Victim of Deadly Shooting in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Victim of Deadly Shooting in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Turns out the information I got about this photo being from Queens in New York was incorrect. Best Gore member RicoDinero91 who lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut pointed me in the right direction and provided a proof that it indeed happened in Bridgeport by supplying a photo of the same victim he took himself. Great job, RicoDinero91.

Rico also hooked me up with additional info regarding the homicide:

The shooting took place outside of All-Star Barber Shop on East Main Street, in Bridgeport, Connecticut on July 23, 2012. The police identified the victim as 35 year old Mayro Joey Santiago. He was the city’s 14th homicide victim of the year and 3rd in 3 days, following the double murder of a 15 year old girl and a restaurant owner over the weekend.

Bridgeport is apparently the most populous city in Connecticut, although its population, according to the 2010 census is only 144,229. Is 14 homicides a year for a city of under 150k people good or bad?

Thanks again, Rico:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Shows how were growin’ @ my man drccoco!!!!! And what’s great, were gettin’ more shit from the states!!!! Keep it up my friends!!!!!! Wish I could contribute more than my stupid ass comments, but………I can’t, oh well deal with it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. The last murder in my tiny fucking town was in 86, and the murder weapon was a pair of nunchucks.

        They killed him over a $500 Christmas bonus he got from working at the Pick n’ Save. The poor guy was dressed as Santa Claus too when they killed him.

        People make me sick sometimes.

  1. 14 homicides for 150.000 people is not bad.

    Looks like the good ol’ days of brutal crimes and violence in America are over. My dad lived in New York from the 70s to the early 80s and he says that, back in those days, the United States were almost as violent as Brazil is today.

  2. “The racial makeup of the city residents was 39.6% White; 34.6% Black or African American; 3.4% Asian; and 4.3% from two or more races. A total of 38.2% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. Non-Hispanic Whites were 22.7% of the population in 2010, compared to 74.6% in 1970”

    Also a Democrat (Liberal) city.

    Explains everything. America is utterly fucked when you take into account the Caucasian population drops 1-2% annually. Imagine what your children will be left with in just 10 short years.

    1. Just means everyone is going to have a touch of brown to their skin tone eventually.

      But….I’m Lattina and even I think that there’s too many ignorant Latino parents raising ignorant ghetto “fabulous” bastards.

      1. No, it means the USA is utterly fucked. The safest places in the USA are those with large Caucasian populations, and small minority (With the exception of East-Asians and Indians) populations.

        No Self-Respecting Caucasian male will even go near a Race-Mixing Caucasian woman. The only males who do are meth/pill-heads, and Liberals.. Both are pretty much useless cowards full of self-hate.

        The unsafest places in the USA are cities/places full with Africans, Hispanics (15%+ of the total population) etc.

        So, while the Caucasian population keeps dropping, the African population keeps raising (Have you seen how much these people breed?), even more cities will befall the fate of Detroit. You’ll see cities barely holding on (Chicago, Philadelphia etc.) become utter shitholes like Detroit, Baltimore etc. in 10 short years.

        East-Asians aren’t going to stay around, they’ll go back to their home Countries where they are safe amongst their own people.

        Caucasians will flee North to Canada and to Europe. However, Blacks will follow because they are leeches. They latch onto Caucasian people and suck us dry. We build it, they destroy it. We are the only liberal infested race willing to look after them.

        It’s become some sort of moral obligation for us or something. But when a relationship is parasitic, it’s time to remove the parasite.

        Add in the growing blanket of Islam (And Africans) covering Europe with the support of the EU (Based in Belgium, slated to become the first Muslim dominated European Country), the 1-2 punch of massive Muslim and African immigration to Canada.. And you got yourself a genocide. All without the trouble of a war.

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