed by Police in Davao, Kidnapped Woman Rescued

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. All the more reason to rally in Canada for Mark. Hitting on each other is much harder in person and it would be interesting to see how broke fares against some of our more vigorous ladies.

        but hands off manice, the red head’s mine 😉

    1. I have never cared for redheads! My aunt is a redhead and man! Is she lazy and miserable and she even collects disability because she gets fired from EVERY job! However you have changed my mind! You and Lindsay Lohan are gorgeous!!!! Redheads! Wow! 🙂

  1. This is the best website in the history of the internet. I wish this was a channel on tv that I could just flip on when I come home. The world is so crazy and this is one of the few places to capture it in all its ugly gorey glory. I love it

  2. Based on her surname Chua, the woman is Filipino-Chinese. The Filipino-Chinese are one of the most targeted in the Philippines as many of them are wealthy and control the Philippine economy. In a country of approximately 100 million people, approximately 1 million are ethnic Chinese. Out of the 10 most richest people in the Philippines, 7 are Filipino-Chinese, 2 are Mestizo Filipino, and only one is “pure” Filipino.

      1. Nah, he was too busy stealing taxpayers’ money and devising public infrastructure projects that would skyrocket the value of his properties as a real estate developer before his term as a senator ended 3 years ago. He might as well be cleaning their toilets, along with his moronic wife who was recently elected in the senate 2 months ago.

  3. 15 million pesos is about 1.1 million dollars. I know here in the states there aren’t many banks you can just walk into and get that kind of cash without advanced notice, maybe a back check? anyway looks like it only took about 15 dollars in bullets to get them 15 million pesos back. bullets sometimes give you the best return on your investment!

  4. I’ve heard this news, fucking idiot cops they should be called rent a cops didn’t do their job right unless given them money. How the heck those kidnapper manage to smuggle the victim from one island to another without issuing a lookout from the sea port? Fotunately the victim was alive those asshole dead it was a close call.

      1. Oo nga lalo na sa banggahan ng sasakyan kailangan listo ka kung hindi kahit nasa tama ka puwede nilang baligtarin ang pangyayari na ikaw ang may kasalanan pagnilagyan ng kalaban mong nakabangga. Oh well life here at least I never been hulidap (Rob & apprehended) by these bozos.

  5. Mark: You don’t like Schindler’s List? I love that movie, especially when Amon Goth shoots from his balcony. I wish I had a balcony with a view of a death camp; I would never get bored unless I ran out of ammo for my K98k.

  6. Well vince, I’m from the Philippines.. I just want to say that.. This act is still considered shit to me..
    Heck, they only rescued the woman because she was filthy rich..
    But it was rich without connections or A middle class citizen that just got his/her life from rags to riches..
    Man… It’s Off to the obituaries… and it’s lucky if they’re in the obituaries… or even in the news really…

  7. The best place to eat in Davao is the mall. The mayor has death squads going around killing criminals, so Davao is the safest city in the south. Freemasonry all over The Philippines. Poor country, easy girls. What else, what else, fucking karaoke everywhere. Lot’s of fun to be had, just don’t go outside the city.

  8. Kudos to the City Police for killing these scumbags. One interesting fact is that Ms. Chua was the one who suggested withdrawing the money in Davao City as she had confidence that her abductors would be apprehended there. Mayor Duterte does not tolerate criminals here in this city and has repeatedly said (for the nth time, the last one being after this incident) that they have no place here in Davao City.

    ?If you are doing an illegal activity in my city, if you are a criminal or part of a syndicate that preys on the innocent people of the city, for as long as I am the mayor, you are a legitimate target of assassination,?

  9. Yikes! Why do people continue to support their economy? They kidnap other countries citizens and get paid? Weird! The Philippines have some truly beautiful places, but they are tarnished by animals being passed off as citizens! We’re the victims unharmed? How long were they kidnapped for?

  10. Atleast if you were kiddnaped here in the Philippines there’s a 100% chance you’ll be set free without chopping you’re heads-off, that is if have money to pay, and btw Davao City is the safetiest place in the Philippines. Kudos to them. God job.

      1. I think Dasmari?as, Cavite should be included also. Due to the major relocation sites located in the city, there is so much crime there. Napakadaming squatter, pulubi, at mandurukot. It’s the murder and drug capital of Cavite.

  11. You can call me leftist and shoot me in the head, but anyone who can take 1.400.000 $ from his/her bank deserves at least a little truma to bring along his/her life.
    Why? Because you can’t get such a lot of money without robbing someone else, be this legal or not.

    1. You know, it IS possible to make a lot of money by providing a product or service people are willing to pay for. Lots of people do it everyday, and they’re not “robbing” anyone.

  12. The mayor of that town is pushing vigilante justice because the very law of the country can’t protect his people. And I think it got a positive response from many.

    And again the leftist groups are talking about human rights. Don’t they know that when you create a crime, you are already having your rights revoked?

    1. I am a Filipino and I went to the supposed best University this country has to offer, the University of the Philippines. What sucks about that University, however, is the fact that it is such a breeding ground for communistic activity where in turn, students sometimes “disappear” mainly because they get abducted by our very own sadistic military folk. I have no problems with that. Highfive to our military for that. Yet another thing that sucks big time is that everybody decries “human rights” all the time, when a lot of them worthless criers do not know their place.

      Sure, the authorities have their way of being brutal and sometimes some end up being the wrong receiving ends; but hey, this incident is inarguably a fine example of good governance and adysuhbraranteleroi is right about the mayor of the place where this one helluva killing took place. I am a fan of the man too, and his name is Rodrigo Duterte.

      He said in his oath around a month ago, after being reelected:

      ?Stop or leave… If you can?t or will not, you will not survive, you can leave either vertically or horizontally…

      “Criminals have no place in the city, except in jails, detention centers, and God forbid, in funeral parlors.”*

      These suckers sure chose the wrong place to do their shit. Kudos to their happy ending.

      Yours cru’lly,
      Patrick Capistrano


      1. Hahaha
        It looks like the Philippine SOCOM finally got to do their jobs correctly.
        I remember one of their trainees snooped into one our activist schools during a demonstration.
        When his cover was blown, he got lynched by high school students. Luckily for him, the school principal saved his ass…
        He was with the Phil. Navy. Probably a SEAL trainee in surveilance.
        One of them pretended to be an athlete out for a morning run. He ran back and forth along the street where his target lived until noon. When the bodyguards got suspicious, he was beaten to a pulp half dead until he cried the truth that he was with the Navy…

  13. Hurray for the PNP!!
    I just hope they don’t get sued for this again though…
    I remember when a syndicate band fired shots at PNP cops making their way through a check point somewhere in Cavite. When the cops fought back, they got sued because the criminals got killed in the fire fight…
    Fucking Law….

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