Unwanted Baby Killed by Stray Dogs After Being Discarded

Unwanted Baby Killed by Stray Dogs After Being Discarded

In Venezuela, a baby was found in a hole, discarded by the mother, and apparently chewed on by stray dogs.

According to the locals, the baby was overheard crying, but by the time someone found it, the dogs had already sank their teeth into its tender flesh.

I’m not sure to what extent I believe the story by the locals. The baby looks like a late term fetus. I’m not sure it could cry loud enough for anyone to hear it.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. wow you guys are great sports it amazes me that the harsher the websites the harsher the comments but the nicer people are it gets even weirder when you start entering the deep web

    1. “Cry loud enough” Read it again. Yes they cry, but at a low decibel. With the dogs growling and such, I doubt the locals heard too much. Meanwhile you’ll hopefully hear the cunt who discarded the angel, scream in Hell.

  1. One person’s trash is another’s meal. The circle of life is beautiful, nothing goes to waste.
    Always fascinated me just what an incredible custodian mother nature is. Leave some fruit out to spoil and fruit flies come out of no where to feast on it.

    1. Such a happier way to look at things, that is the true beauty of mother nature. Nothing is left to rot, it will feed something eventually, be it animals or the soil to create flora that could feed the insects, animals, and other flora and so on..

  2. the internet. was it a good idea? thanks to the internet the truth of how FUCKED UP this world truly is has been exposed to those who choose to be aware. every day multiple horror stories about all maner of things all over the world. fleshy virus is truly out of control and off the chain. i ask myself after 7 years on this site how much longer can all this shit continue before society completely explodes and NO ONE is safe ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. How much longer? reality smacks me in the face every day. REALITY SUCKS. Now, back to porn. i need to JIZZ n blow my daily load.

  3. WAIT GUYS! Im confuesed!! okay someone help me. isnt that thing laying behind the baby the placenta? andit’s still attached to the umbilical cord, baby’s don’t start breathing till it’s cut right? so HOW could it be crying?

  4. Poor bastard born to a mother with issues then thrown in a whole in the ground THEN dug up by a dog and half eaten to death THEN put on the internet for all to see naked half eaten cord still attached ….Happy birthday little one…..As a race we are disgusting some times

  5. This poor baby. Just because its mother is a fucking whore, it isn’t the baby’s fault. She could have put it up for adoption. This child had a painful death because if it’s whoring mother. She needs to be killed the same fucking way…and let us watch!!

  6. Im gonna bite the bullet and say I don’t really care eh dead baby ppk die everday n way worse. Half you crying oh it’s, a baby will hate on it because it’s a beaner so you’re criying in vain with the mother.

  7. I would really love to be the one that fucks these bitches up. Don’t want a baby…keep your fucking legs closed. I believe there is a special place in hell for fucking women who just throw their babies out like trash. Any parent who kills their child should roast slowly in hell

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