Two People Knifed to Death in Pro-President Rally in Ecuador

Two People Knifed to Death in Pro-President Rally in Ecuador

A crazy maniac with a knife came to a campaign rally for Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa in Quinindé, in the province of Esmeraldas and started stabbing random people. Two pro-government supporters from the Alianza Pais movement were knifed two death and at least four more were wounded. President Rafael Correa is seeking re-election in the February 17 presidential vote.

The video shows a few brave people countering the attack with flag sticks but were not very successful. That however does not overshadow their courage and good intentions.

Rafael Correa said the attack was not politically motivated and described the attacker as a deranged drug abuser. He was not at the rally when the attack occurred yet – he was scheduled to appear later. I think Ecuadoreans can count themselves lucky the attacker was not a gun snackbarist. The death count would have likely been in the double digits, seeing how tightly packed a target the group was.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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