Two Sisters Shot Dead After Getting Off a Bus in Honduras

Two Sisters Shot Dead After Getting Off a Bus in Honduras

Two women who grew up as sister, although one was adopted, were killed by gunmen after getting off a bus in San Pedro Sula, in the department of Cortes, Honduras. Sandra Patricia Perez was a mother of four and her adopted sister Erika Patricia a mother of two. The type of minibus they had used is known locally as Rapidito.

In the video, you can hear a woman talking in a broken voice. That’s their mother. She had also lost her sons in similar circumstances last year.

Props to Best Gore member Zarqawi for the video:

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    1. Honduras is a piece of shit along with all of Latin America. No form of social justice exists for the poor, only the wealthy. And if the killers are found, (and that’s a big ‘if’) most likely they’ll spend a few years behind bars. Prison wouldn’t differ from their normal life, too.

      What a hell hole. Just another couple of dead bodies lying in the street. Y

  1. The mom said the killer spared the granddaughter, just told her to put down the bags and let her go thank God. The one chick was pregnant… Sad man. You know its drug related when you lost kid a year sooner almost in the same manner… So sad but what can you do. Now gee gma has hella grandkids to raise..

  2. Over 70% of our military is of minorities, but yet, you talk shit about all races but your own? So they’re good enough to fight and die for our freedom? I guess this fucking half breed was stupid to have given 4 yr to protected the freedom of such hateful and disgusting Americans.

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