White South African Farmer Murdered in a Wave of Racist Attacks

White South African Farmer Murdered in a Wave of Racist Attacks

In the late 1990’s, South Africa was caught in a wave of racist attacks against the while communities perpetrated by black people. The man in this picture was a white farmer targeted by one of these racist attacks. Information I got with the picture suggested that the attackers sawed top of the victim’s head off with a hand saw – I find that scenario slightly unlikely, though not impossible.

I think a shotgun blast to the head is more probable, but who knows. Given lack of blood in the bathtub, it can be assumed that the farmer was murdered elsewhere and placed in the tub after his brain was blown off.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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61 thoughts on “White South African Farmer Murdered in a Wave of Racist Attacks”

    1. Well, this is egregious don’t get me mistaken, but do also some research on apartheid and the horrors locals went through and are still going through also, he’s not showing the whole story here

      1. Yes, we get it, white people should feel guilty and apologise and feel guilty for things they’ve never done, be ashamed of their (oh so privileged) heritage, perhaps their skin colour too?

        Stopped reading this garbage early on. Such people are either trolls or self hating fools. I hope the author lives in Africa with lovely black people, not in a white country enjoying a white lifestyle, build on white people’s hard work, blood, sweat and tears, whilst the rest of the world sit on their dirty arses, waiting for us to feed them, moaning about the fact that their culture never achieved anything but murder, rape and AIDS.

  1. This type of thing is still going on today. White farmers and their families are being tortured and murdered all the time by blacks. Of course it does not draw international condemnation because only Whites are racist.

    1. Is not turnaround fair play? What were whites doing there all those centuries anyway? Did they seriously think that there was not going to be retribution for the terrorism (yes, terrorism) that they implemented way back when? Man, some people are very delusional.

      1. Ok, so what about the Europeans who terrorised the native Americans to near extinction? And the Portuguese in south America? The list goes on. The English in Ireland, the Catholics in Europe. Look how the jew now terrorised the Arab in Palestine. Like a never ending circle, like an ever turning wheel…

  2. Back when ogrish was still good they had a ton of south africa pics. Mostly machete attacks but if a monkey in the congo can get an AK then maybe south Africa has advanced. This guy was killed for his taste in decorating and judgilng by the look on his face his manner of death sucked too…

  3. I seriously doubt the handsaw story since there is very little blood on his rather neat shirt and sweater type vest. Although it does appear that one of the attackers liked the mans trousers.
    Perhaps leaving the loin cloth for real pants is a symbol of wealth ???

    1. i think a shotgun would leave a lot more mess than a saw since shotgun is used to shoot someone standing up and the blood drips down
      yet with a saw they had to put him on a surface so the blood would not touch the shirt if they put him in the right position.

    1. Surely Jesus would know that South Africa was run by mostly the dutch and than the brits for hundreds of years and unless you were white, you had a slim to none chance of getting a decent job. here is a brief history of the colonization of South Africa: In 1652, a century and a half after the discovery of the Cape Sea Route, Jan van Riebeeck established a refreshment station at the Cape of Good Hope, at what would become Cape Town,[22] on behalf of the Dutch East India Company. The Dutch transported slaves from Indonesia, Madagascar, and India as labour for the colonists in Cape Town. As they expanded east, the Dutch settlers met the southwesterly migrating Xhosa people in the region of the Fish River. A series of wars, called the Cape Frontier Wars, were fought over conflicting land and livestock interests.

      The discovery of diamonds and later gold triggered the 19th-century conflict known as the Anglo-Boer War, as the Boers (original Dutch, Flemish, German, and French settlers) and the British fought for the control of the South African mineral wealth. Cape Town became a British colony in 1806. European settlement expanded during the 1820s as the Boers and the British 1820 Settlers claimed land in the north and east of the country. Conflicts arose among the Xhosa, Zulu, and Afrikaner groups who competed for territory.

      Great Britain took over the Cape of Good Hope area in 1795, to prevent it from falling under control of the French First Republic, which had invaded the Dutch Republic. Given its standing interests in Australia and India, Great Britain wanted to use Cape Town as an interim port for its merchants’ long voyages. The British returned Cape Town to the Dutch in 1803, but soon afterwards the Dutch East India Company declared bankruptcy.

      The British annexed the Cape Colony in 1806 and continued the frontier wars against the Xhosa; the British pushed the eastern frontier through a line of forts established along the Fish River. They consolidated the territory by encouraging British settlement. Due to pressure of abolitionist societies in Britain, the British parliament stopped its global slave trade with the passage of the Slave Trade Act 1807 and then abolished slavery in all its colonies with the Slavery Abolition Act 1833.

      In the first two decades of the 19th century, the Zulu people grew in power and expanded their territory under their leader, Shaka.[23] Shaka’s warfare led indirectly to the Mfecane (“crushing”) that devastated and depopulated the inland plateau in the early 1820s.[24][25] An offshoot of the Zulu, the Matabele people created a larger empire that included large parts of the highveld under their king Mzilikazi.

      During the 1830s, approximately 12,000 Boers (later known as Voortrekkers), departed from the Cape Colony, where they had been subjected to British control. They migrated to the future Natal, Orange Free State, and Transvaal regions. The Boers founded the Boer Republics: the South African Republic (now Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West provinces) and the Orange Free State (Free State).

      The discovery of diamonds in 1867 and gold in 1884 in the interior started the Mineral Revolution and increased economic growth and immigration. This intensified the European-South African subjugation of the indigenous people. The struggle to control these important economic resources was a factor in relations between Europeans and the indigenous population and also between the Boers and the British

        1. Just trying to drop some knowledge on the norms. If you have read any of my comments over the past couple of years you’d know what kind of person I am which is not the good type. But I just thought I would try and help someone out that didnt know that white people live in South Africa

          1. Yea, the whites are the one that orchestrated all of the hatred, terror, and confusion. And now, the poor white folks, whom the orchestrators of the chaos don’t give a schlitz about anyway, are starting to pay for the isht that they created. Man, what a bunch of gullible, arrogant idiots.

    1. also humans have moved around the Earth forever! Cro-Magnon man took over land from Neothandel man(or maybe it was the other way around!) Im sure Native Indians took over land from who-ever inhabited North America 1000 yrs ago (it wasnt empty of humans!) it seems people are always oh the Brits invaded here and here, maybe true and there were cases of brutality but nowhere near the worst in history

  4. I’m not saying this is right, but analyze facts before saying this was out of plain racism; this being in the 1990s, have you read anything on Apartheid? The misery and what not of sufferings the natives underwent buy these farmers (called boers, dutch descent)…of course if they have a chance of getting back to them they will; please it is a horrible thing here, but show also what the boer farmers, and still what they do to the locals…SA being minerally rich also, these people have stolen resources from the rightful owners the indigenous peoples…Don’t frame wrong at all…

  5. I actually DO live in South Africa, and if you don’t know WTF is going on in my country, I suggest you keep your trap shut or come visit and see for yourself. Yeah, so this photo was taken in the 1990. Point is, it is almost 2012, and these murders against the whites from the black (kaffirs) are STILL happening. Why, not even last year, they killed a husband, his wife, and his 2 year old baby daughter in cold blood. We watch the news every night with these blacks murdering and raping people and doing whatever they want. So yes, cuz of where I live and grow up, and cuz how they act (inhumane) I Am a Racist. The black youth leader and his followers sings a song in the streets “Skiet die Boer!” Meaning “Shoot and kill the white” and this is happening Today. Not 10 years ago. I can go on and on about what the ANC is doing. But that’ll take an entire night. And frnakly, I’m too sick of their shit to even bother wasting my breath on them. Cuz as long as they are in the Government, things will not change.

    1. Isn’t using the term Kaffirs Illegal? Isn’t that song in Affrikans? A language the Boer bought there? I understand your frustration but being racist isn’t the answer. There is nothing wrong with not liking the individuals who commit these crimes, but you cannot say it is all of the people that do this. Yes the ANC is failing to live up to a standard which is necessary, but the Boer took all power from these people, imposed regulation on them, killed them in cold blood, had dogs eat them, stopped them from learning all they could, imposed their language on them as a standard, raped, burned, mutilated, degraded, stymied, stunted and suppressed these people. What do you think would happen when they take back that which is rightfully theirs? You need to not be racist but put your ideas out there and try to come to some sort of peace. Your country is way to beautiful to be destroyed. (I don’t think you can do that but you can mess it up more.) To simplify let me say this, if my Sister died choking on a pizza, would I hate all pizzas? Nope, I would hate the pizza that killed her, but I would still like pizza. No reason to hate pizza, it just pizza. In order for your rights and ideas to be respected and protected, you must respect and protect those rights of others.

    2. Go cry a fucking river…or an ocean, you Boerfaggot. When you look at the history books, the only killing came from your disgusting kind, when the Africans were fighting against your tyranny and corruption. So why don’t you stop with your keyboard commando warfare and go back to school, learning some REAL history about Africa, you fucking retard. I can’t even believe people as retarded as you even have a fucking computer to type up a bunch of senseless shit. Fucking Boers need to be killed more often, seeing as how you fucktards practically made Africa into a shithole that it is now. LOL.

      1. Fuck wit and puss can both take your white hate somewhere else. Take a closer look at the history of Africa, Niggers killing niggers and squandering any potential they had as people in tribal instincts to act as rabid monkeys at a rape festival. The white man turns up and commits against niggers what seem like fairly tamed wrong doings in comparison, all the while having atrocities committed against themselves equally if not more so. As is any historical migratory process. – Differing peoples kill each other in a competitive struggle to hold land. The difference in this situation is that the superior people, gave back the land. They did not have the natives exterminated or removed, they gave back what their ancestors had spent the last few centuries fighting to preserve.
        Somewhat inconsistent with your understanding of events, the niggers did not take back the land in some nobil conquest. Spear throwing. flared nostril rapists are incapable of such a feat in the face of intelligence. They were handed cities and infrastructure; a government and a structured society. They were offered the chance at development and future under the solidarity of a European founded nation. Yet in the face of so much promise, they immediately reverted to their animalistic barbarism and began tearing down what the white man had created.

        Pizza isn’t prone to violence and savagery on a scale not often fathomed by the leftist retard. Pizza it would seem, doesn’t have an eternal history of sheer, brutality and viscous sub – human destructiveness either. I do believe that pizza might actually fall into the category of inanimate, unaware and unable to cause willful harm. Perhaps it therefore does not present the most appropriate applicability as an analogy of this concept? hmm? And you captain cunt of the vessel: indoctrinated, angry and Liberal niggers – The utter inability to refrain from personal attacks as the primary basis of your point in stark co ordination with the unyielding urge to present conclusion under the self bolstering and belittling constraints of a, ‘LOL’ I’m afraid makes you of the utmost competency in adhering to the criteria of someone else’s strategy of mass stupification. You are the typical, angry, leftist, white blaming, nonsensical, dried up minge of society we would all do well to live without. A white South African stands up for himself over the genocide of his people, emulating a truth you’d rather disbelieve than even consider and you rebut nothing more than personal insult? The well trained dog doesn’t conceive much more than his learned idiocy. You have proven this today and I dare say you will prove it continuously until the day this Earth is rid of you.

  6. The whole South African situation is really hard to deal with. These farmers, although distantly related, are part of the people who took South Africa from it’s people. Now these farmers, born in SA, are South African, but they are somehow not entitled to the land they own. How can situations like this be resolved? I have no idea, on one hand I don’t think it’s ok to take it from them and leave them with nothing, yet it doesn’t belong to them. Although it’s been 25-30 years since apartheid has be demolished, it still isn’t enough time to fix the all that was so unjustly done. I can say this though, South Africa is a lovely country and it’s people are so generous. Even when they have very little, they will insist and share with you. They are multilingual, happy people with no sense of entitlement, but with a sense of pride for their Land. One thing I found funny is that they consider Chinese people as Colored.

  7. Because of History the White Man is always the dirty dog. What happened before is not the fault of this generation. It does not matter the color of the skin it is the person inside. But don’t look at it that way just kill the white person. Why? Yeah history shows how rotten our fore fathers were. It is 2011 my god. Get over it and move forward not back. We are all humans and we should treat everyone with respect. No one is better then any one else. Let’s move forward and leave the past behind where it belongs.

    1. It may be two years after you posted that but fuck you buddy. I know who whose life will be swiftly ended if he ever dares try something with a white South African in person. Talking tough shit on the internet gives me a great indicator on the length of your dick. Who knows, you may have met your white maker since then? I might be replying to a dead man. 😀

  8. Fuck you,kill the boer faggot you a tough guy behind your pc cunt,my family has been in this country for over 300 years,we have bled for this place.Come live here for a year,have the police rape your wife or shoot your husband,have your grandparents slaughtered on there farm.The situation in this place will make a racist out of anybody,corruption is everywhere.Blacks are earning three times what the whites are.Just for your info before the release of the terrorist mandela,our security forces killed just over 600 black anc,apla communists,there has been since 94 over 6000 farm murders.If you visit South-Africa ever cunt please go visit a farm and see what hospitality is all about.Every white person in South-Africa knows or have been the victim of a seriously violent crime.Our forefathers build this infrastructure fought the british and were given land rightfully.Come over and see for yourself the lavish lifestyle the niggers have,the average car in South-africa is about 50000 dollars,there are just bmw’s mercedes,aston martins.The news just shows you all the fucking immigrants from Zimbabwe and mozambique living in shacks.Government officials spend hundreds of millions on shit.I was personally part of a battalion of soldiers disbanded in 93 over fears.South-africa helped biafra mozambique etc with weapons and training in the 70’s and 80’s.Atm machines get blown up here for cash robbers carry AK 47’s and R4 military weapons,police rob cash vans and guess what they all fucking black.Close to the Kruger national farm a women was disemboweled and her husband was forced to look and have het intestines shoved down his throught.Fuck you again.Go buy yourself the book the silent war by peter stiff before you comment on my fucking country.The song that communist sings is in own language of pedi not Afrikaans.I will get pictures from my police contact and post what goes on in this place,and if you think a boer is a faggot you are deluded son.Saying any boer deserves being brutally killed for political reasons or mutilated for muti,there magic bullshit.Come live in. Country where if any of your family or friends are late you fear the worst.Its nice typing out tough words you asshole.Have you ever fought in a fucking war? You comment on a country you know fuckoll about,my blood I’d in the sand here son.

  9. im sure part of his head was sawed off! thast what the guys do over here! its all still happening in S.A! there are much more new stories<and they are much more hectic then the guy in the bath tub! stuff that happen here are in your worst nightmares! and they happen all day and all night!

    1. kill all these mud hut sub humans they are thick as fuck living in a country that could benefit them all but they are too fucking monkyfied to even build a house thats why they live in mosquito shit made mud huts worthless pieces of shit,when a white man built your fkn country and you turn it back into the mud hut hiv obola ridden diseased country you are used to fucking sub human blk cunts

  10. Guys and girls. May I address you all as a white man living in SA.

    The anger here is mounting. These farm murders, hijackings, cash-in-transit heists, gang war, rape, abuse, etc is getting worse.

    It’s not getting better guys and girls. Yes our English and Afrikaans forefathers were guilty of horrid acts that most sane people would never accept as “okay.”

    We need the world to know what (most) of the young blacks are being taught and that is “shoot the boer.”

    The song is about killing white people. People. We are not able to choose the skin or place we are born into.

    If anything I say gets through to some decent people, please spread the word. Fear and anxiety as well as struggling to get a job as best person for it due to colour of skin is a horrible way of living. We have amazing, diverse cultures here. Beautiful views and scenery. We need your help, please.

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