Victim of Sunni Aggression in Syria Dies with a Salute

Victim of Sunni Aggression in Syria Dies with a Salute

I don’t know where the hell they found this fellow cause he seems to have been dead for a few day. He’s stiff with arm in a papal wave position. Someone tried to take his ring off (probably a family member) but it didn’t come off easy so they gave up.

After more than two years, Sunni aggression claimed tens of thousands of lives in Syria. And they still haven’t had enough. Whole country is in ruin, thousands years of history being destroyed cause Zionists desire to have it under their control.

Know that something that’s so soaked with pure, unadulterated evil down to the last atom of its existence as the Zionists cannot last forever. The fact that such dark evil is allowed to exist must also mean that there is a force full of light with power to purge the darkness forever. The reason it has not struck down upon the evil of Zio yet must be that its time has not yet come. But the day of reckoning is nigh and when it does comes, I’d hate to be a Zio.

Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

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  1. If you stuck him in a chair by the window, with that smile and that wave, I bet you could keep on claiming his pension without anyone ever finding out.

    Should any nosy neighbours ask where he is you can point to the window and say “there he is, and he’s waving and smiling at you, he’s doing great, never been better, now go away you senile old hag”

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  2. From what I have seen this guy is all class. Waving goodbye and all. Didn’t expect attempt to remove the ring while watching. Haha! Even though I read. Not in Mexico or they would’ve cut it off or the whole hand. Hell they would have film showing how he got to be this way! New guy here. Beginner. Funny though…

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