Video by Talal Abu Rahma Showing Murder of 12 Year Old Muhammad al-Durrah by Israeli Forces

Video by Talal Abu Rahma Showing Murder of 12 Year Old Muhammad al-Durrah by Israeli Forces

Video by Talal Abu Rahma Showing Murder of 12 Year Old Muhammad al-Durrah by Israeli Forces

This is the raw footage of now classic video from the Gaza Strip in the Palestine which shows what is known to be blood thirsty Israeli forces murdering a 12 year old boy named Muhammad al-Durrah who was hiding from the terror of the Zionists behind a concrete cylinder with his father, Jamal al-Durrah. The 60 seconds of raw video was shot by Talal abu Rahmah – freelance cameraman for France 2 at Netzarim Junction on September 30, 2000. The raw video was then edited by Charles Enderlin and the edited version broadcast to the audiences.

It’s incomprehensible to imagine the terror the father and son must have been experiencing as they were desperately pressing themselves against the wall because the concrete cylinder which provided the only protection from the deranged Jews was too small to comfortably hide behind. It’s even harder to imagine that the Israelites who knew there was a child behind that cylinder, kept firing ever so more until the child was dead.

Needless to say, maniacal as they are, the Jews ended up blaming the Muhammad al-Durrah’s death on the Palestinians, some going as far as claiming that the entire scene had been staged by Palestinian protesters. And of course, Jewish media pushed that agenda so the sheep did not think the Israeli forces were the genocidal freaks that they are.

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60 thoughts on “Video by Talal Abu Rahma Showing Murder of 12 Year Old Muhammad al-Durrah by Israeli Forces”

      1. Actually it has been proven to be fake. A propaganda piece. You can find it on youtube. In Paliwood they do this all the time. Go look into it. There are videos of women and children being thrown into ambulances and rushed off. and then later in the video they are running around setting up for other shots. No bullshit. Look for it!

    1. The thumbnail shot of the man protecting his son is one of the most famous stills in history, alongside photos like the Sedan UN Camp, Tiananmen Square, Power of One, Reichstag Flag, Nagasaki, etc.

      The still is called Palestinian Martyr, and it certainly isn’t fake.

  1. The Jews, for all their hatred of Hitler and the Nazi regime, behave in much the same way.

    Their leaders plan atrocities against various groups of people, regardless of age or gender and for what ever reasons they can come up with to hide the fact that it is all for self gain and the soldiers action the plans and the people stand by and watch it.

    Nazi Germany and modern Jerusalem are one in the same, the only difference is that the Jews have far more power and global influence.

    It occurs to me more and more these days that the Jewish elites allowed Hitler and his Nazi party to do all that damage because they gained a hell of a lot from the war.

    A country of their own and a social presence that could not be questioned was worth the sacrifice because it allowed them to have a bigger, stronger control over world affairs.

    Hitler’s party must have been financed by a large organisation to have gotten as far as they did. Stealing from dead Jews would not have been enough to keep the war going and even in those days the Jews had control over all the banks so it would have been very easy for them to have shut Hitler down from the start by depriving them of the finances to fight wars.

    It is logical to assume, given how the world has turned out, that the Jewish elites have been manipulating world events for many years and will continue to do so.

    My point is thus, If you thought Hitler and the Nazi party were not very nice fellows, they are made to look like saints compared to the Jews.

    They also cut babies foreskins off, absolute cunts the lot of them..

    1. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. It’s really too bad, if the Axis (THE GOOD GUYS) won, the problems humanity is facing now would be non-existent.

      Jews are like a garbage can, the deeper you go, the dirtier it gets. Until eventually you hit the dumpster juice and TADA = the world we live in.

      The end of humanity began when the wrong side won in WWII

  2. I saw this video back when it happened. I often think about it when I am stewing about how much I fucking hate jews, not for their fake religion, but their jewie ways. Most people hate jews because they are annoying and jewie, not because they don?t believe in some biblical cartoon character who got his dumb ass nailed to a cross for being annoying.

    1. ALL religion is despicable. Based on some stupid sky-daddy who lives on some puffy cloud somewhere.

      I’m too smart for Religion. Especially the one about rib-women, magical gardens, enchanted trees, and talking snakes…

      …stupid people with their deities.

  3. Big nosed fuckin’ Diamond Smugglers.My old Landlord was a Yid and he was a slimy little Rat.Creeping up to the door once a month and asking to smell the leather on my Wallet.We used to make sure we were frying Pork Sausages every 4 weeks.

  4. man i hate this “promised Land” full of weaklings. actually a godforsaken shithole somewhere at the arse-end of the world. israel is like a 70 years old grandpa who is still tied to mommas apron strings. financed and protected by foreign countries, mainly by my own, germany. seemingly not able to master a live alone. fuck israel, fuck zionist jews. i hope this country wil be nuked one day, by whomsoever. good israelites, i’m sure there exist some, will get the option to escape this. but only if they willed to throw their shitty faith over board. then they get the chance to migrate to Uganda (which was the actual promised land) to lead a live in peace. i’m just dreaming a little 😉

  5. I once had a very good friend that was Palestinian. His name was Omar . He was kind , caring ,genuine and extremely humerous. His hatred of Jews was totally off the charts.This was about 30 yrs. ago . I now have a very good understanding of the reasoning behind this mans extreme hatred of the fucking Jews . He told me many stories about the atrocites commited against himself his family his friends and his fellow countrymen . Since leaving Calif. 22 yrs ago we have not been able to keep in touch. thats quite a bummer as he always wanted me to visit Palestine with him and partake in some shaved pussy and uzo .

  6. I can’t believe that my comment is missing. I put some of possible proof that this video is fake or at list that fires not coming from Jews side; Watch the dust from bullets-like they come from Palestinian side(front one), not right.

    Anyway, if i see censorship here i be very shocked because i love this site very much and find as last freedom bastion.

  7. I would absolutely torture & kill, If! there is an inhumane grotesque motive.. Other than that its just bullshit! Which most this corrupted fucking system is good at. Senseless, unjustified bullshit!

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