Video from Auschwitz Concentration Camp After Red Army Liberation

Video from Auschwitz Concentration Camp After Red Army Liberation

Video from Auschwitz Concentration Camp After Red Army Liberation

This video contains footage allegedly filmed at Auschwitz Concentration Camp after it had been liberated by the Red Army. The Soviets “liberated” Auschwitz on January 27, 1945 – the day which became the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The video shows dead bodies in trenches but offers no reference as to who they are and why or how they got there. Because just about every information one can find about Auschwitz Concentration Camp would have been twisted by the Jews and not reflecting on the actual facts, it is hard to comment on the authenticity of the footage and especially the background of what proceeded the deaths. Still an interesting pice of WWII videography.

Props to Nicole for the video:

While we’re on the subject of Auschwitz, I can’t help but reference the video which was brought up by Ken in the post with an image from Ravensbruck Concentration Camp. The video contains a speech by the British Historian David Irving he gave at a conference held by the Institute for Historical Review. David Irving is considered the world over to be the unparalleled expert on Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.

In his speech, David Irving talks about how everyone who doesn’t conform to the Jewish version of the WWII history is instantly labelled a Holocaust Denier and how everyone who whines in the opposition to Adolf Hitler is babysat as a Holocaust Survivor.

He provides a number of references on how Jewish propaganda brainwashes general public – a good example being photos of Belsen Children whose pointy ribs and starved faces were used against Nazi Germany even though these children were starved by the destruction of German infrastructure by the allied forces. David Irving even brings up contemporary German political activist Gรผnter Deckert who was imprisoned in Germany for holocaust denial. But let’s get back to Auschwitz Concentration Camp, which is what this post is about:

At around the 17:49 minute mark, David Irving asks why what Hitler knew about Holocaust and what Hitler knew about Auschwitz is not commonly questioned. Jews would have us believe that Hitler ordered the Holocaust and ordered to have the Jews killed in the Auschwitz gas chambers but was it really so? As it turns out, no historian has ever been able to produce one document which would prove that Hitler had anything to do with Auschwitz or that he gave any orders on what took place there.

At 25:15 minute mark, David Irving cites from reliable historical records that on January 19, 1945 Hitler was informed in his war conference by the chief of the army general staff Heinz Guderian that Auschwitz has been captured by the Red Army. His response to it was mere “Yes”. He didn’t want to know whether they’d cleared things up before the Soviets got there, he simply acknowledged that Auschwitz, a rubber plant was lost to the opposing armies and that was it.

David Irving also raises questions about the alleged existence and use of the gas chambers at Auschwitz. He refers to a TV episode about Auschwitz put together by the BBC where they intentionally mistranslated the words of Auschwitz Rottenfรผhrer Oskar Grรถning, making it sound as though he admitted to the existence of the gas chambers, yet what he really said was that he saw the crematoria, the fire pits and the bodies. Nowhere did he make any reference to the gas chambers. Furthermore, there has never been one credible eye witness who would reliably confirm that the gas chambers really existed at Auschwitz.

At the 30:12 minute mark, David Irving talks about a historian who was paid a quarter million dollars to speak in favor of the Jew propaganda at the war trial. 7,200 people survived Auschwitz, but only 7 have been repeatedly quoted in court.

Later in his speech, David Irving touches bases on the subject of Hitler never having suffered from any sexually transmitted disease, but referencing doctor’s report which confirm that he suffered from a heart muscle defect called rapid progressive coronary sclerosis, or something like that.

It’s an interesting video with a lot of good information from a historian who does his homework, instead of twisting the reporting to fit the Jewish agenda. It’s sad that what we are told happened didn’t actually happen. It’s even sadder that with each passing day, we’re getting further and further from standing a chance that the real version of the story will remain known. Thanks Ken for the video:

Adolf Hitler knew:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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127 thoughts on “Video from Auschwitz Concentration Camp After Red Army Liberation”

          1. With regards to your response to my posting David’s video – I’m SO GLAD you’re with him. Isn’t he a breath of fresh air? I love people like this.. And I spend a lot of time re-educating myself about historical facts.

            Love all round, my man!

    1. Showing us “piles of shoes” and “shower heads” and victims of typhus and dysentary in a war torn country is not proof of genocide and definitely not 6 million kikes terminated (unfortunately).

  1. the millons of dead (between Hitlar & Stallin alone ammassed over 10,000,000 if not many, many more) represent somewhere areound 2-4 x’s that much Fleshy Virus that does NOT exist today.
    I do appricate that fact….much anything that =’s less F.V. =’s (me) ;^}

      1. Stalin alone amassed more than ten million in the 30s only (warning: some hardcore leninists and russian nationalists claim that Stalins bodycount was grossly inflated by conspirational secret organizations)

  2. Mark the things you are posting now is Blasphempous in the eyes of the State. I mean, in America we have free speech, in Canada you get “Zundel’ed” away into a isolation cell with out trial. Denieding the Holy religion of Holocaustianity will have the Kosh goon Squad on you.
    Heil brave Mark
    Seig Heil
    “From now on Eye for an Eye, and a Fang for a Fang!”

    1. Thing is Mouse…

      They had brought it upon themselves. If they hadn’t invaded and infiltrated Europe taking influential positions in Finance and Media… And generally shafting every poor fucker.

      People like Hitler would never have came along.

      1. And so speaks the voice of reason. I second that wholeheartedly trooper. And let’s not forget that history is written by winners so we’ll never know the full story.
        The British had their concentration camps too and the firebombing of Dresden was as terrible a war crime as any you can mention. And lets not forget Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The Russians, British and Americans were just as bad as the Germans but they won so that’s ok? I think not. Seriously though, holocaust or not, the Jews are doing just fine now so it’s time to stop bleating about it.

        1. Exactly.

          The Boers had suffered the exact same way as the Jews… Even though we didn’t INTEND to exterminate them. The comparison is exactly the same.

          Unfortunately. The West (including Russia and Japan) has been paralysed with a debilitating guilt complex since the War… Courtesy of the Jews and Blacks.

          Until people snap out of this… We will continue to see societal collapse across our once proud nations.

        2. The non stop bombing of Dresden was a Loving act b Churhill and Rosenfelt. When those bomb explodes on those Germany women and children, it explode nice flower into their hands and denazified them, and destructurized the city into smolting ruins.

  3. Holocaust/hoax is big business for the jews, even today Israel is receiving reparations for alledged crimes committed against it’s people so they obviously work very hard to prevent the real facts coming to light.

      1. We don’t need foreign powers buying our weapons in order to have a vibrant arms industry.

        It has been proven that for every ?1 spent on the British Military Industrial Complex, roughly ?1.20 is created in wealth.

        If we had a leader with bollocks (Me), we wouldn’t need foreign money to help sustain our dying arms industry.

    1. It is true DeeDub.

      The Jews are an insidious, poisonous race… The
      lengths they are willing to go to in order to protect their hold on the planet is truly breathtaking.

      Is it a coincidence that the Rothschild family have funded practically every war EVERY western nation has fought in their histories?

      Is it a coincidence that the Media giants of this planet are dominated by Jews?

      Israel gets away with fucking everything… With developing Nuclear weapons… With threatening Europe with said Nuclear weapons…

      Hell. If Iran tried this shit…

          1. Ooh Lisa… You are naughty.

            Truth be told. I wouldn’t exterminate ANY race/ religious group. Especially somebody as pretty as thou!

            I shall merely banish them back to their native lands…

            The Jews want an Israel in Palestine? They can fight the Muslims for it.

            The only people I shall exterminate (with joy)… Are Politicians and the Monarchy.

  4. They bring up a good point when they represent “Holocaust Survivors” of anyone with Jewish decent in Nazi Germany at the time. Just a way for those who didn’t even suffer to cash in. Greedy bastards

  5. Oh god…let me think…with Stalin being a known anti semite, Churchill probably lacking any substantial conspirational power, and my hero FDR dying before the war ended, who masterminded this whole operation? Ike Eisenhower? Harry Truman? Or it was the canadians?

  6. I’ve met elderly survivors of the holocaust in the past, they still had thier numbers tattooed on thier wrists. Even all these decades after they still just stoped in the middle of doing something and cried. The memories of having thier mothers, children, sisters dragged away and killed never left them.

  7. “It?s even sadder that with each passing day, we?re getting further and further from standing a chance that the real version of the story will remain known.”

    Even if there are some facts which have been skewed to fit the Jewish agenda, they’re probably small and insignificant when compared to the huge fucking fact which is the reality that happened there. The holocaust happened. That’s not up for debate. Little things here and there don’t matter half a century later. We have enough of our own problems to worry about.

    1. Of course the holocaust happened, ALL OF THIS IS ORCHESTRATED BY THE ZIONIST!
      Hitler is a zionist puppet! third reich was nothing but a puppet empire to clear the way for the future of israel, All of the symbolism, Ideology are just psuedo indo-aryan products.
      Swastika= NATO flag, Microsoft flag (Microsoft is powered by INTEL which is made in Israel)
      Hitlers empire had the capability to wipe out any country they wish, But seeing as they served their purpose, the zionist said fuck it Mission accomplish, Kill hitler, Kill mussolini, Finish off FDR. If it has power, It is in fact, Zionist powered, There will never be an Anti zionist power simply because they are too powerful all around.

  8. I found these videos interesting. Totally honest here, I don’t know what happened, but I do know that it’s again not something that really affects my day to day life. My father was half lebanese, so he always hated the jews, then he worked for some. They were fucking trash. Thats all I heard about, was the jews, or kykes as he would commonly refer to them. They had the hitler way of speech, it was a chicken processing plant ffs, and they would say stupid things like “energy we cannot harness, we eliminate” and of course my grandmother would talk about the jews in palestine, and I was thinking, how does their war affect my life in Canada. I take people on who they are. Everyone defines who they are to me via their actions. Not their religion. Not their color. Not their sexual orientation. Or how fat or thin they are. I don’t care, I judge people on who they are.

  9. I love all the anti Jew retards on this site! Its shows just how stupid people are! Saying the Holocaust never happened is like saying the Germans didn’t bomb and thousands if not millions of European people! I hate the Jewish religion just as much as I hate Christians but not as much as I hate Catholics so no I’m not a Jew I just think people who say the Holocaust didn’t happen should kill their families then themselves!!!

        1. *Slaps Head*

          Of course Lisa…

          I apologise to all of the Cunts in the world (who, by definition… Are beautiful, delectable delights… And the most useful tool/ weapon we Humans have).

          Haha… I like your thinking! You dirty Lady!

          Licks. Nibbles. Teases. Fucks.

          All verbs that can be applied before ‘Cunt’.

      1. Hey Larry, I think they are different, they just share the same book, Tom would know for sure, there are differences, Catholics and Roman Catholics etc, you see my dad is christian but he wont go into most church’s cause he doesn’t believe what they do, don’t ask me why.

        Hey Tom, how many spin offs that use the bible, I would ask my dad but he’ll preach to me for hours.

        1. Not sure what you mean phatman. Catholics are Christians, and so are protestants.
          Chritianity is split into different churches depending on your belief, the main 3 being Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox. But all are still Christians. They read the same bible and pray to the same God.
          You know how Sunni and Shia are both Islamic religions? Well it’s the same with Catholics and Protestants, they’re both just different types of Christianity. A Catholic is a Christian though dude, just ask one.

          1. My dad is lutheran, and he will not go to any other church, so they are all different religions in my mind, as I understand they’re teachings very, I’ve never understood it. As a nonbeliever I think it’s a big FV lie, but it has saved my dads life ( he’s schizophrenac), so as much as I dislike religion I do respect peoples belief’s, I just don’t see any point in different churches if they’re the same, thanks for clearing that up for me Larry.

            BTW my dads name is Larry,
            no joke ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. Glenn,

            Anyone who believes that their is only one God… And that Jesus Christ was his son, who died for our sins…

            Qualifies as a Christian.

            Roman Catholicism is the largest branch of Christianity.

            As Larry said. Christianity is divided into three major groups, plus many smaller groups, which each have split off groups/ cults:

            Catholicism (Roman Catholics, Old Catholics)

            Protestantism (Lutheranism, Anglicanism, Episcopalianism, etc..)

            Orthodoxy (Greek, Russian, Ethiopian, Copticism, etc…)

            All qualify as Christians… But vary wildly in Dogma and Doctrine.

          3. I’m a non-believer too phatman. Religion has caused more wars throughout history than anything else so fuck it. If it works for some people and makes their life better i don’t have a problem with that but it ain’t worth dying for.

          4. @wicked mama. They’re both called the bible and vary very slightly, but essentially tell the same story. As opposed to bibles that differ wildly in content and name such as the quran. Incidentally, the catholic and prtotestant new testament is the same. Either way, they are both Christian bibles which was the original debate.

    1. @PigKiller-

      “Though six million Jews supposedly died in the gas chambers, not one body has ever been autopsied and found to have died of gas poisoning.

      We have been shown piles of bodies from World War II, but most of these persons died of typhus or starvation or Allied bombings and a great many of those were murdered Germans, not Jews.

      Roughly the equivalent of ten football fields should be packed full of gassed bodies to present as evidence, yet not one body has ever been discovered.”

  10. I love all the anti Jew retards on this site! Its shows just how stupid people are! Saying the Holocaust never happened is like saying the Germans didn’t bomb and kill thousands if not millions of European people! I hate the Jewish religion just as much as I hate Christians but not as much as I hate Catholics so no I’m not a Jew I just think people who say the Holocaust didn’t happen should kill their families then themselves so no more of you fools are born to dumb down future generations!!

      1. Yes but saying that the holocaust didnt happen isnt an opinion. Its challenging what is fact… Once again (as I adressed in my comment below) it wasn’t just jews targeted for the CC but any ‘political enemy’ that Hitler and the nazi party defined as a PE. Denying the holocaust is a foolish thing much like saying all jews are evil or they deserved it its fucking stupid. also I have to wonder why. What did jews ever do to anyone most of the practicing jews in canada/america havent really done anything to us even israel isnt doing anything to us our govt are helping them for their secret reasons but that doesnt mean the jews are bad. even the ones living there they are prolly being lied to by their govt to do the govt will just like people did in germany…. just like people are in North \america

  11. A friend of mine till he died in 2006, Mr. Rudolph Vrba was one of only afew who escaped Auschwitz, and wrote a well known report on what was going on there.The Vrba-Wetzler documents.He was a sonderkommando in two or three camps Auschwitz being the last. I was lucky enough to know him from university days. I don’t know about holocaust denial it was pretty fukin real to him. There is no ‘twisting’ of the truth reguarding WWll. It was a pretty simple campagne really. What’s so hard to believe? Look what the sheep believe now? More or less what the sheep believed then. Who knows what we’ll be believeing 110 years from now. The book Vrba-Wetzler is a wicked read. He was a good friend, very tough but kind. He was a S.O.B. of the highest order. GWAR

    1. I think you’re unclear about what the term ‘holocaust’ is understood to mean here. No-one’s denying concentration camps, mass starvation and disease and the good-ol war crimes like rape, murder and other things.

      The point here is that the Jews, even today, are ranting on about “6 million killed” when there is, and you may be uncomfortable with this fact, ZERO evidence that this mean Jews died: let alone were gassed to death. Do some research.

      The Jews gained their own country from the war, splitting Palestine into pieces and have been killing their neighbours with support from the UK and US ever since.

      You need to question your history knowledge before you take sides – get the real facts, my man.

      Peace all round!

      1. I’m not taking sides…that’s what sheep do. Mr. Vrba was my friend.A friend I knew along time. One of the coolest toughest guys I’ve ever known. Read the book…just that one book…tell me what you think as part of your ‘research’. P.S. I’ve been doing my homework my friend. My family fought on the German side in the war Reichert. My familys places are crammed with war crap.

        1. The FBI didn’t believe what was going on there during the ‘liberation’ they sent out field agents to record the situation in the camps…all of them.. This report was called simply…Nazi Concentration Camps…Every library has a copy hidden away somewhere…Would have been a hit on BG.

        2. there are compeling arguments in the ‘denile’ file. Theyre understandable discrepencies . That can feed conspirancy. Two points…secrecy and recycling. The Nazi machine is the first modern near perfect, recycling machine. This solves many issues. . these machines were not going to waste the potential of harvest of the final solution. Further, this ties in neatly with destuction of evidence. German efficiency at it’s best.

  12. Girls don’t appreciate train sets? If he never bought any of his 5 daughters a train set, how would he know if they would have appreciated them or not? These are the real issues, people.

  13. I just gotta share this. As a young white hussy in high school, we were reading a biographical account of shit that went down at auschwitz. It was english class and our amazing teacher thought it would be great if we all had to read verses one by one around the room. Well it got to me and for some reason i just couldnt stop laughing as i read it. Everyone looked at me like scum of the earth as they pretended that the occurances in the book should somehow directly effect them as if they themselves had fucking experienced it. But i kept reading that damn verse and after i was done i had to excuse myself so i could pee.
    Anyways, this reminded me of that day.

  14. Ok well… The holocaust happend there was people rounded up in Germany and the areas it invaded those people had experiments done on them they were also tortured it fucking happend, the proof is in the fact that there are nazi soldiers who admitted to this. The thing most people dont get is it wasnt just jews. It was anyone who the facist (excuse my spelling) government seen as an enemy at the time. More proof is in the medical and other scientific advancements that we gained by stealing the notes from Nazi doctors. Was it horrific, yes. Was there people rounded up, yes. Did Hitler know about it, more than fucking likely (considering if he was the great leader that many people think of him as he would know what was happening in his occupied territory) but heres the thing, Was it just jews in these concentration camps, no. Was it all Germanies fault and do they deserve to have it constantly thrown in there face that the holocaust happend, NO. It happend besides where do you think the American Gov’t got their Ideas for Jap ‘internment’ camps or the Canadian Residential ‘Schools’

  15. It wasn’t just the extermination of the Jews, that point has been played up for a long time. There were 6 million jews exterminated. There was another 5 million non jews, such as dissidents, gypsies, prisoners of war, and anyone the ss decided to fuck over were also killed.
    In contrast to Russia, which was also in the middle of a civil war lost 75 million people. That’s right, many more of the Russians died than any other group in that war. Either way, it was war crimes, no country was innocent in that war.

  16. I went to a Holocaust museum in eighth grade. A witness claimed that the gas was used to determine how much time would pass before they collapsed from being overworked. I think the Holocaust was exaggerated.

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