Video of US Ambassador Chris Stevens Dragged from Benghazi Consulate

Video of US Ambassador Chris Stevens Dragged from Benghazi Consulate

While this video is pure shite, it’s the only one there is for now so let’s have at it (yes – have at). The video purports to show the corpse of US Ambassador Chris Stevens being dragged from the Benghazi Consulate after he was killed in an attack by Muslim Brotherhood jihadists on September 11, 2012.

Since video itself is really a piece of shite, here’s a little poem by Charles Baudelaire from Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil). Since evil was what Chris Stevens sowed, evil was also what he reaped:

Si le viol, le poison, le poignard, l’incendie,
N’ont pas encore brodé de leurs plaisants dessins
Le canevas banal de nos piteux destins,
C’est que notre âme, hélas! n’est pas assez hardie.

If rape and poison, dagger and burning,
Have still not embroidered their pleasant designs
On the banal canvas of our pitiable destinies,
It’s because our souls, alas, are not bold enough!

Hypocritical reader, my likeness, my brother! Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video. What do you think? Is this the video of pwnt Chris Stevens or are we fed a dose of fugazi?

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28 thoughts on “Video of US Ambassador Chris Stevens Dragged from Benghazi Consulate

  1. Not sure who they dragged out. Someone for sure but couldn’t tell if it was Chris Stevens or not. One thing IS for sure, there’s a lot of akbaring going on so they killed someone they didn’t like.

  2. the allahuakbur made my day. Now, these guys do not look like they were the killers. They look like they just heard all the fireworks and came to see what the fuck was going on. And they found themselves an ALLAHUAKBUR ragdoll to play

    • today i got my first encounter with an american meth junkie, he asked me for some money in a pretty aggressive way for being like half my size, and started insulting me and my huge german classmate for no apparent reason, so I was about to kick his ass when I remembered “wait, you are not anymore in banana republic, this is america fuck yea, better get a cop less you get your student visa revoked”…i wanted to see that tazer gun in action so bad man, but it wasnt my day.
      Now I am starting to understand why all the heavy enforcment of drug laws in this country…

      • Aha! indeed. the law is like that for a reason.
        Wait until you encounter the heroin junkies, all it takes is a small push and they will dismantle like some Ikea bookshelf

      • I cant get the America Fuck Yea thing, being a derelict junkie barely able to stand like a man and anyway try to extort money from people in a 50.000 hab. university town that is up to the ass with cops (I lost count of how many “police departments” are operating in this single little place, virginia state police, charlottesville pd, uva pd, private security, etc) , in banana republic this guy wouldnt survive like 20 minutes on the street…And lets suppose that he actually manages to rough up a girl and extract some bucks from her, knowing AFY uber harsh criminal laws (and this state looks like it has particularly tough laws even for AFY standards) , you have to be a total moron to try this, and even worse, in a little 50.000 hab city where everyone knows everyone….

  3. Ditto to all comments thus far (“…found themselves a…rag doll to play with” lol!). It’s early to know if it’s real or not, but I’m guessing: to post even a fake video will help keep people’s attention on what was done there and thus give encouragement/hope to others who want the US (& the FSA) out of Syria? I try to perceive things logically, but I can be so thick sometimes (so, sorry if I state the obvious)!

  4. I think it is Chris Stevens. In the photos posted earlier he is wearing dark pants & a white tee. In this vid the body is wearing the same clothes plus a grey top over the tee. I’m guessing the top got taken as a souvenir maybe?

  5. They look like young punks with just enough balls to go see what was happening after the fact, I don’t think they did shit but show up after shit had already gone down

    • They sure will. I love the smell of ordinance in the morning… LOL fuckin rag monkeys will die not cause I give a shit about Stevens he got what he got fucking with muslims and thinking they will change. This is a wake up and now we should name a bomb after every dead american and send them over on top of them fucks.. Id love it.

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  7. Someone on Youtube posted this translation:

    “There is someone inside … He is a foreigner, he is a foreigner.”

    Bring him out, man! Bring him out,

    “The man is alive. Bring him out, man. Bring him out
    Out of the way, out of the way!”

    “Alive, Alive! God is Great,” the crowd cheered,

    “Make space, is there someone who is a medic around? Anyone who can get a car quickly?”

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