Two Syrian Soldiers Killed by FSA Jihadists, One Died with Exploded Head

Two Syrian Soldiers Killed by FSA Jihadists, One Died with Exploded Head

Two Syrian Soldiers Killed by FSA Jihadists, One Died with Exploded Head

FSA jihadists killed two Syrian soldiers and filmed their corpses on camera. One of the soldiers took a headshot from a high powered rifle that cracked his skull open like it was loaded with explosives. Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf provided translation of some of the dialogue:

0:05 : these are the pigs of Bashar
0:34 : look at the toilet, look at the toilet and look at this dead man, here is the commander and this is his rank, look at the bottle of whiskey, look this is his brain praise God, he was worshiping Bashar and now he’s in the hands of God, his abode is hell, and miserable his destiny shall be.

Thanks a lot DerSteppenwolf for the video:

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36 thoughts on “Two Syrian Soldiers Killed by FSA Jihadists, One Died with Exploded Head”

    1. maybe the western style water closet offended him somehow too – thy are used to their “hole in the floor” system (like most of the rest of the world).

      good new pic btw.

    2. Yeah ill bet a c note that allah is having a scotch with these syrian dudes right now for dieing defending there land from invading assholes. As always thanks for the vid.

  1. I don’t know why I thought I’d hear anything other than Allah snack bar but I did recognize “whiskey” at 0:49. I’m going to try communicating with a Muslim by saying Allah snack bar in different tones and gestures.

  2. Yes, yes. Look at the toilet. Look at the bidet. Look at how this infidel has the audacity to actually clean properly after he takes a crap. For this sinhe must truly be the devil incarnate.

    Sheesh. Lot of anger over simple cleanliness and not wanting to get shit under your fingernails.

    1. I think we should make it a holiday, where on a Monday afternoon of every solstice everyone and their mothers get on a balcony and commence to throw over ripened watermelons.

      1. Just be careful no one picks up a murderer charge while they’re at it! It would suck to be in prison and have to tell everyone that it’s cause you threw a watermelon over your balcony! Lol

  3. That was the cleanest rank insignia that I have ever seen, except on the Parade Square; almost as if they had bought it over the Internet or printed it off onto some heavy duty paper.

    Just a thought; has anyone considered that with this continuous ‘Allah Akbar’, it actually means something such as ‘breathe in, breathe out’?

  4. just watched another syrian video where a tank shell rips apart some snackbarists head from behind cover. truly epic slow-mo shows his face disintegrating, can’t wait until it’s posted here.

  5. i thought alcohol is forbidden in islam then why is there a bottle chivas regal in the room with the dead guys?

    i hope they enjoyed a few shots of whiskey before they died.

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