Video of Partially Dismembered Man from Syria

Video of Partially Dismembered Man from Syria

Another promotional video by Muslim extremists from Syria shows bloodied corpse of a partially dismembered man. Since it’s a promo video by Sunni terrorists, it could only mean one of two things:

  • Man was murdered by Sunni butchers with intention to film his dismembered body to further their propaganda
  • It’s a dummy, an actor with fake guts playing dead

The video is brief, low quality with no still enough shots to determine the authenticity of wounds and since Sunni terrorists have used this trick before, I find the notion of this being a fake corpse perfectly substantiated.

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13 thoughts on “Video of Partially Dismembered Man from Syria

  1. He may really be dead but what and why are the questions. They may have taken a body to video and said what they wanted to for the cause they support.

  2. looks fake to me but implied stupidity is still stupidity. the only people who would care are the people who know him and they know if he’s still alive or not.

  3. Yes. Shouldn’t there be a cut below the navel somewhere for the bowels to come out ? I like to watch these videos carefully for fake, though. That’s training.

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