Venezuela Mob Justice – Man is Tortured and Slowly Burned Alive

Venezuela has taken over as the world’s most violent country. Mob justice is normal and presence of little children is not only standard, they are some of the most involved when it comes to torturing and slowly murdering the victim. These men and women who are exposed to Venezuelan mob justice are presumed criminals. Perhaps someone saw them commit a crime which is then followed by whole village getting together to unleash mob justive on that person. There is no trial, the accused doesn’t get a chance to speak for himself, they are simply beaten until they are on the fringe of dying, but not dead yet. Then they are set on fire by having gasoline poured on their skin and are slowly burned alive.

There is no doubt the victim goes through excruciating pain. When your skin is on fire, it hurts like a motherfucker, you can tell the man in this video doesn’t even have the strength to realize he should be screaming in pain. He was tortured beyond reckoning prior to burning, lost great amount of blood and knows he’s going to die. But in Venezuela, they enjoy seeing these alleged criminals die slowly.

While this video doesn’t rank in extreme brutality as high as Dagestan Beheading, nor does it have the offensive nature of the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, the amount of pain and suffering this man endured is far greater than any other murdered or executed man on Best Gore. This is the death the Venezuela way – slow and painful. Especially as he’s burned alive – it’s done slowly so as to extend his suffering. Any other form of death would be easier. If he was beheaded, he would suffer way more, if he had his head smashed with the hammer till he’s virtually unconscious – it would again be less brutal. The way they do it in Venezuela puts the victim – whether criminal or not – through unimaginable pain.

Note that I am not disputing this man’s crime. He was believed to have raped a young girl and killed a bus driver in Valencia, Venezuela. He’s most likely a criminal, but each member of the mob that executed him in such a horrific way is no less guilty than he was. The man was brutally murdered and children took part in his murder. Plus the crowd took great joy in torturing the man. You can hear cheers and whistles and and one point a woman near sticks her cell phone camera up burning man’s naked ass cause it was exposed and she wanted a pic of it.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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85 thoughts on “Venezuela Mob Justice – Man is Tortured and Slowly Burned Alive”

  1. Just makes me realise how lucky I am to be be in more of a civilised society, or maybe just how unlucky they are.
    I can’t imagine his pain, but I feel for the poor guy.

  2. I also feel poor for the guy criminal or not… fuck that shit.

    That shit was intense to watch, and ofcourse, I’ve seen a lot of shit in my time.

    I don’t know what is worse a beating then being burned alive or beheaded…

    1. I say this was a pretty brutal way to go.. Being slowly burned alive is nuts man. I’ve seen people doused in flames and burn to dath but atleast they die quickly. This guys suffers for a long time. And I agree, the fact of whether or not he did the alleged crimes is completely irrelevant. These people are just as fucked up as he would have to be to do this to a human being.

  3. If it is indeed true that he raped a young girl, I believe this man deserves far worse. But, it is pretty fucked up that little kids were allowed to watch this and it’s even more so that they enjoyed torturing him.

    If I were to burn someone alive, I wouldn’t let kids see, at least. Shit.

  4. That is absolutely disgusting! People make mistakes. But it is defintiely in humane to treat another life like this! This is completely outrageous! How could people do this! Especially involving children in it!

    1. no, it’s absolutely human, cause we are the only species on this planet that’s fucked up enough to do this to each other. idk how you can torture someone like this without getting haunted by nightmares the rest of your life.

  5. It’s made me feel sick watching this video, it’s absolutely horrific. But each of us have a type of curiosity or desire to see or inflict pain in others, which is sad but true. We have constant reminders of this everyday. Personally, I think about how my dad physically attacked me, or how I was bullied or how some people “must” make it known to me that I am ugly or stupid. Why do people inflict pain on others when we have the ability to empathise? I’m not saying that I’m a saint but I was the most loving person in my earliest years and if I saw you on the street I’d probably run up and talk to you as a stranger, because I thought all humans are good at heart. This probably all seems farfetched and in no way related to the video, but what I am trying to communicate is that we should have more love for each other. I’m not sure if anyone’s really with me on this?

  6. Keeping my country under wraps, I can tell by this video that what happened to this guy, reminds me of what happens to newbies on prisons in here.

    No, they’re not burned alive… but, raping kids (and raping in general) is somewhat against a unwritten rule most locked criminals have. In many places of Latino America (especially on Central) execute the new jailer how got hauled under this crime.

    It’s for sure… if you rape someone (especially a minor) and get caught, you’re dead as soon as they take you to the cage.

  7. Dirty nasty brown fuckers. Damn this makes me hate thos sick fucks even more. Just shoot him dont burn him ya sick fucks. Man i wish they all dumped gas on him and then some dumb shit spic threw a ligher and light the dirty crowd of spics on fire. that would be FUCKING cool. this makes me think twice before donating shit to south american shit heads like them.

  8. we know ur country is a shit hole thats why we dont like to help you! This video has made me sick that we send donations to your fuck of a country and you do this for justice? your all fucking sick pricks. I dotn give a shit what your people think is right i think ur all a bunch of brainless retards. Maybe you should all go out and drink som gas then shove a nice lighter down your throat and roll around while your skin melts off.

  9. i personally believe you wanna rape a little kid or otherwise this type of punishment and worse should be publicly shown…
    what they’re showing here in this specific instance is that they’re not gonna take that shit and if should have an effect on all who see it.

  10. Hey JackRipper you fucking piece of racist scum, you ignorant fuck…
    First of all, are you so fucking thick that you can’t see the bigger picture and come to the conclusion that this sort of thing doesn’t happen in all third-world countries?
    I’m not from Venezuela, but I am from another latin american country (and I’m white so fuck you, you can’t call me a spic) and it’s not the same everywere.
    You think you’re so fucking perfect and your country is so fucking perfect, you little piece of shit I’d like to see you insult people like that in their faces, you’re just a coward hiding behind a computer, probably a reject who’s just mad at the world. I’m just mad at you.
    Then again, I don’t expect you to understand any of this, so much for a “civilized country” and yet people like you can’t reply to “What is the capital of Paraguay”? Ignorant dumbass.

  11. I dont know why the we in the usa waste are time with these monkeys, try to save iraq while the gov fucks us and lets us die? start nuking these cave men!

  12. I click on these videos, and I am filled with revulsion and a smug superiority that in my country these barbaric acts don’t happen, we the citizens do not delight in the torture of others, what animals thess people are– lower than animals, actually, for an animal would never do such a thing… and then I think. I am worse yet because I watched someone’s murder for entertainment and I am ashamed.

  13. wera – the “poor girl” that was raped (and we dont even know if he DID rape the girl – there was no trial , no evidcence – just heresay) – did not suffer NEARLY as much as this guy did!

    (i am not condoning rape – i am just saying to be fucked, maybe violently – is in NO WAY as bad at being burnt alive – let alone the abuse they did to him BEFORE they burnt him)

  14. That hurt just to watch, I really doubt anything can justify the amount of brutal agony that man went through.

    I usually make more elaborate comments, but I’m sincerely speechless from this. What scares me the most was that he was in such a crippled state prior to the burning that he couldn’t even stand up to move from the flames.

    I can’t believe I sat through that, I feel like I’m no better then the people that recorded the scene.

  15. only when every single human is wiped off this planet will the UNIVERSE find salvation, we are scum and if aliens are out there, please, please come and dont come in peace, DESTROY US.

  16. This is the first time that I can say that truly I’m ashamed of calling myself a Venezuelan this is a senless act againts our laws and the laws against our God Jesus Christ. I only pray to God that this man no matter what he did did not have to die in such horrific way. Shame to those senseless, animals venezuelan We will one day face Jesus Christ and will be judged, and by the way I agree 100 percent with Vile Ends

  17. Like a cat toying with its prey. Let him move a little and then catch him and beat and burn him some more. In the finale burning I heard someone puke when they got a nice big breath of burning flesh.

  18. You people are the digusting ones.. Supporting a child rapist and murderer.. Think a little, he deserves a painful death, instead of just imprisonment for some years like we do in most of Europe. They make an example of him as a warning. You know its wrong to kill and rape, and the cost to do it is this. No mercy.

    1. No, Mr. REBDK. Sadism is uncalled for. It serves nothing but to entertain a sick and twisted person. It brings you down as low as the people who hurt others whom you hate and despise. It is petty to say if they can do that to others then we can do the same to them. We are not like them.
      They can just kill if they want but this is just pointless cruelty.

  19. I fully agree with REBDK…

    If one should live his life messing up with the life of others, he is not worthy to keep that life. This is why there is a law. So that our freedom does not collide with other people who are also free. Forgiveness is God’s work. We cannot deny our need to eliminate the tyrants, and imprisonment is costly since these criminals are not worthy for us to spend a dime! Let them die therefore! Then let the divine forgive!!!

  20. Man this surely sucks, also I know spanish and they laugh like it were so fucking funny, they make a lot of jokes, like when they’re trying to put the burning cloths on him again they say “he is used to it, burn it more” and also at the end they say in a ‘funny’ way “he is showing you is butt-y” man Venezuela must suck :l

  21. Things like this hurt me especially because I am 50% Hispanic and a quarter of that is Venezuelan.It saddens and troubles me to no end to see this happen to ANY human being but to know that my country (where I was born) has not evolved from this “system” of dispensing their own “justice” is truly shameful.I must say however I feel for this man ONLY because he did not first have a fair and civilized trial.Now if he had and had been found guilty of child rape I feel anything goes.We would only need to show this video and make this punishment legal and imposable on murderers and a standard minimum for child rapists and murderers and I’d bet you near anything that capital crimes and sex crimes against children would cease to exist.NOBODY LIKES A pedophile.
    That said for the same reason that it’s wrong to hurt a child it is also wrong to have children exposed to this on a public street,needless to say to take part in this madness.I hope this person was TRULY guilty…..all I can say after the fact.

  22. i agree lets nuke them and be over with the damn terrorists. the president needs to stop trying to make peace with these guys cause its obviously not working so lets do the next best thing. lets show them how the U.S.A bombs people. at least we do it more politly…

  23. why on earth people are being so cruel these may not understand y he deserve this but whatever he doing ,burning him and tortured him like dat is not the answer..haih!!peace ya all!!if u found som1 dat is guilty , bring him to justice!!dats its!!

  24. Yes its such a great example torturing and burning a man IN FRONT FO THE CHILDREN TOO, no? This is disgusting and You may want to kill someone for raping or killing or robbing someone or something but where does the crowd come into it? They are nothing more than sadistic onlookers. Its bull***t. Its uncivilized and wrong. Nothing about this is right you need to re-evaluate yourself if you think this is a proper punishment. You’re the sick one.

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